The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Cards and their Dream Interpretations


Tarot Cards

When you dream of tarot cards, there can be many meanings for each card has its own tale to tell. There is a total of 78 tarot cards and all have their unique meanings. Dreaming often of tarot cards can be a sign of the stresses and challenges in your waking life. You may need to change careers or your job because you just do not enjoy what you do. It may not be leading to achieving your dreams.

This is a dream about self-respect and searching for meaning. You are looking for fulfillment and happiness. This is not a lot to ask. It may be a time where you need to make life changing decisions. You may change careers or the way you do things. You may even make complete lifestyle changes or have a new perspective about your current life. Believe in yourself. There is hope.

Seeing a pack of tarot cards indicates there are many worries on your mind. You need to deal with them before you make them come true. Visiting a tarot reader is a sign you need to focus on your inner thoughts and emotions at this time for better understanding. Are you going through some inner turmoil?

When dreaming of drawing specific cards from the pack you need to know whether it falls within the major or minor arcana. Cards that belong to the major arcana are urgent messages about change and challenges in your waking life. Understand the specific meaning of each card to understand the direct message for you. Dreaming of cards from the minor arcana have important messages that are less urgent.

Dreams of tarot cards often arise when you need to make major decisions or a life changing choice. You may be weighing the pros and cons of your choices causing your subconscious stress. The tarot cards in your dream can represent the choice or decision your subconscious is telling you to make. You need to listen.

The Major Arcana

There are 22 Major Arcana cards.

The Fool

The Fool represents the wild side of your character and new starts in your life. This maybe a time where you have changed jobs, moved house, or started new projects. Or, maybe you dream of changing your life in some major way. This can be the prompt to motive action.

A visit from the Fool can be to encourage you to take a break from your everyday routine. Are you stuck in a rut? Are you afraid of making the changes that would make your life happy? What do you fear? This is a message to let you know it is good for you and your soul to take a break from responsibility. Take a short break, even a holiday. Get away from it all to rejuvenate. You may need a new perspective and appreciation for all you have in your life. Embrace spontaneity. Enjoy life right now.

Dreaming of the Fool reminds to stay alert for new opportunities. These maybe things you had never considered before. Put your fears aside to start achieving your goals. Once you make changes you will find joy in your heart. Be open to the endless possibilities in life. Do not be afraid to try something new. If things do not work out, that is alright. At least you had a go. Move on and try again with something new or someone else. Do not let doubt hold you back. Conquer indecision.  Do not let it rule your life.

The Fool appears in a dream when you need to find new ways to do what you have always done. It may be a time to let go of the old to start something new The Fool represents prosperity, work, and financial matters. You may need a change at work. The Fool prompts you to look for new opportunities.

Negatively, the Fool can represent the foolish decisions you make. Have you made some of these lately? You need to think things through before making life changing decisions. For example, do not quit your job unless you have something to fall back on. The Fool can also mean you are too ambitious. Do you lie and cheat to get what you want? Do you take the praise for someone else’s achievements? If you do, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. The Fool warns this is counterproductive to achieving success. For success under false pretenses will just bring dramas and destroy innocent people. You will only bring yourself harm. There is no need to behave in such a way to get ahead in your life. Walk through life with integrity to achieve success.

The Magician

Dreaming of the Magician card represents your progress from the beginning. You have gained wisdom and are in control of your life. This is a sign that all is right with your world. You are on the right path. Everything is going according to your plan. Keep up the positive self-talk, such as “I will”, to help keep your focus on what you need to achieve. You can achieve anything you want out of life with sheer strength of will and perseverance. You will manifest what you focus on at this time.

The Magician can also represent harnessing your personal power. But, warns, be careful how you use it. It may also be a time of letting go of negativity. Give it to the universe. Forget about it. Move on free of the chains that hold you back. For when you do, you manifest your deepest desires.

Dreaming of the Magician is a reminder to value yourself. You deserve the best so do not settle for less. Do you undervalue yourself? Sell yourself short? When searching for a soul mate, remember to set goals and standards for the type of person you dream of being your life partner. Believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself others can believe in you too.

The Magician may appear when you feel stuck, or feel down and depressed. It is time to take back control, and regain your physical and mental health. You need good health to help you achieve your goals. You can help to heal yourself.  Ensure you eat nutritiously to keep you on the right track. This can be a message the universe wants to answer your wants and needs, but you need to let this unfold in its own time. You cannot force it to happen through actions.

Negatively, the Magician card can represent indecision. You may feel stuck, not knowing what decision is the right one for you. Just make a decision to get you started. It may be you are using your abilities in ways that negatively affect those around you. Are you living your life on autopilot? Is each day just a blank in its passing? Do you celebrate being alive everyday with gratitude for all you have? A visit to your dreams from the Magician is a message to help motivate you into action.

High Priestess

The High Priestess card is about balance and manifesting success. When she visits your dreams, it is a reminder you need to balance yourself and your life to manifest your dreams. She can also visit to let you know you are on the right path at this time. It may be an affirmation to continue as you are. The High Priestess may also visit to let you know it is alright to seek wise counsel, but to be wary that you do not let others’ opinions influence the truth in your heart. For there lies what you need to do.

The High Priestess may visit at times of confusion to remind you to listen to your gut instincts. They are usually right. Also, listen to her advice about a situation you seek a deeper understanding about. Connect with your inner self. Sit quietly. Meditate on the answers you seek. Listen to her wise counsel for she will not steer you in the wrong direction.

When the High Priestess responds to your questions of love and relationships, be prepared for the absolute truth in her answers. She helps you deal with the issues between you and your partner. She reminds you have the ability to work together to get to the heart of your issues. If you cannot, then you may have to consider whether the relationship can continue. Make sure you listen to what the High Priestess has to tell you. It will help in a positive way in your waking reality.

Be prepared for the High Priestess to tell and show you the truth. But be wary, there are different interpretations for various situations without all the facts. So, do not jump to conclusions. Get all the facts before making any life changing decisions. Do not do something you may regret.

This can card appear in a dream in relation to business and financial affairs. This can be when you are embarking on a partnership or working through legal affairs. The High Priestess will bring you information you do not already know. There may be extra paperwork to sign or just the right help for starting a business will come along at just the right time. It may seem as if it came from nowhere. She brings clarity on business matters to help you achieve the vision of success for your future.

Negatively, the High Priestess can visit to prod you into listening to your gut instincts. You may ignore what you know to be the truth and keep making choices that bring negative or disappointing outcomes. It is a reminder to be open to all that crosses your path. You cannot move forward without balance. It is time to focus on balancing yourself and your life.

The Empress

Dreaming of the Empress represents a female authority figure you can turn to for help. Someone who acts as a guardian, and who represents motherly love. When this card appears in your dreams, this can represent your mother or grandmother or an older, wise person who is always there to support you. She has much wisdom to offer after her own tough journey in life. She holds the key to many answers.

