Turkey (Bird) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Turkey Dream Symbol – Turkey is the symbol of renewal and sacrifice and is usually a sign of the abundance to come. She is sacrificed at religious festivals, which can mean you need to nurture and honor your resources. Celebrate all that you have. Maybe there is someone or a situation you are not nurturing in your waking life. Who or what could this be? This is a reminder to nurture the resources that support your life every day. It is also a reminder to listen to your inner wisdom for your future.

turkey dreamsDreaming of turkeys can mean your business will be financially profitable or abundance will come into your life as a reward for your hard work. It can also mean you are behaving like a fool. That you are behaving like a ‘turkey’. Is this you? Are you thinking clearly? What mistakes do you make? There could be misery ahead if you do not stop behaving in this way.

Hunting and killing a turkey in your dreams can mean you will have financial problems. Dreaming of turkey meat may signify your lack of belief and inability to be consistent on anything. And, if the turkey meat is roasted, this can mean you will not have enough money. Dreaming of a Thanksgiving turkey dinner is a sign your life will improve with more than enough than you need.

When Turkey crosses your Path

When turkey crosses your path it is a positive sign. Turkeys are the key manifesters of abundance. Her message maybe you can manifest enough abundance for yourself, your friends, and your family.

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  1. I had a dream I found a baby turkey I was on my way to see a friend and found the baby on the floor by a hedge all alone so I picked it up and took it to my dads to look after as a pet.

  2. I dreamt that while I was flying/jumping, I caught a male wild turkey with my feet-just like an falcon would catch a smaller bird when flying. I carried the bird home, hanging it upside down by its feet. My wife cooked the turkey and said is was difficult to butcher and tough to eat. I explained to her that the bird should be suspended by its feet long enough to allow the blood to drain into head and neck area before severing the head from the body. The cooked bird looked great on the table, when my wife handed me a plate of delicious looking turkey breast, the cooked flesh started twitching. It was tough to chew but tasted great. When I agreed with my wife about the toughness of the cooked foul, she said “Its alright, there’s another turkey on the table”. The other turkey didn’t look as good in its cooked state, but was easier to chew and tasted fine.

  3. I dreamt of a turkey entering through the window of my room and I kept fighting with it, it was still in my house, I had to hide

  4. I dreamt that I forced my hen bird to enter into the anus of my female turkey bird. And it seemed that the turkey never felt it after. And I woke up.
    That is a turkey swallowed a hen in my dream.

    Is it abundance, or what?

  5. I had a dream I was pursuing a turkey, the turkey was not running faster but I could not catch it on time,finally it was caught.While I was trying to slaughter it with the knife in my hand I saw somebody beside me holding the neck of the turkey trying to swallow the head and I ended up killing it

  6. My dream was about a friend of mine, he came by my house to chill then we were headed somewhere. All of a sudden we see a turkey running towards us. Nothing too scary more like funny because we were running and jumping over it until i stopped snd looked at it. Then i woke up

    • The turkey was not letting me leave every time I try it act me last thing I know I was running and it was behind me running I woke up tired like I was really running

  7. My dream was about a friend of mine, he came by my house to chill then we were headed somewhere. All of a sudden we see a turkey running towards us. Nothing too scary more like funny because we were running and jumping over it until i stopped snd looked at it. Then i woke up

  8. Alexander Anh nam tran on

    I had a dream there were a lot of baby turkeys. They were all friendly and I was having so much fun playing with them. They were domestic at youth. But they will turn to be afraid of humans growing up to be a real turkey. So my dad said they are domestic at youth then will be in domestic in the transition to a grown turkey.

  9. I had a dream that a turkey was on my TV stand, I look for a stick in an attempt to kill, badly wounded it before it narrowly ran out

    • It sounds like you were going to receive or upgrade your television to an HD 4k surround sound 75″ smart TV. But since you injured the Turkey you will be downgraded to a portable black and white 13″ television.
      Or maybe it means something else. I don’t know.

  10. I had a dream I was a turkey locked up in a room or cage of some sort playing music & having sex with another turkey guy. And he said “where do I put it” and I said “any where the daddy feel the other daddy wont get pregnant”… I can’t make this up.

  11. Heidi Persson on

    Hi! I had the weirdest dream in the morning: I saw red Turkey legs sticking out of my belly. I was worried but at the same time I thought: – “Well, I knew I was right that my stomach pain and weight gain wasn’t imaginary. I knew I had something in my belly.” I told my man that I had been right. When I looked down at my belly again the stomach had opened up and the turkey could walk out..!
    I told my man: – “Ok, you need to take me to the hospital (to sow the hole in the stomach). Hurry, hurry! (but still there was a calmness to the situation and that this was kind of normal). !

  12. I had a dream that my cousin just got a new job in one country and will have a big amount of salary and one of the tests/exams that she had to passed is to cooked a whole turkey, and she made it..and then it was my turn.I asked her about the exam, but she refused to tell me about the cooking .

  13. Brandy Miller on

    I had a dream that I opened up my back door to my house and there was a huge turkey on fire coming towards me

  14. In my dream I am walking along a forest path and stop in a beautiful circular clearing. Many different types of birds descend and land and sit around me, birds that do not usually sit on the ground. They are all staring at me intently, seemingly trying to pass a message. I am really nervous because of the strangeness of the scene and the unnatural way these birds are sitting on the ground. A magnificent turkey comes into the circle, walks right up to me and grabs my finger in his or her beak. It holds tight, just before the point of causing pain, and stares into my eyes. We stand together like this for some time and then I wake up. Was left with a feeling of excitement and gratitude, along with a little uneasiness.

  15. Jojo olmillo on

    I dream that i had skin allergy of something then somebody was doing a ceremony to pray for me because i almost lost my breath… then while they praying theirs a rooster and a turkey i saw in my dream which want to fly in the fence and it was the turkey who fly to me and lick my skin and bite me a little but i felt that i experience the healing process and after that the turkey was slowly dead. Whats does it mean?

  16. I dreamt that I told someone to help me kill d turkey and money was found in it, which was handed to me

    • Same here the turkey pursed me in an agressive manner and attacked me but ended up killing it , I ended up killing it. I wondered what it means

  17. So I had a dream that I had a new baby, but instead of a baby I was carrying around a roasted turkey. My brain was very clear in repeating that it was a turkey, not a chicken. So it makes sense to me that the turkey represents financials. I want a baby but I know I’d give up what little financial comfort we have if I were to have one. So weird these things make sense.

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