Tulip Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Tulip Dream Symbol – Dreaming of tulips brings new beginnings. Life is full of joy and happiness at the moment. This is a time of happy changes that bring fulfillment into your life. Everything seems to fall into place as you have hope and faith that what you need will be delivered to meet your dreams.

tulip-dreamsBeing given a tulip is a sign of eternal love around you in your waking reality. It can even mean your creativity is recognized. That it brings you fame. You may have a vivid imagination with deep passions driving you. This is a time you can open yourself to creativity hidden within.

Tulips lie dormant through the cold winter months and show signs of life at the first signs of the warmth of spring. The symbolize rebirth and growth in your life. Purple tulips represent royalty and the finer things in life. Pink tulips symbolize your levels of confidence and happiness. Orange ones can bring enthusiasm and warmth to your life.

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  1. In my dream I was in a field of yellow tulips and I jut remember waking up smiling feeling at peace with myself.

    • carlyn alamo on

      i dreamt that i was trying to pick a tulip from a field because i wanted to give it to my mom because i know thats her favourite but everytime i would pick one it becomes very fragile and it breaks then a woman gave me her yellow tulip and i felt a deep connection with her as if she was like a mother figure to me then after a day the said woman passed away and i was crying in my sleep. what could my dream mean ?

  2. Lusiana Nute on

    I dreamt that I SAW DIFFERENT Colors of the tulip as I was standing and it brings so much freshness when I saw them. They sway to the left and to the right and particular one stood out, it was a light blue color. I picked it up and lay it against my face, it gives me a sense of peace.
    What does it mean?

  3. Duncan Shaw on

    My dream-god gave me purple and pink tulips… I discover orange in the future.

    I just knew it!!!!!


    Saw in dream many tulips in flower pots.Then I uprooted a tulip plant without flower to plant it in my own pot.Meaning?

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