This card can also mean there is much joy, happiness, and abundance in your life. The Empress sits on her throne enjoying the abundance that surrounds her. She can visit to let you know you are watched over. There is support. You have nothing to fear. The appearance of the Empress is a sign you are making good decisions. The universe delivers your dreams as a reward for your hard work. The Empress is symbolic of strong feminity, fertility, and confidence in her own wisdom. She brings the message that you are supported in all you try to do.

The Empress also brings messages to remind you to trust in your intuition. You may be going through emotional times and you need to trust your gut instincts. It is a reminder that past lessons can serve to benefit you today. Use what you have learned from past experiences to balance yourself emotionally. This can help you make decisions with clarity.

When the Empress turns up in your dreams and you have love on your mind, it may be a time where all around adore you. They want to be in your company all the time. This could be because of your positive energy and personal power. This can be difficult as you need time to yourself. You need to be selective. Take your time. Do not compromise your dreams or integrity. This is a time where you attract the perfect soul mate.

If the Empress appears when you worry about your health, her message is to time to take time out. You have been working too hard. You need some balance. Take the time you need to rebalance your energy. It is just as important to take time to heal from too much hard work s it is any illness. You are likely able to afford to take a break, it will help you rejuvenate. Reward yourself for work well done.

This is a great time to invest in something that will give you a financial return. Anything that will give you enjoyment that helps you appreciate the results of your hard work. If plans for growing your business are constantly on your mind, the Empress says this is not the right time to go ahead. Her message can be you do too much. Are you over committed? Do you take on too many responsibilities when there are others to delegate things to? Or, when you can say no? This is not the right time to make decisions about financial or business matters. If you are job hunting, then the Empress’s message that this is not going to be easy. You may need to seek support to help you get back on your feet.

Negatively, the Empress represents indecision, infertility, being poor and needy, as wells as instability and financial problems. You need to take a step back and look at the whole picture. Be more objective. Do you get caught up trying to do everything to perfection? You may have to change your perspective. Be careful of your financial resources. It is a time where you need to decide is it something I need or something I want, before buying something new. It may be a warning you need to set aside some money for your future. If you continue with this needy mindset, you block abundance from flowing into your life.

The Emperor

The Emperor complements the Empress. Where the Empress enjoys her abundance, the Emperor is more restrained with his form of stability. The Emperor represents stability, a solid, support in your life. He can turn up in your dreams to let you know you need some direction in your life. It can mean you have the skills and ability to achieve what you need to achieve. But you may have little focus or commitment. Trust your gut instincts. It is time to stop relying on others to do what you can do yourself.

This card in your dreams, can be a stark reminder you can make no mistakes. There is only one shot to succeed. You may be feel run down and used, but still you need to do whatever it is you need to do to succeed. Do you expect too much from others? Do you push too hard? Do rely on others to help you all the time? You need to take responsibility for your own actions right now. This is not a time to rely on anyone else. For relying on others at this time will bring you disaster.

The Emperor does not compromise. He may remind that you need to focus more on what you need to do. You may need to up your game in your career or job. Add another level to your professionalism to help you move forward. The Emperor is a ‘straight down the line’ sort of guy. He warns to stop fantasizing about things. That you need to take action. You need to use logic and critical thinking to avoid making mistakes. It is vital that you take control of your own destiny at this time. When you do, the rewards will be great in the future.

When love is on your mind, the Emperor represents dependability, decency, and commitment. You can be assured that with this card in your dreams, there is a stable, solid relationship on its way. If there are issues in your relationship, his message is that everything will improve and stabilize. At least, in the short term. For a woman looking for love, the Emperor is a message to open yourself to new people and opportunities. Someone older may appear in your life. For a man looking for love, you need to be more open. Be willing to share your soul. He warns that you may be sitting there forever if you keep waiting for just the right one.

In relation to your health, the Emperor can mean you are in good health and there is nothing to worry about in the near future. Negatively, it can mean your life is too rigid and is affecting your overall health. Do you have headaches or stress-related illnesses? Relax a little. It is a time to put your life back into balance. Allow some positive energy flow into your life. Do something fun. Spend time with the one that you love.

When you worry about work and business the Emperor’s message is to encourage you to stay where you are. There may be new opportunities opening up to give your life new stability. He also lets you know there may be a new opportunity about to cross your path that will give your long-term financial stability. This could be in the form of selling valuable assets, investments, or an inheritance. The Emperor is the bringer of good fortune.

Negatively, when the Emperor appears in your dreams it can warn you may lose control of your life sometime soon. Be prepared. Maybe your life is just too structured and a lack of flexibility has caused issues, and even injuries, because you block positive energy flowing through your life. You may need to take time out for some rest and relaxation to rejuvenate yourself. Ensure you pay attention to details and only let your most trusted friends into your secrets. Avoid being overconfident and taking your frustrations out on those close to you. You may not even know you are doing it. You may have to make changes such as setting a budget and sticking to it. Or, you may have to cut your hours back for the sake of your health and family. These are serious messages from the Emperor. You need to take action. Take heed!


The Hierophant symbolizes the controlling influence of manmade religions. When the Hierophant visits your dreams, this is a sign you feel like an outsider. Are you an outcast? Do you feel judged? Do you wish to feel as if you fit into the world around you? Or, maybe you want to become more involved with religion in some way. The message here can be that you have the lessons learned from your past experiences. That life is your teacher. Draw on the lessons of the past to help you through today. Understand, when there is conflict it is an opportunity to grow. Are you feeling dragged down by all the things others expect from you? Follow your intuition and learn to say no.

The arrival of the Hierophant is a reminder of the importance of prayer. How by praying for positive outcomes for others, you put the universal energies and power to work in mysterious ways. Your act of prayer demonstrates your humility and compassion for those who need support and care. By praying or meditating you bring peace and stillness to your heart. Intuition will make itself known in your heart and mind.

The Hierophant is a teacher and lets you know so are you. Share your wisdom with others. Excite and motivate them with new ideas, confidence, faith, and hope. When it is love worrying you, the Hierophant teaches you need to treat others as you expect to be treated in return. It is about unconditional love for all living creatures who live on this planet. This may be a message that you need to spend more time giving to others. Maybe volunteer for your local charity.

It can also be about those really close friendships you treasure as family. You may need to spend time focusing on supporting each other. Is there someone close to you that needs help? The Hierophant reminds this is a time to focus on others and not on yourself. When you do this, you create a cycle of unconditional love that will eventually find its way back to you in your time of need. It also lets the positive energy flow through you to clear any negative energy blocks. Show gratitude for what you have for there are those with less than you.

The Hierophant can visit when you need help. Your life may be in turmoil. Everywhere you turn there is sadness and grief. You may need counselling to help you make it through emotionally. This can be a message to let you know that it is alright to ask for help. It can better equip you with new skills and ways of seeing that assist you grow and cope with the tough times.

