Undead Dream Symbol


Undead РSee Zombie. Dreaming about the undead while you are asleep is never a good thing. This dream is brought upon many times by watching science fiction movies to excess. However, the good news is that zombies are mostly harmless. If you stay away from them they will typically only half-heartedly try to eat you in dreams. This is actually proven to be true due to a recent survey. The undead can also represent a repressed desire to finalize the passing of a loved one. 

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  1. I had this dream where I was in an abandoned house with 2 people from one of my classes at school and another person (or maybe 2 more people) who I don’t remember. I was undead in the dream and they all knew but one of them hit me in the head with an axe but I didn’t die and blood started to leak from my head and down my forehead.

  2. I had a dream where I am in my old school and a zombie apocalypse starts. I am always either with people from my old school or new school and only me and one other person survives. The dream ends when me and the other person climbs over a fence to get away. Through the whole dream it’s me and other people running away and them dying. I had this dream a couple times and the first time I survived with my friend and recently with a boy from my old school (I never had a crush on him btw but he kind if was my friend) I told my friend and she said she has the same dream but only she survives and it’s in her old school with her old classmates. Do you know what this might mean?

  3. I had a dream a long time ago that there where zombies falling from the sky while i was on a beach so i ran to my mom and everyone around me started wailing and saying “say the password” it felt like an episode of courage the cowardly dog. it still haunts me to this day.

  4. I literally just woke up from a dream that frightened me. There were multiple “zombies” around and a group of us were hiding. Everyone but me would walk out. I felt terribly afraid, in the dream I didn’t want windows to be open, I wanted them to be covered so that ead wn’t be able to see inside where we were. I could actually feel the dread when I saw the windows uncovered or a door unlocked. I would have what was like a panic attack if I thought one of the undead could see me. What could this mean? My father died in June of 2014, my father and I were very close. Could this be a dream telling me to finalize his.death? Could he be trying to tell me I have angels watching me or surrounding me? If it were possibly angels, why was I so terribly afraid?

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