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Tunnel – A tunnel is almost always a dream symbol of some sort of present struggle or trial. From the “valley of the shadow of death” in the 23rd Psalm of the Bible to the common phrase “the light at the end of the tunnel,” tunnels are embedded in our psyche as places of danger and fear, which we want to get through quickly and safely and get out of as soon as possible.

If you dream of going through a tunnel, this signifies a struggle that you are currently going through or that will soon happen to you. What happens to you in the tunnel and afterwards is also important in determining how to read this dream symbol. For instance, if you are harmed while in the tunnel, this means that there is a hidden danger that you should be aware of, and to see if you can change your course.

If you dream of coming safely out of the tunnel, this is a beneficial symbol of your destiny to come out of the period of trial victorious, even if while it is happening it looks like you will be doomed.

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  1. My dream was happy, and did not disturb me. I was going up a road that was being repaired, had been taken down to gravel and then what I thought was white merify fabric, which turned into a tunnel as I progressed. I had to use my hands to cut through the top into another white tunnel, that when I got to the end (It “V” ed out ) I had to break through again. I then found my husband and was trying to “show” him the white tunnels, but was unable to get back to it (There was a party and we kept getting side tracked)

  2. The other morning, I dreamed (in color) that I was in a tunnel (a sort of attic of a long building) which had a carpeted floor and a pitched roof that seemed to become more narrow. Strangely, I was driving in my car (my Prius) and there was an unknown person in the passenger seat. I recall noticing too late that the roof was narrowing, and as I was accelerating the car became stuck. I tried to put the car in reverse while accelerating to force the car out and woke up after realizing I could not back up and was stuck and I nor the passenger will not be able to get out.

    I have no idea how to interpret this dream. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  3. I sometimes have a dream that I am falling through a vortex tunnel with many spots of bright colors on the side of the tunnel. The colors on the tunnel change and flash. It reminds me of pictures I have seen of tunnels at amusement parks. There is no end, no bottom that I can see. My focus is on all the bright colors and knowing that I have to wake-up to stop falling. I keep falling and falling until I jerk myself awake. I have had this dream off and on for several years. I know falling has to do with loss of control, but I don’t understand what the tunnel is or why there are so many bright colors. Can you please help me determine what this might mean? Thank you.

  4. I had a dream that I was feeding my dog (who recently died of cancer) olives while she was sitting in a tunnel. According to the interpretation of olives and tunnels, my dog in a tunnel symbolizes that she wanted to get out quickly and safely and as soon as possible (death?). The olives symbolize healing, peace and eternal life. (Afterlife). This dream puts my mind at ease as I feel my dog is letting me know she is in a better place.

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