A dream of some fears

Angi asked 1 year ago

I had dream about being states away from home, a state I have never lived but a state where I do have relatives. Apparently I was with Lucille Ball, and she and I got in trouble I was arrested and I never saw her again. Once at the jail, the officer was distracted and I escaped. I started running and ran to a school. I saw a teacher and asked if I could make a phone call. For whatever reason she hid me in her classroom and gave me a change of clothes.

At that point, I called my fiance and my mother (who is deceased) and asked them to come get me. Somehow they were in Florida and we made the drive back to where I live. In the dream word got back to my residing state of what I had done and the state decided they were going to keep me in jail. I felt so scared and it felt so real. There are some legal issues in my own life right now but nothing to the extent of the dream.