When the Hierophant comes to your dreams at a time you worry about work and money, this is a sign you need to take a break and reassess your life. It may be a time to change your routine. Take a look at what you have and what it is you really need. Too many material things will weigh you down. It may be a time to lighten your load by giving some things away to those who need them. In relation to your finances, the Hierophant suggests you may need to seek the advice of a financial counsellor. It can also warn of mounting debt and even court proceedings that will add to your already huge pile of debt. If you cannot help yourself then how can you help others?

Negatively, the Hierophant can represent your need to be carefree. You may want to rid yourself of all responsibilities. He can represent the opposite of all that is good. You will not feel the weight of material possessions for they do not mean that much to you. Beware, that you do not become paranoid or so suspicious that it takes control of your life. Is this something you may be at risk from? It is a time where you may be completely out of balance and need to be wary of going on spending sprees, sticking your nose into things uninvited, or being too opinionated.

The Lovers

Seeing the tarot card the Lovers in your dreams is a sign that the divine energies of the universe watch over you. This is an encouragement to take action. Do not sit back and wait. Kick procrastination in the butt. This is a time of change that will bring you much happiness and prosperity. But, you need to embrace it. What may appear to be changes you feel negative about at first, can be worthwhile if you change your perspective. It is a time of prosperity, peace, and harmony if you allow it to flow in.

The Lovers can also represent love of its truest kind. This is not the love of new lovers. It is mature, understanding, and committed as if you are married. What the Lovers means can depend heavily on what else is happening in your dream. You need to read the dream as a whole to get a deeper understanding. When you see the card on its own, it can be a message that today is a good time to have fun, make decisions, and be spontaneous. In another reading, it can mean good personal communication and refer to your integrity in a positive way.

The Lovers can also represent the love and affection of your friends and family. It is blessing your close relationships and letting you know they have the potential to last a lifetime. It is a message to let you know these may be worth committing to. It is also an affirmation that you are traveling the right path.

When you are searching for love and this card appears in your dreams, this is a really positive sign. It is almost a sure thing a new relationship will begin. This can be with someone you already know or with someone you are already intimately involved with. Is there someone close that you wish was more than a friend? Are you ready to make a commitment?

When the Lovers card pops up in a dream and your focus is on business and financial matters, it may be a sign you need to apply the ‘law of attraction’ to this part of your life. You need to get out there and make things happen. Be seen. Be heard. Do not sit back waiting. This is a good time to change jobs or career. Do you dream of a job that fulfills a passion? When you apply yourself, there is assistance to help you through. The Lovers can also mean there may be a business offer or you may need a financial loan to start your own business.

Negatively, the Lovers represents the opposite of the positive forces at work. It can mean that in a relationship there is no depth. Maybe your attraction to each other is only sexual and skin deep. It may be that your marriage is lacking in some way. Maybe you do not agree on the things that matter. Are you always bickering about the same things? Do you get on each other’s nerves? It can also represent irresponsibility, frittering away your cash, making reactive decisions, and dropping the ball on your responsibilities. This is a warning you need to focus on the whole of your life, rather than concentrating just on those things that bring pleasure.

The Chariot

When the Chariot thunders into your dreams, this represents travels and adventures. This is a sign of expanding your horizons and experiences. You may be already doing this so you will feel noticeable growth. Seeing this card is affirmation you are on the right path. Or, you may just be beginning a new journey. A chariot is a small, ancient vehicle drawn by horses. There is not much space to carry things in a chariot. This is a sign you need to let go of what no longer serves your highest good. Lighten your load. Do you really need all those material things in your life? This is a good time to cut back. Simplify your life. Do this and your will find your worries go away.

The Chariot may warn that it is not a time to race ahead with plans and actions. It is a time to take a step back and let things move at their own pace. You will tire too much if you keep up a frenetic pace. You can make mistakes. Burn out and become ill. Take a lesson from the hare and tortoise fable where the tortoise wins the race with his slow, steady pace. Be prepared for the challenges that come your way. Persevere. Do not give up. Any obstacles you encounter are just lessons to learn from. These experiences will add value as you walk through life when you encounter similar challenges over the years.

The Chariot can appear when your relationship is in trouble or has just ended. This is a reminder this state of affairs may only be temporary. Harden your heart. Prepare for what is to come. You may find this relationship is over. Love is an exciting adventure, but make sure the people you share it with are like-minded, supportive, and have similar goals. Be wary of wasting time on relationships that do not have a hope of working out in the long term. You set yourself up to fail. But, also, do not settle for second best. Do you need to spice your life up?

The Chariot tarot card can represent problems with your digestion, diabetes, and your feet. You have a long way to travel so keep your health and wellbeing under control. You are strong enough to overcome any hurdles with your health.

If you are seeking to change your job or career, the Chariot can symbolize it is time to explore your options. Are there opportunities for promotion where you are? It may be you are unexpectedly promoted. This may bring new prestige, increased financial returns, and the opportunity to travel for business. This may also be a reminder it is a time of frugality. A time where you save your money. There may be expenses you did not factor into your budget that arrive as a surprise.

Negatively, this card can mean that although everything you do is correct and right, you seem to be going backwards. Take a long look at your life and what you are trying to achieve. You may be taking the long road through rocky mountainous territory when there is an easier path to take around it. Sometimes you need to go around things instead of through or over the top of them. What could you do differently to make your life easier?


The Strength tarot card represents your need to bring some control into your life. Have you been living your life to excess with no thought of the consequences? Do you overeat, drink too much, fritter money away on nothing? The Strength card reminds you need to bring some balance back into your life. You may be in denial about the excess in your life. This is just a reminder that you excess will leave you facing dire trouble of some sort. Either get it together or you risk severe failure of some sort.

Strength in your dreams can also represent power, lust, flamboyant behavior, and strength. You may have pushed your trusted advisors away with their wisdom so you can continue to indulge yourself. Do you have no time for anyone but those who indulge you? Are you open to the wisdom of others? Beware. You are on a road to self-destruction.

This is a card of warnings. If you ignore these warnings, you do so at your own peril. It can also be a card that foretells of success in a risky situation. But depending on the other things surrounding the Strength card, this can be a warning you are heading straight for a whole lot of trouble in some part of your life. You need to heed the warning. Face your fears and demons head on. You have the strength and power to beat them. What holds you back?

The Strength card in relation to love can mean you have an amazing sex life or it can represent the strength of the relationship as a whole. This can mean you may have been in the relationship for some time and still find each other attractive as you grow older together. It can also be a warning to not allow others to overstep your boundaries. Ensure you have open communication with your partner so you know you are working together. If you are pulling and pushing at each other’s boundaries all the time, the trust between you will eventually die.

When you are looking for love, the Strength card can remind you may be repeating the mistakes of the past. Do you keep making the same mistakes? You need to learn from the failed relationships of your past. There is an old saying, “if you always do what you have always done then you will always get what you always got”. This may be relevant to you.

If you are worried about your health, the Strength card brings hope in the darkest hours of lost hope. You are fully capable of dealing with difficult health issues. You have the strength of body and mind to overcome any issues. This can be in relation to illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, or an illness that keeps you in bed. This is a message to let you know you can overcome all odds to fight off any illness that invades you.

