Uranus Dream Symbol


Uranus – Ouranos (pronounce: oo rah noes) or Uranus is the Greek god who fathered Zeus, among other gods. When Zeus castrated Uranus, his testicles fell into the ocean and began to foam. Out of the foam came the goddess of love, Aphrodite, whom you may have seen in the famous Botticelli painting standing on a seashell and coming out of the sea.

Dreaming about Uranus can signify that you have issues with your parents or that your children have issues with you. These problems may also need to be handled quickly, because while you may feel that you have plenty of time to deal with them, Uranus is the son of Chronos (Time) and may easily feel that he has plenty of time to deal with things, when in fact, he is not as timeless as his father.

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