Ultrasound Dream Symbol


Ultrasound – Dreaming of an ultrasound is a symbol of seeing into the inner workings of an issue. It can indicate that you have an intuition that there is more to a matter than meets the eye. Finding the solution to a problem may require you to understand the root cause of the problem, especially including hidden factors. Pay attention to the things you see in the ultrasound, as they are symbolic.

The part of the anatomy that is viewed in the ultrasound is also symbolic. The abdomen indicates that the root problems lie in the subconscious and the instincts. If you dream of having an ultrasound to see your unborn baby, this indicates a desire to foresee the effects of a major life change. For fetus, see Fetus. For uterus, see Uterus. 

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  1. I’m not pregnant but i had a dream about getting an ultra sound and it revealed that I was having a baby boy. But I’m so confused???

  2. My husband dreamt he was giving a pregnant woman and unltrasound. The babie’s head was not fully formed yet and they could look in the middle of his head. Everyone was amazed as there was a clock, gears and a carousel winding around. I woke him up because he was breathing really hard and looked stressed. I would have loved to have seen that. I was apparently in the dream as well. I was one of the by standers watching the ultrasound on the screen.

  3. Abigail Rico on

    I dreamt that I went to get my Pap smear. After the Dr checked me he said that he wanted to do an ultrasound because he thought I was pregnant. I was surprised and happy, the moment the baby pic appeared on the screen I woke up. What could that mean?

  4. My boyfriend had a dream we went to see a doctor and the doctor showed him my sonogram and said I’m not pregnant but when my boyfriend seen it he seen jesus’s face in it what why what does that mean.

  5. I dreamt that I was getting am ultrasound and the technician told me I am two weeks to three weeks pregnant and pointed on the screen showing me a little dot of where it was in my uterus. First time having g a dream like this…

  6. Renee Summers on

    I had a dream that I was 8mnths and had an ultrasound and saw my unborn baby girl. What does that mean?

  7. I dreamed We went to scan and there were to small baby’s next to each other ???,what’s this mean please
    I normally dream about my baby at a toddler age and was right with them as they were boys and scan showed boys
    Never had a dream of scan seeing two inside
    Really weird for me

  8. I dream I was having my ultrasound and the baby was a baby girl is this true my ultrasound coming up soon

  9. Dreamed that during an ultrasound they found a spot and called back in. Woke up before they diagnosed the second ultrasound. Should I be worried?

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