Underground Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Underground Dream Symbol – Dreaming about being underground can carry with it feelings of dread and claustrophobia. If you are in a cave it could mean that you are on and adventure for killing great beasts of the dark (or obstacles in your path that are large and daunting) even if you do not know exactly how to deal with them.

Dreaming about being in a cave could also mean that you are on an adventure for treasure. If you dream strictly about a cave and it does not carry with it the feeling of being underground, see Cave.

Dreaming of being underground in some way can be a reminder of hidden feelings, actions, and secrets locked away. This can cause your life all sorts of grief. Dreams of being underground can indicate a fear of some sort that may lead to possible death. This may not be a physical death. But, a death of bad habitat and old ideals that no longer serve you well. Coming out into the light, from being underground, symbolizes that you will achieve success after persevering through the challenges. If you do not come back out from being under the ground, this is bad news. It can mean you may fail. There could be a death of some sort in your life.

Driving an underground subway train represents you take action to chase what you are passionate about. This helps your personal development. Being in an underground tunnel can symbolize your stress levels and unseen danger of being involved in an accident. It can also mean you will successfully work through this to ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’. You will find solutions.

Dreaming of living underground can signify emotional issues. You may be unhappy and stressed about many things in your real life. You may need to learn to go with the flow. Focus on what is important. Getting marooned between two underground stations may fill you with fear. This can be about the things you feel strongly about and your personal integrity. You may need to remember that not everyone thinks like you. Have some patience to resolve difficult situations.

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  1. Hi….I see tunnels but not in a dream but it happens when I’m awake. It looks real to me where i found myself walking towards the end
    of the tunnel and on the sides of the tunnel i can see white flowers. At the end i can see a forest filled with smokes and burned trees,a lake,railway and dry leafs falling to the ground. When it happens to me i started staring at things and my friends usually make fun of me because I never told anyone before. I sometimes see it when I close my eyes. This has been happening to me for the past five years.

  2. I was in a house. Something happened and dinosaurs started roaming the Earth. They tried to break in, we tried to hide but others with us were stubborn and cocky and gave away our position. Finally I was listened to after a giant dinosaur from the sea we saw earlier (among other creatures) busted in and we snuck to the basement in hopes it would hide us from dinosaurs who could sense our body heat. I told everyone to stay away from the windows. There was a beautiful moonlit lake visible (opposite side of the house from the sea) from the basement windows. It wasn’t safe to look at. My cat made it just in time to hide with us. Little black crickets and black widow like spiders were starting to show up everywhere too and my partner got bit.

    A man came down stairs and opened up a narrow passage to an enormous underground bunker. I knew it was there somewhere but it wasn’t where or what I thought it was. We crawled through the narrow square shaft and it opened up to a huge area with people dancing, loud music, faux windows to replicate morning light and while I was afraid the vibrations would draw the attention of the dinosaurs, my fear melted and for a moment I danced but then needed to find my significant other who I found in another section in bed with two men at a bdsm play party. I asked him why he never told me he was interested and he basically said it was my fault and I stayed and watched both hurt by him and happy for him. Then he had scheduled a session of queening with a beautiful woman which he became to shy to try near me but I encouraged him and eventually he did but then someone came in and said that us newcomers had to leave in two days and for the residents not to get attached. The woman he was going to learn queening from became sad and everything stopped and I woke up.

  3. last night i saw a dream. It seems at late afternoon(some how darken but can see around) and i was collecting some fruits (very nice in test and colors(yellowish)) on a tree in a very small jungle where there were monkeys and apes (i let them move away). While eating the sweet fruits i remembered that i was there to collect firewood and all of the sudden when i look down to the ground i found more than enough wood. under the wood which seems properly arranged by somebody i found a way to underground. in short when i open the get, there is a very luxurious two to three floor villa underground. the get is at the top of the villa. At front i found a wedding photos of a couples ( pure and old in reality and currently husband is died), on same postcard there is list of names (includes my older families died several decades ago) . i was able to guess that there is box full of gold and millions of dollar somewhere inside. my cousin took the postcard. it seems he wants it to hide.
    in a big box there were lots of pairs of brand shoos es (Nike, Adidas, Puma…) by snicker and leather kind.
    i took one leg(left) snicker to check and it was so nice and comfortable. because my cousin, he was urging me to leave this underground villa we came out. soon we get in again because i forgot my own shoos. but i was not able to find it from a confusing collection of shoos and clothes. it was very difficult for me to go home with different (not matching) pair of shoos. that underground villa a one that every one in this world wish to have.
    could any one explain this for me, please i am in trouble.
    thank you.
    i was in dilemma to tell to the families of the couple(from the photo) or to stay. but i was sure to disclose it to them.

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