Upholstery Dream Symbol


Upholstery – The upholstery on various pieces of furniture is, in general, unimportant. However, if the upholstery especially caught your eye and made itself very present in your dream then it could indicate a pattern in your life. Sometimes upholstery will take on a mandala pattern. At other times the pattern of the upholstery will take on a floral pattern. The number of patterns is infinite, just as your imagination is infinite and each pattern is designed to reveal something to you about your life.

If you see upholstery change from one glance to another (For example, at first it is a red floral pattern and then it has blue stripes) it means that there are small changes about to take place in your life. These changes will have an indelible effect on your life, but are not to be feared because they will mostly be superficial. 

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  1. Manuel Cadena on

    Upholstery dream may also indicate your work ethic and overall state of being. For example, if you find yourself unhappy with your work and find yourself struggling to upholster it relates to your attitudes and struggles in your waking life. But if you find you are content and satisfied with how your work is coming together then it is a reflection how things are going in your life. Also take into consideration if there are people surrounding you, and the location where you are working and if you’re happy or not.

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