Turtle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Turtle Dream Symbol – Turtle symbolizes moving through life at your own pace by keeping things in balance. While she may appear to move slowly, this is a sign about perfect timing. This can mean you should take your time with something. Do not rush it or skip any stages to complete it. Do not be impatient for you will achieve your goal. Turtle reminds it is not always the fastest, the best, or the biggest that wins the race.

turtle dreamsDreaming of turtle can also mean you should not be afraid to move on, but pay attention to the details to avoid making mistakes. It does not matter if you move forward slowly as long as you move with perfect timing. And this is turtle’s message to you. Take notice of how fast or slowly she moves in your dreams for this indicates the speed you can expect things to happen. You may need to ground yourself to mother earth’s energy to help you move on.

Turtle carries her home wherever she goes on her back. She is always on the move. She has nothing to tie her down. This is a sign you may feel tied or weighed down by something. Do you feel overwhelmed with daily responsibilities? Is there anything weighing you down? What stops you from moving on from what makes you feel this way? It is time to reevaluate. Get out and explore alternative opportunities. Turtles remind that you get squished or walked all over if you do not continue to move out of your comfort zone.

She can also remind that ‘home is where your heart is’. Turtle reminds you that your heart is your home. It is at the center of your being. Do you allow others into your heart? Or, is it closed to all outsiders? When you close down your heart you are also closed to the wonderful new opportunities you can invite into your life. Turtle reminds you of this. Maybe it is time to open up a little and rediscover the world.

Turtle’s tough shell is a protective exterior to protect her soft flesh from predators. Are you wearing impenetrable armor to avoid being hurt? Are you often defensive before you understand the full truth? Being overprotective of yourself is not healthy, especially in romantic situations. Ground yourself. Connect with mother nature. Discern the difference between needing to protect yourself and opening your heart to the situation.

Alternatively, turtle can mean you are being pushed around. Is this how you feel? Are you being bullied? Do you let others push you around? The best way to protect yourself in these situations is to stand up for yourself. Stand your ground. Do not let others take advantage of you. Reaffirm your boundaries and stand firm.

Turtle can visit your dreams to let you know that although things around you are confusing, there are an abundance of opportunities around you if you take the time to look a little deeper. Are you looking for something that maybe just in front of you? Do you discard opportunities without a second thought? Opportunities always cross your path regardless of whether you seek them out. Take them time to consider them properly.

When Turtle crosses your Path

When turtle crosses your path in may be time to withdraw into you shell. You can work through any challenges but sometimes you need to take time out to consider your options.

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  1. Had a dream I was looking at a house plant and it had two tiny turtles siting in a branch the smaller turtle was on the back of the larger one. Somehow the smaller one started falling which felt like forever in my dream and landed at the bottom of the potting soil completely fine. Not sure what happened next.

  2. Myriam Catherall on

    I had a dream that I was swimming at night and it was dark. I was under water and felt a presence but didn’t see anything and I got anxious and nervous. I was looking to the left when all the sudden I feel something hard run again the right side of my stomach. I look to see what it is and its a large sea turtle grazing me as it swims by. I love animals and sea turtle and once I realized I wasn’t in danger, the encounter made me so happy and excited to be able to experience a sea turtle in real life and so close, to the point that it touched me. Would love some insight.

  3. I did not any dream but in the last month I encounter my self with three turtles…the first one was a tiny little one I found him swimming in my pool I took him out…now is a new member of the dam I name him lucky…two weeks after I was driving down my street I found a bigger I was a little scared to pick him up but I didn’t want any car to run him/her over so I got the courage pick him up I took him close to the lake so he could go to his home then today on my way to pick up my wife I found another one this one was smaller than the big one I decided to take it home went to homedepot buy a pond and build a little house for her I call him wise…this got to have a meaning for me…I began reading what the turtle symbolizes and it all me….

