Truck Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Truck Dream Symbol – A truck is a dream symbol of transportation, which almost always represents the journey toward your aims, goals, and aspirations. A truck is a fairly optimistic symbol, as it encompasses overtones such as stability and toughness, as well as the ability to drive over obstacles or haul them out of the way, and four-wheel drive to keep you going even if the driving surface is slick or slippery.

Truck Dream Meanings

Obviously, the chances that you actually dreamed about four-wheel drive are somewhat slim, unless you have been shopping for vehicles recently, but all of these factors of trustworthiness and durability are nevertheless part of the aura and image of the truck. What happens with the truck in your dream is also significant with regard to your feelings about your ability to accomplish your goals.

That is, if you drive fast in the truck, this is a beneficial sign that you are able to pick your direction and go where you want to go in life. If you dream that someone else drives you in a truck, this is an indication of a feeling of dependence on someone else to help you meet your goals or to accomplish your ambitions for you.

If you dream of a truck crashing or breaking down, this is an indication that you do not feel in control of your ability to make your ambitions a reality, and that you do not trust the tools you have at hand, or even your own ability and motivation, to see you through.

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  1. Hi guys! So I dreamed of 2 large trucks, each with a large snake surged under. I could not see their heads or tails. In the yard were tiny snakes as well. 2 tried climbing on my shoulders. I shook them off with my hands and climbed up the stairs on the 2nd floor( but in the dream. I was referring G to it as the 3Rd floor) to ask my mother and younger sister to leave that house cause I can’t take them. I told my mom” right now, the snake are calm because they’re not hungry. The day will come when they will and they will start eating people. ?Aya be you’re not afraid cause you’re here on the 3rd floor. I leave down on the first floor and I don’t like snakes ” somebody help!

  2. What does it mean to dream of trucks in the rain and flooding cars driving under the trucks as traffic flows?

  3. Johnny Yespappa on

    What does it mean when you dream about loading a huge truck?? I was loading a huge, tall truck trailer with bunch of other people. Some that I know well, and some were complete strangers.The truck had his big trailer completely made of bricks and concrete, like when you’re building a house. And when the truck was fully loaded, I had real trouble getting down so many leaders on so many paths aronud this trucks trailer. It was really tall, I could easily fall into the abyss.. It was like I have to man up and make an effort if I want to come down from it. Cause all the others that were loading this truck with me were easily able to do it. What gives??

  4. I dreamt I bought a big rig, sight unseen. When I took the tractor trailer into my possession I climbed up the side board and noted one of the two locks on the door into the cab was broken. I was not concerned and thought to myself I could fix it later. I ended up in the back seat comfortably, minding my own business, when I realized the truck was accelerating as if there were something wrong. I looked at the empty drivers seat where I knew the Holy Ghost was sitting and he advised me to get into the drivers seat, which I gladly did knowing I could control the truck if I got there in time. Unfortunately, about the time I landed in my seat, the big rig had gain enough speed down hill that when going up hill the cab and front part of the trailer flew. Looking into the sky I called on His Name to save. The rig gave a steady landing and I drove it off the highway in my hometown. I made a “u”, spotted my parking spot and knew in another minute or two the truck would be safely parked so that I could reconsider my next step. While eying my parking spot, I had decided to get lessons from the one who sold it to me. Then I woke up.

    My interpretation is this. I am ready to move forward with confidence, and it is time i get into the drivers seat. But don’t neglect The Manual or the Teacher in doing so.

  5. Tricia Brown on

    I just woke up a few minutes ago. I dreamt that this big older work truck with a trailer, that I had to drive for my job kept either rolling backwards by itself in part of the dream. Or it was really hard to stop the rolling backwards. The breaks won’t work completely. Witnesses saw it happen with me. The truck hit into parked cars, pushing them back. And one SUV flipped over onto its back I was able to go forward and then left the scene with no one seeing me . So strange that I fled the scene. Two separate times in the dream, the truck started rolling back by itself when no one was in it. One time it back up so fast it hit into another parked big truck and the trailer went through the inside of the truck. Towards the end of the dream, I realized I was in a dream, and so thankful that this wasn’t really happening! It was not a good feeling. There were various people in the dream while these different scenarios played out.

  6. Mordecye Belliston on

    What does it mean if I see milk trucks flying in the sky like jets or rockets?
    I was outside this house but it was somehow my house because I lived there and I was outside with my sisters and I we were all doing our thing around the house and it was late at light maybe 1030 or so and I was looking and gazing at the stars
    It looked amazing
    But suddenly there was a truck that took off like a rocket and its started going faster and faster as it got higher and it started to zoom though the air and then more started to appear, it was weird to see such a sight so I went to find my sisters to go back inside I ran into one and called the other one on my phone to tell her to get in the house but she was at the door already and we head inside and I was telling my dad or mom about what happened and my youngest sister said that its been happening for days

    I dreamed about this around 3 am or so

  7. I dreamt of being run over by a truck ,but not completely over.I didn’t get hurt.
    I’d like to know what this dream is interpreting.
    Please reply ASAP

  8. Chiran Poudel on

    I dreamt of being in the truck as a passenger. After a while, the driver or his associate, asks me to get off the truck and climb up the roof of the truck . He then drives through a steep hill comfortably, but as soon as the truck reaches the top, comes the slippery muddy track where it loses the control & falls off the hill. I am somehow able to grasp a branch of tree and escape unscathed. News spreads of the death of all the people.
    Please interpret the meaning.

