A blue figure

Kat asked 1 year ago

In this dream I was at a location (I know the specific place, I didn’t see it but I knew I was there) hanging out with people who I didn’t see, but I could feel who was there in a way, and then suddenly this figure appeared and walked up to me very quickly and reached their hands out to grab me, but I woke up before it got to me. In a way it felt that they were mad at me. I was very fearful in the dream.

The figure was a solid outline with blurry edges, filled with a solid muted blue (it was a very specific colour that I still remember vividly, even tho I usually don’t remember colours well from dreams) but it still had a somewhat solid outline. I could feel that it had a lot of masculine energy and I had a sense that it wasn’t safe. It was literally just an outline of blurry blue.

Even though I couldn’t see them, from the figure I could tell that they were not a giant but a reasonable height (probably 6ft), skinny but not a skeleton.
the figure was only on my vision for a second or two before I woke up, and I couldn’t see anything around them or me. I don’t even remember seeing the place we were at but I still knew were we were. This place holds no significance to me.

Recently in my own life I’ve been thinking about death a lot. For some reason recently I’m very aware that I’m going to die one day, and I’m very unsure of my own believes of what happens once we die. The negative part of me is convinced that there’s nothing, that our consciousness only lives within us and nowhere else, but I want so badly to believe that there’s something waiting for me.

My immediate thoughts when I woke up from this dream was that someone was in my room watching me (and I felt the energy there), and that it has to be related somehow. I know that people in dreams usually depict people we have seen (that we may not remember) but something about this solid figure with no details feels strange to me. I think the color will hold strong significance too. My only thought is that someone, something, or energy visited me to reassure me, or to scare me back into living my life like I’m actually alive.