  4. Lovely Leo on

    In my dream, I saw a turtle in the middle of the road trying to cross the street. I got out of my truck and picked up the turtle to take it to the other side. I think the turtle was trying to go straight ahead, but I took it to the left side of the street. Once I put the turtle down, he went into the nearby stream and seemed happy to have found water.

  5. An ex of mine had a dream she was a turtle. I was a rabbit, in which I was cut in half dying and my daughter was a puppy. And the turtle brought the puppy over to say goodbye…what do you think this means ?

    • I had a dream I found a turtle behind a door and it was cut in half but still alive… I felt awful for the turtle and wanted to find who did this to it.

  6. I had a dream that I was in the ocean, somehow sitting and a small sea turtle swam up to me and gentle nuzzled up against my leg as though to be laying its head in my lap, i openly returned the affection, welcoming the turtle with love and then i feed the turtle some food and we sat there happy as can be for the remainder of my dream. The waters were peaceful and the overall feeling in my dream was a feeling of calmness and love … I’m curious to what this might mean.. thank you for any and all help in interpreting this dream for me.. Namasté and much love

  7. Had a dream of Mother of all turtles! I was swimming in a lake (which I hate to do) and the largest prehistoric turtle came out. I wasn’t afraid just in awe. Then a helicopter came and took it away. It was that big. I was so sad and felt I needed to save it. Then others started to emerge they were big but not that big. No one bothered them though. I felt connected to them all. Now I feel lije I want to go save some turtles lol

  8. In real life I have a single turtle named Pinky and a dog. In my dream there were five large turtles swimming around in my turtle tank and more were appearing. I remember thinking “well crap now I have to buy more turtle tanks.” Then one of the turtles got out of the tank and my dog started chewing on it. I woke up after telling my dog not to kill the turtle.

    • In real life i have 2turtles in a small tank. Now i am not living at home. I am in a new city. Few days back i had a dream that that the tuetles were going around inside my house and they had wrong big. But they were 3. And again from nowhere 2more came to the tank. They were all bigger than the size of my 2 real turtles.

      Today again i dreamt about 3 turtles. This time they have grown the size of a wild turtle. They are still touring inside my house. They were moving slow.

      I really want to know why tirtles keep appearing in my dreams.

  9. I dreamed there was a turtle with a tan shell and black head .. It was just in the “background “of my mind. I was with Judy Garland at a show &she was singing IN the audience ,like standing right in among them,in their face. The turtle was just there .. Later Judy said ,yeah I like my turtle. I always have him,with me.then in the sky was a huge cloud in the shape of a capital R . my “narrator ” said .that just means everyone seeing this cloud will get a big Rah! ..

  10. dreaming about a large turtle coming through a window with a cat also-very weird there are a lot of meanings- which is very helpful to my situation-idont know about the cat yet-but i will.

  11. My turtle dream involved a childhood neighbor giving me a giant turtle big enough to fit in a backpack to bring home for her. I only remember bits of the dream. We were quite a distance from home. For example we were downtown and she wanted me to bring it home for her to a neighboring suburb. I was a little scared of the turtle but I did it anyway. After getting home and it started getting late I called her home to see when she was picking it up. Her mom picked up and fussed at me as if it was my turtle and I wanted her daughter to watch it. Normally or should I say in the real world I may hv went alone with it thinking she was not allowed to have a turtle. But in this dream I Told her mom that the turtle was not mine. She told me to bring it home.

  12. I had a dream that i went pee and a huge blood clot came out and when i got up to inpect it i seen it was a turtle shell but it was made out of skin..like newborn baby skin and i could hear but couldnt see him.. But my sons father whom im no longer with said”she’s moving on” but it was in a hurt and sad angry voice and i immediately woke up.. Ive been researching all morning and found this…

  13. Lisa Stamper on

    Hi, I had a dream about me seeing a man trying to help a green sea turtle that was stuck with ropes wrapped around it. I went rushing into the water to help and yelled for scissors.
    I got some and was able to get her freed but I noticed she had a big gaping wound on her left back half of her body. It was grey and rotting and I could see her ribs. Could you provide any insights?
    Thank you in advance:)

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