Unemployed Dream Symbol


Unemployed РBeing unemployed can be a scary proposition for many people. These people seek comfort in financial security and the knowledge that they will be able to provide for their needs and the needs of the people who depend on them in life. However, even though these things are very true, there is another class of people for whom being unemployed is a natural way of life. These people are doomed to a fate of living at the whims of others. They cannot seem to break the cycle of being hired and then discarded after a few months to a year for a worker who is cheaper than they are. 

There is still a third class of individuals who seek to become voluntarily unemployed in order to pursue more spiritual and metaphysical ends. Any of these things can have relevance to you, the dreamer, depending on what your view of unemployment might be. Is it a freeing experience or a source of constant worry? Could it be a source of comfort and security? 

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