Seeing the Strength card in relation to work and money is neutral. You may be in a position where you need to decide between taking a risk or not. But seeing this card may be warning about any risks you consider taking. Proceed with caution. You may keep your part of the bargain but others may renege and leave you unrewarded for your work. Ensure you are not being impulsive or manipulated. Listen to the wisdom of those your respect and admire.

Negatively, the Strength card in your dreams can be telling you it is a time to take a step back before you lose control. Losing control could cause untold havoc in your life and for those close to you. This can be a sign that what you are doing in your waking reality is not aligned with your true path or your heart. Or, with the goals you need to achieve. This may be a time where you take foolish risks and behave in an immature way. This may make those close to you question your state of mind.

The Hermit

The Hermit is sadly misunderstood. People may shun him making him feeling unwelcome. He does not shy away from mixing with others, he just lives life the way he sees fit. The Hermit chooses to isolate himself from the noise of a maddening world. When the Hermit appears in your dreams it is a sign you need to retreat from the madness of society. It may be a time where you need to retreat into yourself to think, feel, and see. Meditate on what it really is you want out of life. This will help you find the answers to achieving your dreams and everlasting happiness.

It is a time to put pettiness aside to focus on what is truly important when the Hermit visits. This is a sign of hope that you can find the answers if you ask the right questions. When you are going through tough times, you may feel insecure. At a loss at being abandoned or betrayed. The Hermit reminds to embrace these negative feelings. You have to embrace them to find the solutions. Maybe you have too high expectations and drive people away. So, have you really been abandoned? Consider why you feel the way you do and who you think has let you down.

Once you find solutions, walk away. Learn the lessons. Do not let these negative feelings turn into bitterness. Focus on your true inner self and the wisdom you hold within. Learn to live and love yourself, for you may not always have time to enjoy solitude.

When you have love on your mind and the Hermit appears, this can mean you need to celebrate the good going on in your relationships. This is a time to focus on what you need from loving relationships, not what you can get out of them. If your relationship is going through tough times, the Hermit may show up to suggest you take step back. Consider what it is that brought you together. Why did you fall in love in the first place? Put external negative influences aside and focus on rekindling the burning flame between you.

If you are looking for love, the Hermit can represent your loneliness at being single or you are looking too hard for love. He reminds that if you do not love yourself, it is difficult for anyone else to fall in love with you. Take a break from the dating scene and try something new or do something more satisfying. Once you stop consciously looking, love is likely to walk into your life.

We live in a busy society with the stresses of day-to-day responsibilities often weighing on our minds, hearts, and bodies. Stress can eat you from the inside out if you let it. The Hermit prompts you to consider changing your priorities. Do the real things that matter like going to your child’s dance recital or being there for a friend in need. He reminds that too much stress will affect your health in serious ways. You may need to take better care of yourself. Take the time out to rebalance and rejuvenate. Simply spending time in nature will help you regenerate. This could be a time when you are questioning everything. You may feel as if no matter how hard you try, you just succeed at going nowhere. This maybe a time where you need to change direction.

Stressing about financial matters can be soul destroying. When the Hermit arrives in your dreams, you probably feel desperate. This could be because you are unemployed and face endless job interviews without success. He reminds you to cease the negative self-talk, although it is hard at these times. Remember the universe manifests what is uppermost in your mind. If you envision a new positive future, then this is what the universe delivers. But, if you worry about the negative things all the time, how can the universe know that is not what you want.

Negatively, the Hermit card can represent there is someone around you that you just cannot help. You need to walk away before they take you down with them. It can also mean you have lost hope. You cannot see any light. You cannot find solutions to the current problems. It is a time where you may seek wise counsel. But, you need to be prepared to hear the truth if you sincerely wish to move forward.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card visiting your dreams has much ancient symbolism. The arrival of this card can mean your wishes are about to be granted. But, beware, make sure what is uppermost in your mind is what you truly dream for as that is what the universe will deliver. Think of the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’. This can apply now. It is a message to let you know your heart’s desires are possible now. Everything aligns to make success achievable. But, you may need to take a gamble.

This is a lucky time when the Wheel of Fortune shows itself. But do not be greedy. Luck only visits for a short time so you want to make best use of it to take you through into the future. Once you know what you really want, this card tells you to play the odds. The odds favor your success. You need to take action to get what you want. Everything and anything is possible at this time. This represents what is happening in your real life.

The Wheel of Fortune brings the message that your relationships transition through cycles as the relationship grows. If your relationship is stagnating, then seeing this card in a dream can mean there are about to be changes. These should be positive for the growth of the life you share together. If you are deluding yourself that your relationship is absolutely perfect, then you may be in for a shock. This card does not represent endings. It represents changes coming soon. This maybe a time to commit more deeply to each other. You could buy a house together, start a family, and make other decisions that you may consider a bit of a gamble. The Wheel of Fortune means that you will be rewarded for taking risks.

If you are looking for love, the Wheel of Fortune in a dream is a sign of good fortune. The message is to stay alert as someone new is about to enter your circle of friends. But, you have to put yourself out there. You need to make an effort. Sitting at home hoping, wishing, and wanting is not going to find you the love of your life.

This card can represent changes to your health. These can be good or not so good. It may be a good time to investigate more natural medicines if conventional ones are not helping. It is a message to take care of your health and do not push things too far.

When it comes to money and business, the Wheel of Fortune means there are positive energies around you at this time. Everything will work out fine without needing to make too many changes. You are on the right path at the moment, but stay open to new opportunities that will take you closer towards your dreams. It is a time to take chances. Luck is on your side.

Negatively, the Wheel of Fortune in a dream is a prompt to get up off your butt. You need to take action. Stop procrastinating. You cannot achieve success if you do not take action. It may also be a warning not to take unnecessary risks. This may be an unlucky time for taking risks. And, if gambling is your passion, then it is a warning it is time to take a break for your luck may just permanently run out.


When the Justice tarot card appears in a dream there is not necessarily anything to fear. It may indicate negative consequences for something or legal issues of some sort. This could be in relation to business. The Justice card also symbolizes the law of attraction. What you do unto others will be returned to you tenfold. So, negative or positive, how you treat others is how the universe will treat you. This may be a warning to consider your choices carefully. Weigh up the negative and positive of each one. Make an informed choice. Make decisions that come from integrity.

This card can represent your need for action, but your life may be out of balance. Seeing the Justice card can let you know that you can now achieve balance. Those who betray you will get what they deserve and vice versa. Those you have betrayed will see you get you just rewards in return. So, be wary, for trouble may be on the way. If you have lived a perfect life, then Justice will not come for you. But, there are few this would be true for. Is this you? This is a time to wipe out all negativity. Put it all in the past and start anew. Use wisdom to maintain balance to deal with any current situations. The answer lies in what is just, fair, and honest.