  9. My Question,was.I am Jumping in Front of a moving Truck.At the Back of this Moving Truck!

    I Would Like to Know.What does this Dream Symbol Means?

    Many Thanks

  10. I dreamt I was driving this guy I met on POF’s black truck (met him in person); and I hit the left side of it on the expressway; I was like, “Dang! He’s gonna get mad at me for hitting his truck”. Then to the right there was a car with people blocking my right side. I yelled at them to get outta my way! They did, and I proceeded to drive again.

    I THINK I have interpreted my own dream! The guy (John/Taurean) and I are being blocked from seeing one another. I already had a cleansing and bano and was told John is the one I saw inside my coffee cup. Taro card reading told me he was going to ask me out on a date (official); he hasn’t. The “blocking” of the people and my yelling at them means MY DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!

  11. Am dreaming that am sitting at the back of a fourwheel drive,however the trailer back os open an am sitting there
    And the truck is driving itself extremely fast..
    Am asking my sisiter to somehow get in the truck and stop it.
    She sitting with me outside as well.

  12. Molly pazareskis on

    I had a dream about the 2 beds of 2 trucks connected driving down the street going really fast.then driving with my parents in another truck getting in trouble by the police. Then we became friends with the police. As the police left he hit and incoming car with his motorcycle. Then it turned into a movie and you just watch as the other fire rescue help the old ladies then lastly see him on the ground struggling

  13. María Martínez on

    I dreamed of a truck driving itself down a paved country road. Myself, a friend and her young son were standing on the side rail. I asked her why she was not driving and then the truck hit a bump ejecting child from rail. The truck was moving quickly and i witnessed him hit the pavement, roll and die.

  14. Ibrahim Rashidat on

    I had a dream I was laying alone at the back of a long trailer on the road…and about some minutes…the trailer stops and I highlighted. please what does it mean

  15. Paul Esinone on

    I saw my self in a trailer truck heading for a journey,along the way a co-passenger saw an ice cream vendor and I asked the driver to please help him reverse the truck so that he can buy the ice cream,while reversing the truck,I saw another truck coming behind and beside it was a car that speedily overtook the truck and narrowly escaped accident,and I woke up.Please what does it mean?

  16. My dreams were always the same.. Getting chase thru the night by this huge truck and where ever my dream will end, when ever that dream came back the truck would start chasing me from where we left of… Weird lol but the thing is I dont dream about it anymore. This was way back when I was a lil kid around 5 years old and I never forgot about that dream. Another thing that is just weird is that like 90% of my dreams come true after a couple of months! When ever I have a new dream I would just tell my friends about it and later on it would happen and my friends would freak out like I do lol can someone direct me to who I should talk more about this? Thanx:)

  17. I just dreamt that a semi fell over on top of me while it was driving. This to me means that I have become overwhelmed about the weight of my ambitions. I also noticed I could push it off of me but chose not to. I just waited for the ambulance to come. This suggests I am not ready to continue due to burn out and could use a respite.

  18. I was trapped on the back of an open speeding work truck. My legs were hanging over the side and I was holding on to roof drip edge. This came after a dream where I was on an elevator that was falling and while a fellow passenger frantically pushed the emergency stop button the elevator was suddenly a runaway train and then I woke up. After falling back asleep I had the truck dream.

  19. My husband is a truck driver and I ride with him. This morning I had two dreams .. One we were going off a cliff with no seat belts on and I woke up as I was trying to brace myself from impact through the windshield.. I woke up just as the ground meet up with the truck.. Went back to sleep then had a dream I was walking out of the truckstop and a truck (18 wheeler)had ran off the road and was heading straight for me,I tried running to the side but no matter which way I dodged it still was coming at me, and just before it fell on me I woke up

  20. This morning I saw a dream that i have a big truck and her engine needs repaire but i haven’t money and i am worrying much what’s that mean

  21. Gina L Contreras on

    This morning I woke up, and fell back to sleep. In that small time of going back to sleep I dreamt that I was backing up a big rig truck.. and then I was going forward.. then driving backwards.. then again the same thing.. I was literally driving a truck.. it felt so real.. and in my dream was my grand daughter.. well I thought it was her, and she was laying bushes with no clothes on and crying.. it was a crazy dream, and I have no idea what it means.

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