Undercover Dream Symbol


Undercover – Dreaming about being undercover indicates that you feel suspicious of someone in your life. This is usually a person that you are close to, like a spouse or family member. In general, dreams that include very instinctual gut feelings are in some way true. In other words, your subconscious is many times more aware of things that you should be concerned about than is you over-worked conscious mind.

Paying attention to the things that your subconscious is worried about is a great way to stay in tune with the things around you that you might have missed. Dreaming about being undercover is meant as a warning that something is going on around you that you should make an effort to figure out. 

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  1. I had two dreams. Not sure which one happened first. One was having some sort of under covered job. It was related to a street food vendor. A guys and a girl were involved. She was possibly my partner and couple at the same time. The other one was about moving to a big house with roomates. The moving process don’t remember. I just remembered living in the old place and then I had already my stuff at the new place all packed needed to sort it out. My brother in law showed at the end of the dream because my new place was by his store. I just started a psychic book this week

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