We all have a personal code of ethics. Our version of integrity to help us make decisions. When you are balanced, you have inner peace because you automatically know right from wrong. Seeing the Justice card is a sign you are currently inspired. You need to take swift action and stay focused to succeed.

When love worries you, the Justice card can signify you will get all that you need. But, if there is someone treating you wrong, then they will be served justice. Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you? Are you cheating on your partner? Do you conduct yourself with deceit? Either way, the Justice cards means all will be revealed.

When you treat yourself badly by drinking to excess or overeating or even taking drugs, the Justice card means you will have endless ill health if you do not get yourself under control. This is a warning to take control of your health to avoid future ongoing health problems.

Keep your records straight and pay attention to detail in your business and financial matters. If you do this, the Justice card can mean huge transformation for your business and great financial rewards in return. But, if you do not pay attention to the legalities of your business, then do it now. If you neglect this sort of thing, justice can be swift and brutal. Ensure you always do business with integrity.

Negatively, Justice can mean there is a part of you that refuses to look for the deeper meanings behind the things that happen in your life. You may be lying to yourself as well as to others. Do you manipulate others to get what you want? Do you bend the truth if it helps your success? This can mean you need to experience karma. If this is what you put out to the world, karma returns it tenfold. So, this card can warn. Watch out, for justice is on the way for the negative things you have done to others. Be prepared to learn some lessons to use next time you consider acting without integrity.

Hanged Man

When the Hanged Mad dangles from your dreams it is time to take a pause from your busy life to reflect. It is a sign there could be something you miss because of the frenetic pace of your life. Slow down to let universal wisdom fill your heart. You need to see with more clarity. The Hanged Man can be a sign of a struggle to make a decision. Have faith and take the time to find clarity for a better perspective before making a choice.

Sometimes you find yourself at a crossroad wondering which direction to take. The Hanged Man is a reminder it does not matter what way you go. Everything will work out. Whatever path you take has its challenges and opportunities for growth. Do not allow pressure into making decisions before you are ready. Consider each choice carefully. Come to terms with what you do not understand. Each one will require some sort of sacrifice. Whatever you choose, you will lose the opportunity of the others. Choose wisely.

When the Hanged Man appears in answer to your thoughts about love, it is a message to take time out to slow things down. Do not rush in. Consider your options. Make sure this is the right thing for you. It is a time to let go of your ego. You need to simplify your life. Have patience. Spread the love in your heart around. Allow others to infect you with their type of love too. Do not allow a fear of love stop you trying.

If you are looking for love, the Hanged Man can signify you have multiple choices in love. Be wary of dating multiple people at a time. The Hanged Man does not symbolize shameless love. He symbolizes something much deeper. This is a serious love that can lead to a wonderful long-term future. Do not be afraid to make a choice.

The Hanged Man can warn about your health. If you have health concerns and this card turns up in your dreams it is time to get a full health check. You need to re-balance body, mind, and soul. Do you take care of yourself? Do you eat well? How often do you get some form of exercise? This all affects your physical and mental health. When you are out of balance in this way, this can manifest as sore muscles and cancerous tumors. Leading to long-term illnesses.

When the Hanged Man appears in relation to financial and business matters, it is a message to trust your gut instincts. You already know the solutions. Take some time to consider your options. Seek clarity. Trust in the universal messages sent to you through your intuition. Follow your instincts to help you achieve success.

Negatively, the Hanged Man can warn you are taking unnecessary risks. You are not following your intuition. You may be just trying to satisfy shallow desires. This is a warning to stop now. It is a time to reconnect with the spiritual. To seek guidance to find the truth within yourself. What do you really want out of life? What do you hide? You need to find some clarity before it is too late.


Dreaming of the Death tarot card is not all about physical death. But it can be sometimes. Death represents the end of a cycle, the end of a part of your life, old ideas, dreams, relationships, friendships, and goals. The death of one thing makes room for new possibilities. This is a card about change. Inevitable change no matter how you feel about it. There is no point resisting as you have no choice in the matter. These may be changes that are tough to deal with. But, you can survive. You can make it through. Embrace changes. Use them to your advantage. It is a chance to start anew. Look for positives where you only see negatives. There will be some. Use these as starting points to build your new life from there to move forward.

The Death card in a dream is not all about endings. It is more about rebirth and rejuvenation. So, expect new opportunities to come your way that will help you grow towards your goals. The hardest part of the Death card is usually your fear of change. Do you struggle against change? Does it upset you? You need to consider the old adage – the only thing you can count on in life is change. It is true. Use it to help you grow, rather than fighting against it. Death arriving in your dreams is a reminder only you can confront your fears. The sooner you confront them, the sooner you will feel free. Practice acceptance and watch your world change.

If you are single in search of love, the Death card can appear to cleanse you of the old parts of yourself that no longer serve you well. You need to cleanse the negativity left over from old relationships. This will help to attract someone new. This is also a message about attracting love through transformation of yourself. This is a time you should consider this advice. If you are in a committed relationship and searching for answers, Death indicates there are changes coming. These will change either your or your partner’s perspective of the relationship you have built together. Things will never be the same.

Death in a dream can also symbolize the end of a relationship or a divorce. If your relationship is in trouble, it is time to look at what is going on. But it may be too late. Your connection and trust may be lost. It may be better to move on and let go of the past. You may be able to work things through if you are truly in love and dedicated to each other. Try getting assistance from a counsellor to help you navigate your emotional issues.

Do not fear Death when it visits you dreams when you have health issues. This does not automatically mean someone is going to die. But it may mean death occasionally of someone you love. This card brings messages that there will be death to illnesses that influence your health. Try being positive about your future. Imagine your life when you get well. Focus your entire self on becoming well. Rather than wallowing in the negativity of sickness.

When you have financial and business worries, Death can visit to warn you need to makes changes if you want success in your business. This is a reminder that you should not get too attached to material things, money, or ideas. They constantly change. You need to be prepared for this constantly shifting of perception for you need to be able to change with it.

Negatively, Death can mean you are refusing to grow. Do you fall back on old habits? How often do you change your routine? By always doing things the same way, refusing to change with the world around you, you are refusing to grow. Doing this will not help you achieve success. It will cause blockages to the energy that flows through you.


Dreaming of the Temperance tarot card is a reminder to do all things in moderation. This card represents working together, and emotional balance for a harmonious blend of all things in your life. Are you being inflexible? Do you over commit yourself? This is a time to balance both the physical and spiritual to bring them back into harmony with each other.

Temperance prompts you to reassess all you want out of life. Maybe you block achieving success through your inability to be flexible or compromise, or by over committing yourself so that you eventually fail. Be reminded that doing too much or too little can block you moving forward towards your dreams.

When Temperance turns up in answer to questions about love, this is a message there is a need for balance in your relationship. If you are looking for love, this card is a clear message there is something blocking your path to love. This is usually because you have over committed yourself in other parts of your life. The universe can see there is no time in your life for love, so they may not put opportunities in your path. You may need to make changes to bring balance back to your life so you have the time to enjoy yourself.

