Unicorn Dream Interpretations


Unicorn Dream Interpretation РUnicorns are mystical creatures that can live for hundreds of years. They are also said to be symbols of purity. Only virgins are said to be able to capture them or touch them. Any other who tries to do so is purported to be in grave danger of dying. If you dream about a unicorn it means that you are a very pure and honest person.

If you dream that a unicorn is running away from you as you are trying to catch up to it, it means that you have lost a portion of your innocence that you will never again be able to reclaim. Losing innocence is a natural part of the maturity process and because of this the unicorn is also a symbol of childhood.

Unicorn Dream Symbol

unicorn-dreamsUnicorns represent purity, magic, the animal kingdom, and innocence. Dreaming of unicorns can be a warning to be alert to the opportunities that cross your path or you can miss out on something important. Unicorns in your dreams are usually a lucky sign.

A unicorn attacking can warn problems are coming your way. There may be something fake around you. It can also mean there is new excitement about to enter your life. A new relationship or travel plans to far off places.There are fun times ahead.

Being kicked by a unicorn can mean you have fallen out of love. Catching a unicorn means abundance will enter all parts of your life. Dreams of owning a unicorn is a sure sign of success. A woman who dreams of owning a unicorn means your partner will be faithful.

Riding a unicorn in a race brings prosperity and enjoyment to your life. Killing a unicorn signifies your drive the people you love away with your selfishness. Grooming a unicorn means you will be good at whatever you choose to do. You will prosper and have a comfortable life at the hands of your hard work.

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  1. O dreamt of a unicorn baby sleeping in a farm…later on the adult unicorn came flying and took the baby with it…what does this sign shows??

    that farm was really big…and beautiful!!
    like a dreamland…

  2. I saw a white flying unicorn in my dream. It was flying and then it turned around and was looking at me… I also saw a unicorn of another color

  3. I once dreamt of a white unicorn with a straight horn galloping towards me in a forest. I was happy to see it and said loudly,” oh a unicorn, how beautiful. ” and then it stopped in front of me. I put my hand on it’s mouth and I noticed that it’s mouth was blueish in color. It let me touched him. Then I woke up.

  4. I had a dream that I was told that a female acquaintance of mine was actually a unicorn and a galactic being. There was also a man that was connected to her in the dream that was also a galactic being. I didn’t really believe this as I saw this acquaintance skipping off in front of me wearing black clothes. However, I did feel that it would make sense if she was a unicorn and also a galactic being. So I didn’t see a unicorn, but her in human form. What does this mean?

  5. Hey i am just so curious. I dreamt of a white unicorn yestrday night. And i was carrying a white lady, she was either and angel or a fairy. The lady had no wings but hand a stick or a wand and was dressed in white. In the dream i saw that they came when my sister called out to them. But in reality i do not have a sister. In dream, the girl who claimed to be my sister did not have a clear face. The angel n the unicorn were riding in the sky. And in the dream i was so happy to see them. There were some people as well but nobody’s face was visible except mine, the Lady’s and the Unicorn’s. The unicorn, as i could feel it, brought an aura of purity in the garden. Everything was so happy then. The next thing i remmbr is that i woke up.

  6. I had a dream about saving a herd of weakened unicorns from a mob coming from the nearby city. I was riding with a group of people on horses but I was the only one to reach the unicorns in time and seal the gate. They just kind of disappeared afterwards.

  7. what if you dream about a horny unicorn chasing ur best friend and trying to rape her and you werent even in the dreams

  8. Maddy rajkumari on

    I woke up at morning n felt sleepy n slep again n then my dream begans,i went to my grand parents place n wanted to fresh n up n so i did n wat i saw was a small baby unicorn n i scream n went to my granny n grand dad i told them there is something i saw, n then they told me they bought 2 baby unicorns,omg n then i wanted to see again n went back wat i saw was 2 baby unicorns they were playing with water,the colour of them were lil pinkish sky blue n so cute,they were looking…. After a while wat i saw some people r trying to come n attack us n everything was so messed up i mean literally so many people n they wanted to take them away but i tried my best to protect them n so i did,omg they were so innocent n i succeed to protect n those people left n so i woke up it was just a dream.but i liked it…pls do reply my comment want to know wat does this indicates

  9. In my dream unicorns of all colors were being slaughtered by my family. I saw a white unicorn with a crooked horn and instantly felt a connection. I managed to save it. The unicorn was a girl. I knew this because we could communicate. In a way I felt like she was apart of me. Like she was my other half. Like she was my best friend. I was the only one who could understand her. I walked beside her out to an open field and under a roof but there were no walls. A man came up to talk to me. Later the unicorn and I were trying to get through tough situations together.
    That’s all I remember.

  10. I had a dream about a baby unicorn with wings it played fetch with me only. And when people i was with told us we should leave. It started to chase and attached them me. and i was the only one who survived

  11. I had a dream of a beautiful white unicorn glistening/sparkling with blue light. The unicorn and i were both running from someone nasty/evil riding a horse and carriage in a house with a huge long hall way that just seemed to keep going the unicorn showed me a place to hide when we came to the end of the hall and kept me safe when the evil man had gone because he couldnt find me the unicorn and i said our goodbyes and i felt sad because i was on my own again.

  12. I just had a dream of a Unicorn. As the sunrays kissed the grey areas of the night, the Unicorn flew towards me and rests its head on my shoulder.

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