Unicorn Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Unicorn Dream Symbol – Unicorns are mystical creatures that can live for hundreds of years. They are also said to be symbols of purity. Only virgins are said to be able to capture them or touch them. Any other who tries to do so is purported to be in grave danger of dying. If you dream about a unicorn it means that you are a very pure and honest person.

If you dream that a unicorn is running away from you as you are trying to catch up to it, it means that you have lost a portion of your innocence that you will never again be able to reclaim. Losing innocence is a natural part of the maturity process and because of this, the unicorn is also a symbol of childhood.

Unicorn Dream Symbol

unicorn-dreamsUnicorns represent purity, magic, the animal kingdom, and innocence. Dreaming of unicorns can be a warning to be alert to the opportunities that cross your path or you can miss out on something important. Unicorns in your dreams are usually a lucky sign.

A unicorn attacking can warn problems are coming your way. There may be something fake around you. It can also mean there is new excitement about to enter your life. A new relationship or travel plans to far off places. There are fun times ahead.

Being kicked by a unicorn can mean you have fallen out of love. Catching a unicorn means abundance will enter all parts of your life. Dreams of owning a unicorn is a sure sign of success. A woman who dreams of owning a unicorn means your partner will be faithful.

Riding a unicorn in a race brings prosperity and enjoyment to your life. Killing a unicorn signifies your drive to the people you love away with your selfishness. Grooming a unicorn means you will be good at whatever you choose to do. You will prosper and have a comfortable life at the hands of your hard work.

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  1. I dreamt a unicorn came to attack me as a leopard, I wrestled and killed it. Only to learn it was a unicorn after it’s spirit was released.

    • I dreamed about a unicorn and it was first time that I dreamed of it.. first it was a big snake with gold fish color then the snake gave birth to a unicorn first it was in egg but when it gradually cracked then a baby unicorn that gradually became bigger came out and comes to me and I hugged the unicorn tightly…

  2. Sheikh Deen on

    Seeing a big unicorn descending from the skies with a very bright light on it’s horn which if it raises the the light reach the skies while on death.

  3. I dreamt that I was at a holiday park, I was having a miscarriage but couldn’t find a private place to clean up the blood. I finally found a cabin I could go inside and lock up but the bathroom was flooded. Regardless I began to mop up the blood. I inspected some of the blood clots and could see the embryo, but as I looked closer and cleaned the blood away I found it wAS a pink baby unicorn. It was no bigger than my thumb nail. It was alive and moving.

  4. It was a few years ago and I never figured out what it ment, I had befriended a unicorn and it found another unicorn which was used as bait by some bad people, when I cought on to what was happening I told the two equines to run and not stop untill it was safe, I was trying to find them at the same time as distract the poachers and I distinctly remember several times they went through portraits as a means of travel.
    I was woken before I saw the rest.

  5. I am going through a divorce…legally separated. I had a dream that my husband and I were in our front yard . We were standing about 20 feet apart but facing towards each other. A tan and white dog( His? not sure but not mine) was between us and laying in the grass. All of a sudden , a big , beautiful white unicorn lands in the grass not very far from the dog. I am just amazed looking at it. Husband seems confused about it. The white unicorn then goes over to the dog and kicks its hooves/front legs at the dog , does not hurt it but startles it as well as me! It then flies upward and disappears into the sky.

  6. I saw a bunch on unicorns in my swimming pool like they’re having a pool party. I wonder what it means?

  7. XXXLIZXXX86 on

    I had a dream of a dark green unicorn and it was running away from me. Looking mean . Just woke up trying to get it all down before i forget

  8. I have a dream two unicorn approaching me suddenly someone stops them and broke there legs I was standing because they are coming through the man’s compound to my own

  9. I had a dream this is what happens
    I was singing with 2 unicorns one was a Pegasus one was a unicorn I was a normal human or was I? Well I was singing with the Unicorn and Pegasus all my friends,family, mane six and princesses of mlp were there 2 all my quotev friends were there to so were CookeSwirlC which is my fav youtuber even all the Disney princesses were there so was Elsa and Anna well yes we were singing let it go from frozen when suddenly there was a big light making me float which was white when suddenly near the end of the song I turned into the prettiest alicorn yet I was all glittery shinny and colorful my hair and tail was pink as the rest of my body was purple everybody gasped as I didn’t care after that I was like ” this is like the best day of my entire life!” As I jumped up and down
    ​​​​it was the best day of my entire life but sadly my little bro had to wake me up and I was feeling that dream would really happen and i sayed in real life ” best dream ever! ” I hope I can finish it tonight

  10. i had a dream that a unicorn was on its back legs on a ball throwing pregnancy test at me and up in the air

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