If you are in a relationship, Temperance is a message you both need to rebalance yourselves. This can be about compromising on something, or showing compassion for the other’s ideals and passions. Temperance reminds there is no need to get into arguments if you both are willing to meet in the middle in a compromise. Seeing this card in your dream is a sign this relationship is worth fighting for.

Temperance when answering worries about your health can depend on what else is happening in the dream. It can represent the extremes of the spectrum. Are you a couch potato? Too lazy to get up and work towards your dreams? Or, do you spend every waking moment focused on your passions to move your goals forward? Either extreme is harmful to your health. This can manifest in many physical ways – headaches, aches and pains, and depression, for example. Temperance is a sign this is the time to start changing this. Rejuvenate your soul and your life and you will feel better.

When Temperance arrives in answer to worries about business and finances, it is a sign to hide your money. Do not take any risks. Do not be talked into a great deal for this is a time where things will not work in your favor. It is a warning to take a step back. Be more careful with your resources. Opportunities that may seem too good to be true usually are. Be patient. There are better opportunities that will soon come along.

Negatively, Temperance indicates you need to bring your personal life back into balance. This is more about how you see, feel, and think. This is a time to try to smooth over negatives in a tough situation. Or, you may just have to get over it and move on. This card can also remind you to ask for support when you need to. It can help to listen to another’s wisdom to give you a different perspective on your world and how you see it.

The Devil

When the Devil tarot card shows up in your dreams it can represent the perversion of all that is good in the world. This is a is a sign there are negative influences in your life that you ignore. It can also mean you may be overindulging in a habit, or involved in a toxic relationship, or you may be behaving badly. The Devil warns you need to put things right both physically and spiritually. For, if you continue on as you are, you will suffer the consequences.

The Devil warns this is the time you need to stop making excuses for the problems in your life. You need to take responsibility for your actions and choices. Do you blame others for the worries you have in life? Are you deliberately holding yourself back? Are you deceiving yourself? Or are you allowing others to manipulate you? You need to take a closer look at yourself. What do you need to change?

It is not a good sign when the Devil appears in answer to questions about your love life. The Devil warns of your insecurity when you have feelings of mistrust about your partner. Do you think you are being lied to? Do you suspect your partner of cheating? These feelings may be true. But, are they based on jealousy? Have you become dependent on your partner? Is there any truth to your fears?

The Devil can also be symbolic of your lack of confidence in your own judgement. You may still have issues from previous relationships you have not dealt with. These may still affect your emotions and how you deal with and behave in a new relationship. Do you have unhealthy behaviors that carry across your relationships? Are you the one that creates instability between you and your partner? This is a time you need to look deeper at yourself and what obstacles you need to navigate. Some of them may even be of your own doing because you have not dealt with the issues of the past.

The Devil can warn of health issues. It is time to have a health check. There is nothing to fear when you dream of the Devil in relation to your health. He appears when you feel overworked, stressed out, or generally off color. There may be hidden diseases such as stress-related diseases, high blood pressure, or diabetes that affect you without you knowing. It is a warning to visit your doctor for a checkup. The Devil can also warn of addictions, bad habits, and overindulgence causing mental issues. You need to get some help and support to get your health back on track.

Do you believe you are doing everything possible to keep your finances on track, but feel like it is an uphill battle? The Devil appears in your dreams to warn that you are fooling yourself. There is an area you spend way too much. Maybe it is a habit that drains your finances. Buying lunch and coffee at work every day and meeting friends for coffee can add up to a lot of money, for example. The Devil warns that your financial problems are of your own doing. It is a time to take a hard look at you finances and how you spend your money. What can you cut back on?

The Devil may warn to be wary of a colleague. This person may be deliberately trying to set you up. No matter how good they make things sound, it will be too good to be true. Listen to your gut instincts for they should be sending you a warning. Be wary of anyone going out of their way to offer you support at this time. Especially if this is unusual. It will be for their benefit, not yours. Remember, there is no easy path to success.

Alternatively, the Devil can be positive. It may represent good choices in all parts of your life. It is an affirmation you made good decisions to escape your negative situation. Do not look back. Keep moving towards the light. Leave the dark, depressing, negativity behind. Your choice.

The Tower

The tarot card the Tower may visit your dreams as a good omen, though you may not recognize this straight away. The Tower represents change. Change where you have no choice. You will be forced to change in some way. But this will be good for you, regardless of how you ignore or struggle against it. The Tower appears when you have been avoiding the inevitable. Change is good for your spiritual, physical, and mental growth. The foundations of your current situation may be shaky at best. This is an opportunity to begin anew. Be open to change and new possibilities. Learning new things and changing your perspective can have a healthy effect on your life. This is an opportunity to build a life that you dream about. Bring some stability into your life so you can work towards your own success.

The image of the Tower represents the confronting emotions you can feel when forced to change. This can be related to things like the bank foreclosing on your home, losing your job, someone you love suddenly dies, the diagnosis of a terminal illness, or the end of a relationship. You have to adapt quickly to learn to survive. This will leave you feeling as if your whole world has collapsed around you. You may feel totally hopeless. How can you go on? What are you to do? You need to go through this so you can grow and start anew. When you can get through these heartbreaking, tough times the universe rewards you for your strength of character. This helps your resilience. You will have less fear, which brings you greater happiness. Soon you understand that whatever obstacles you come across are never insurmountable. Dreaming of the Tower is a sign you have the ability to rebuild whatever is broken. Now is the time to allow yourself to heal.

The Tower can come to your dreams when you question your relationship. It is a message to remind that relationships do not always stay the same. This can mean you or your partner, or both of you are going to go through life changing experiences. This can be positive if you decide to take the relationship to the next level of commitment. It can also mean it is a time where you may decide to separate because the relationship is no longer working for one or other of you. The Tower’s presence indicates that you should look deeper into the what causes these feelings. It encourages you to stay together, but to get to the bottom of the things that tear you apart. Make sure you both are being realistic in how you see each other and in your expectations. Be completely honest with each other. This can be a way to overcome your differences so you can stay together.

If you have broken bones, the Tower can appear to let you know things will get better. The Tower is symbolic that the reconstruction or surgery of any parts of your body will go well. You have the potential to completely heal. The Tower symbolizes that rejuvenation and reconstruction is always a possibility. What are you waiting for? You can rebuild your life anyway you like.

Negatively, the Tower card can mean you have lost control. Do you feel as if everything is falling down around you? Seeing the Tower upside down is a dire warning to take cover. This could be in relation to your job or career. You may have been a loyal employee or in business for most of your life and suddenly it is all taken away from you. Now what do you do? How are you going to earn an income? Lie low for a while. There is no point fighting what is currently happening. It is an opportunity to take time out to plan how you are going to rebuild your life. The Tower card is telling you to be open to other work opportunities. It is time to step out from your comfort zone. What may once have been comfortable may now be uncomfortable.

