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Trunk – Dreaming of a travel trunk is a symbol of something that you want to hold close to your heart and keep safe, either something with sentimental value or something that you want to keep secret.

If you dream of putting something in a trunk, this indicates a possession, a person, or even an idea which you want to keep safe and keep close to you. Taking an item or a photo out of a trunk and discarding it signifies the opposite: you are emotionally letting go of that person and no longer wish to keep them near your heart. Letters are another thing that are common dream subjects to put in a trunk, and these letters represent communications you have with someone in particular.Of course, the language centers of the brain are shut down during sleep, which means that any letter you dream of putting in a treasure chest will likely not have writing that is intelligible or stays the same over multiple readings.

If you dream of finding a trunk, on the other hand, this is an auspicious dream symbol of good fortune and unexpected benefits to come. You should pay attention to the treasure you find in the trunk, as this indicates the area of your life in which you can expect good luck, as well as the opportunities you need to remain open to in order to ensure that you can receive this treasure.

If you dream about the trunk of a car, this has a different dream meaning: it indicates the things that you are bringing with you as you try to fulfil your goals in life. There are two different possibilities for items you put in the trunk of a car in a dream: either they are necessary things that you will need in order to reach your goals, or else they are extraneous items; dead weight that serves no purpose but to weigh you down.

It is important to examine the items that you dreamed of putting into your trunk and determine which of these two possibilities they are, because if they are extraneous and unneeded, then you will be much more likely to reach your goal if you get rid of them.

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  1. I dreamt that a close friend of mine, we are good. I found in the trunk of his mustang sitting up. To the touch, he was dead. I went and told his wife what I found and suggested burying him in the yard. We both thought about it and since he wasn’t going anywhere that I would do it at first light. So at first light, I go to recover him from the cars trunk, and here he is on the phone, sitting up doing business as usual. He tells me that he met up with some bitch named Pam, that had OD him and put him in his trunk. OK, this dream is in colour and I hear all the conversations. And my friend is very much still breathing in our time. WTF does this one mean?

  2. Krista Mason on

    What would my dream symbolize if my own body were in the trunk?
    It was like a 16th century treasure chest style and it was pulled from an old sacred cemetery and my headstone was in the dream too. My family was all too fine with talking with me even though I was dead.

  3. Bob Findlay on

    Over twenty years ago I met a young married woman who I liked as a person and found attractive. Soon after I dreamt I put her and her wheelchair into the back of my car. I never understood this dream. Over the last few months I have put my friend’s chair into my car a number of times now and still think back to that dream all those years. She’s still married and attractive.

  4. I was shopping, a man in white puts bags of flour into my basket, the bags are overflowing and pouring out into my basket. Then another man in a white tux hands me many different bags of fruit with his glowing golden hand. I head back to my car outside. It is now under a canopy. I go to put the items purchased in the truck of my car and a man in black walks by my car and closed the trunk.

  5. Richard Booker on

    I had a dream last night my wife and I was playing hiding go seek with the graying kids she told me to hide in the trunk then she forgot about me what does that mean

  6. I had a dream that I was sleeping in the trunk of a red car which was very relaxing and cosy. I was sharing the space with a male that seems familiar. But life outside the car was unsettled. Does this have meaning?

  7. Hi I had a bread that I put my daughter in the trunk and forget her and got into an o the car I woke up crying what does this mean

    • I had a similar dream, I put a baby into the trunk and forgot about the baby, until someone asked about it, then I went to the trunk and I was afraid of the outcome, but the baby was safe and sound.

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