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Uniform Dream Symbol – Uniforms are a symbol of status and overt power. Many times we take for granted the jobs that we have that require a uniform. However, that uniform gives you specific rights and privileges that are not enjoyed by the rest of society.

A police officer is allowed to open carry a weapon in many places where weapons are not permitted, simply because of his job. Uniforms carry with them, as well, a certain level of respect and fear. Even security personnel can be very intimidating, even if they do not carry any kind of weapon.

Additional Uniform Dream Meanings

Dreaming of uniforms can mean you identify with authority in some way. Uniforms often represent organization, law, and order. Wearing a uniform can mean others respect your wisdom when it comes to making difficult decisions in times of need. Do others look to you as a leader in times of need? Being in uniform in a dream can mean your belief and values tend to be the rules you live your life by. This can mean you get stuck in your ways. Are you too inflexible at times?

A woman who sees many uniforms in a dream can bring you good luck. There will be positive gain ahead in your life. A person who wears a uniform in a dream, but not in real life, is encouraging you to enjoy all the good things around you. Life is not all about working every minute of the day. Spend more time enjoying life with the people you love. A uniform can also signify freedom and also boring everyday routine.

Dreaming of looking bad in a uniform this can mean you have a fear of something setting you free. Do you fear to step out of your comfort zone? If you look good in a uniform, this represents your self-confidence. Earning the right to wear a special uniform of some type symbolizes earning the right to recognition in some way in your waking life.

Uniforms can signify discipline as well as honor, which you need to achieve success. Carrying a uniform has impressed you but you may not take the acquaintance any further. People wearing unusual uniforms is a warning you are unable to influence those close to you to see things from your perspective. You may have to give up trying to convince them to see things your way. Seeing a sad relative in a uniform can mean you are missing someone you have been separated from longer than you thought.

A man dreaming of wearing a uniform can reflect the disorganization in your life. Where a woman having the same dream can mean you will go out of your way to help a man and they will show you their appreciation for your help. If the uniform is dirty, this can mean there will be a scandal caused by your generosity.

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  1. An old dirty reflective vest was washed and branded my company name and was given to me by an old tailor man to wear, because they one I had was not branded my company name but was new

  2. Waylan Smith on

    I have been out to the military for over 50 years and over the past few years I dream I am back in the military and I need my uniforms but they have been stolen or I can’t get anyone to issue me one. I have been retired now for the past five years but this dream is quite troubling .

  3. I had a dream came many times at might being selected as area leader with government uniform and crown like of police it visited mi when asked people if ican withdraw they told me icant it goverment I have to work with them

  4. I have dreams of having a uniform but I am always missing a piece of it in order to be complete… US Navy

    • I dreamed that my friends were wearing my husband’s uniforms and i known i am single but my Ex is a soldier. when their were happy enjoying with it walking around,they get caught by onather armies and took them to jail.

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