The Star

When the Star tarot card appears in your dreams it represents peace, tranquility, and hope. This is a sign positive energy surrounds you. It can affirm you are on the right path. You are making good choices. It is also a reminder to trust your intuition to guide you for you already have the answers you seek. This is a time to listen to the wisdom of others.

The Star may rise at times of emotional turmoil to give you hope for the future. To let you know that how matter hard things are right now, they can always get better. Do not be afraid of making the wrong decision. Listen to your heart. Listen and act on your gut instincts. Your intuition is your heart trying to get your attention. But you must listen. The hardest thing of all is to trust in the intangible.

The Star card can appear when you have questions about your relationship. You need to follow your instincts about your partner whether they are positive or negative. Do not allow your fears to create things that are not true. Just because you fear your partner cheats on you does not make it true. Remember, do not judge this relationship based on past experiences. It can never be the same. Every relationship is different. You need to listen to your intuition. Be careful though, this is different to listening to your fears. This is a good time to reassess the good and bad in your relationship. Most issues can be sorted out if you both are committed enough.

If you are single and the Star card visits, this can mean someone you are already close to could develop into a long-term relationship. This is not a sign that there is someone new coming into your life. It is also a time to heal old hurts. The Star can mean someone from the past returns to your life. This can prompt you to look at why you have been hurt in the past. This will help your understanding and growth so you can move past old emotional scars. Avoid comparing new relationships with past relationships. This is not fair.

The Star card is about renewal, which is favorable in matters of your health. It is a sign there is positive energy on the way to help you recover from whatever ails you. The Star arrives to remind to be positive for the universe will deliver positive changes. Be wary of wallowing in too much negativity or you may be perpetuating a continual cycle of negativity. The Star promotes positive change for better health and wellbeing.

When there are problems with financial matters, the Star can appear once you have lost control. This is symbolic of reigning in your overspending or you may have already lost everything. The Star is a guiding light that lets you know you can get your life back on track. But you need to actively participate in changing the things you do. If you are not having financial trouble, the Star card can warn you may need financial advice before committing to an expensive purchase you may need a loan to buy. This is a sign to avoid anything that involves investing a lot of money or is high risk.

The Star is a good sign for work and business. It symbolizes increased work and career opportunities coming your way. It can offer much welcomed new opportunities at a time you are fed up with your current job. There may be new responsibilities and promotions on the way in your current job. If you are looking for work, this is a frustrating time. The appearance of the Star offers hope there will be work very soon. You may need to seek the assistance of an employment agency to support you in your search.

Negatively, the Star may visit when you feel hopeless. Do you feel there is no hope in your world? The Star warns you need to prepare for more changes crossing your path. Or, you are currently on the wrong path and need to change direction. Do you struggle with change? Do you have excess nervous energy? Are you taking everything personally? What makes you unhappy? Identify how to change the negatives around you into positives to bring happiness into your life. Make the effort to take the first step, and it will become easier to work out the truth of what you need in your life.

The Moon

The Moon tarot card can appear in your dreams to symbolize the very emotional time you are currently going through. This can be in relation to your emotions causing nightmares and depression, and manifesting in other ways. It is a call to bring to the light to what you fear. You may even need to face your darkest desires. Deal with them once and for all. The Moon can mean your mental health is suffering through your negative emotional state. Are you oversensitive? Do you feel as though you are going mad?

Sometimes madness can lead to creative genius, a change of perspective, to a whole new life. You need to release that pent-up emotion. Use it to improve your life. The appearance of the Moon is a sign that all is not well in your life. Remember, though, that this is fine as being alive is not about being perfect or having a perfect life. You need to accept there are tough times to move forward to achieve success.

While you may feel hopeless, the Moon reminds you are not alone. That there is support around you. Just because you have lost all hope does not mean you have lost everything. You needed to get to this point, hit rock bottom, in order to see the light. To see the way forward. To understand what you need to do to move forward. Do not fear asking for help or support. You may even seek the help of a professional counsellor.

The Moon rules the water and thus, the depth of emotions. You may have something on your mind. Something that continually distracts you from all else. No matter what you do this thing comes back to haunt you. Is this happening to you? You need to get to the bottom of this to silence this permanently. What is it that drives you crazy? Are you working too hard? Are you mentally and physically exhausted? Do you eat well? Is your health and wellbeing a priority? Do you drive those who wish to offer support away? Lighten up. While you may be going through a deep inner transformation avoid alienating those who care for you. Try to maintain your relationships and just accept things for what they are at the moment. If you suspect someone close is working against you, time will tell. It will eventually come out. This is not the time to worry too much about it.

When the Moon arrives in answer to questions of love and romance, it indicates your love life is in emotional turmoil. This may be a time where all you and the one you love do is argue and bicker and find fault with each other. It may be a time to take a closer look at what really matters. Question the relationship and its potential. What does its future possible hold? What do you see when you look deeper and see with greater clarity? Slow things down to get a better understanding. There may be misconceptions or misunderstandings between you. Do you regret telling your deepest secrets? Do you fear you may say something to upset the other? Be tactful. Try not to offend.

The Moon can enter your dreams as a sign of the state of your mental health. It can be a reminder to keep taking your medication if you need it to control conditions like depression. It also reminds to get to the bottom of what triggers these negative mental conditions. You need to take care of yourself before you offer to help others. You cannot help others when you need help yourself. You may even need to clear people from your life that cause trouble You do not need their emotional dramas or toxic way of dealing with things in your life. It does not help your emotional state. It may even help to exacerbate it.

The Moon can warn this is a time where you need to be careful of how you spend money. Someone around you may be trying to take financial advantage of you. This may also be a warning this is not the best time for looking for work. Be selective about the type of work you look for. There is no point changing from one job with no prospects to one that offers not much more.

On the other and, seeing the Moon card upside down can mean you will recover your mental health. You can stabilize your erratic emotional state. But, you may need professional help. This can be a time where you need to take a break from your responsibilities and daily routines. You need to get your sanity back. Do not overcommit yourself. It is important for good mental health to take time out just for yourself.

The Sun

The Sun is the most positive of the tarot cards. When it appears in your dreams it indicates wonderful new beginnings. There is a new life or direction on the way. Everything positive is possible when the Sun shines on you from your dreams. New children, prosperity and wealth, and recovering from an illness are all possibilities. The Sun shines down on you to let you know you can triumph against all the odds. To motivate you into action to move forward on your path to success. Have you been procrastinating? Now is the time to take action.

The Sun represents power without being dominating. It is a power that can set you free. It is about freedom, living in peace, and finding solutions so everyone feels that they win. The Sun can shine its light on you after you have come through much turmoil. It represents your new freedom after making it through the struggles of the past. There are always new opportunities, possibilities to give you new hope. Embrace them to build wonderful life full of love and hope.

The Sun can appear when you have questions about love in your life. This is not necessarily about happiness, but about freedom. There will be secrets revealed. These can be yours or your partner’s secrets. It may be you both have held back. Do you have secrets to tell? These will allow you and your partner to make decisions and choices based on the absolute truth. They say “the truth will set you free”. You cannot have a healthy committed relationship if there are secrets either of you keep. Once you both know the truth, it is up to you what you do with what you now know. It may be you make a new commitment to the relationship with a better understanding of each other and a new level of trust. The Sun brings new starts, and rebirth. Now you can both make decisions based on truth and trust.

When you are sick or going through surgery, the Sun may appear to let you know everything will be okay. The rays of the Sun are positive healers that mean you will recover fully and get back to full health. If you can, sit outside to bask in the warmth of the sun’s rays. Let the Sun heal you.

The appearance of the Sun in relation to career or financial matters is a good sign. This represents moving forward and monetary gains. This can be a prosperous time. There will be some kind of luck that could be brought about by your sound business processes and integrity. It can be a time to take calculated risks. Good fortune will bless you. Look forward to achieving success.

Negatively, the Sun can mean the opposite of all that is good. You may have lost your way, find your life out of control, or you may feel trapped in a situation. Do you feel this about your life? The Sun warns to take a look at yourself. There is no point blaming others for your predicament. There is no one to blame but you. You need to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and decisions to open up to a whole world of new opportunities. It is all up to you.


When the Judgement tarot card appears in a dream this can mean many things. It can refer to your personal judgement warning you to be careful in your current situation. It can also represent harsh judgements that you and others make. It warns that by being unfair in your judgements that you are acting with little integrity. It could well be you in that situation being judged harshly by the likes of you one day. Everyone deserves a fair chance. Are you gossiping about others? Do you pass judgement on others actions?

This card can also mean you feel as though others judge or are watching you. You are probably right. But, remember, your actions are open to others’ interpretations and misconceptions. You are not alone. There is probably not much to worry about if you are acting with integrity.

The Judgement card can represent final judgement day in relation to court proceedings. This is a message to let you know that the end is in sight. This card does not judge whether the outcome will be negative or positive. Beware, everything will come out and if you are acting without integrity this will soon be public knowledge. It is best if you tell the truth directly, for it will come out anyway. It will sound better coming from you. You have the ability to control the current situation if you dare. There will soon be a judgement so everyone can move on.

The Judgement card can appear when a relationship breaks down. This is a time where you need to heal, but there may be accusations and bitterness ensue designed to hurt each other. This is a difficult time for you both so be aware of your emotional state of mind. Are you angry for a good reason? Is it really all you partner’s fault? Maybe there are other parts of your life that challenge you and you take it out on those closest to you. Could you be doing this? Does stress have you acting crazy? Try to talk things through to get to the bottom of the core issues. Or, at least, to get a better understanding.

This can be a time for revealing what you hide or for making previous wrongs right. This can be about you or someone else. The Judgement card represents healing, open communication, and a time to reflect on your life as a whole. There may be changes you need to make. This card may be a sign your relationship is almost over or has already ended. This warns you need to take urgent action before it is too late.

When the Judgement card appears in relation to work and financial matters, this clearly means you have to make a choice or an important decision at this time. You may be under pressure to do what others think you should do. Do not allow others to pressure you Take the time you need to think things through thoroughly. You need to contemplate the pros and cons, but do not procrastinate. If you linger unnecessarily, you could miss out on this opportunity.

This card turns up to warn you need to be careful what you spend your money on. This is not a time to take risks or spend on frivolities. You may need to start a budget and stick to it for a while. Continue moving forward, making decisions, pursuing success. Just be wary of spending money on things you have little information about or do not really need. Consider whether you want or need the next thing you try to buy. Try and only buy what you need at this time.

If the Judgement card is upside down in your dreams, this is a good sign. This is a sign you will have more time to enjoy yourself with those you love. Life is not so serious. But, it is important to seize new opportunities when they come along if they can help you achieve success. It is a time for decisiveness. There is much positive energy around you now. Embrace it.

The World

When the World tarot card enters your dreams, it is similar to the Wheel of Fortune card, in that it indicates everything is possible at this time. It can mean “you have the world at your fingertips”. The universe is at work behind the scenes to grant you whatever you want. This is a time to take action.

The World card can represent prosperity as a reward for your hard work and achievements. There are new beginnings in the near future as you reach old goals and celebrate these achievements. Allow yourself to shine. Be confident. Know that all you do has the possibility of coming true. Celebrate each and every achievement and goal. You deserve it. You have persevered through many challenges to achieve success. You have not faltered to achieve success. It is proof that if you put in the hard work you can achieve even the wildest dreams.

If you are in love, and the World card can appear. This is an affirmation that you are on the right path. It is a time where you are likely to take the next step in committing to each other. There is much future potential for a good relationship together over the long term. This is a time to take you relationship to a new level. It could be that you get engaged, plan a family, even buy your first home together. If you want to get pregnant, the World card affirms this is an excellent time to create a child.

The World can visit your dreams at a time of illness. Its message is that this is a time of healing. Have you been stressed? Have you been feeling off color lately? It indicates you are in a good place mentally, physically, and spiritually. It can also mean that you will recover well from a hospital visit or surgery. Rest easy. Let the professionals take care of you. They are the experts there to support you in your time of need.

You may see the World card when you win some money or have a surprise financial windfall. But, it is a warning this is not a good time to take financial risks. You have worked hard and you should let the rewards come your way. Everything is in place. Patience is required now, for you will reap the rewards soon.

Negatively, the World can mean the exact opposite to the good side of it. When seen upside down it can represent failure, stagnation, and defeat. You may put everything you have into something and see no rewards for your hard work. You may need to reconsider how you invest your time and money. You need to focus positive energy on the things that will give you positive outcomes. Be careful of how you behave and avoid making major changes. There is a part of your life that needs addressing to bring you back into balance.

The Minor Arcana

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards across four suits:


The Wands suit of tarot cards represent your creativity. These cards represent fire, the mysterious, inspiration and intuition, and the ability to take action to achieve success. They can relate to love and your career. Wands can mean there are things you need to do to improve your health, wellbeing, relationships, and finances. Wands appear in your dreams to let you know this is a time you need to take action.


The Cups suit of cards represents water and your emotions. They often bring messages about controlling them. They can also bring messages about changing your perspective to change the prospects of your future. Cups represent happiness, success, fulfillment, and days filled with fun spent with friends and family. They can represent your love life and relationships, and may alert you to illusions that surround you.


The Swords suit of tarot cards are the action cards. They represent leaders and those who stand in their truth with integrity and courage. Swords bring messages of courage, stamina, determination, strength, and ambition to your career, health, love life, and financial matters. Consider the old adage “live by the sword, die by the sword”. This truly represents the basic meanings behind the deck of Swords.


The Pentacles suit symbolizes wisdom and finances. These are the cards of prosperity and abundance. They represent your connection with the natural environment and how you fit into society. They appear in dreams when you need to spend more time devoted to health, financial matters and your social activities. These cards can bring messages of bad or good luck.

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