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Truck – A truck is a dream symbol of transportation, which almost always represents the journey toward your aims, goals, and aspirations. A truck is a fairly optimistic symbol, as it encompasses overtones such as stability and toughness, as well as the ability to drive over obstacles or haul them out of the way, and four-wheel drive to keep you going even if the driving surface is slick or slippery.

Obviously, the chances that you actually dreamed about four-wheel drive are somewhat slim, unless you have been shopping for vehicles recently, but all of these factors of trustworthiness and durability are nevertheless part of the aura and image of the truck. What happens with the truck in your dream is also significant with regards to your feelings about your ability to accomplish your goals.

That is, if you drive fast in the truck, this is a beneficial sign that you are able to pick your direction and go where you want to go in life. If you dream that someone else drives you in a truck, this is an indication of a feeling of dependence on someone else to help you meet your goals or to accomplish your ambitions for you.

If you dream of a truck crashing or breaking down, this is an indication that you do not feel in control of your ability to make your ambitions a reality, and that you do not trust the tools you have at hand, or even your own ability and motivation, to see you through.

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  1. I dreamt about being run over by a big truck while I was packed taking to a friend….I managed to escape out of my car but two of my friends sitting in my car sustain few brews on the forehead…
    What does it mean..

  2. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but this one was quite peculiar. I dreamt that I was in the back seat of the car while my husband was driving (which is normal as it’s the way we almost always travel) but as we were driving on the road there were all these trucks around us in different lanes. We end up having to dodge them as they collide or topple or even simply roll over right before us. We arrived at work unscathed.

    Would love to know what this means

  3. My dream was about my brother buying a big white lifted 4×4 Chevy Silverado it never left the parking space but I was in the passenger seat and my brother was in the driver seat and we just talked , it was really weird

  4. My dream was kinda weird….I’ve had driving dreams before and they all ussually end in a crash and so did this one, but this time I was driving those big 18 wheelers trucks. Ithe was weird because even though I was driving the truck I couldn’t see my truck and I saw a truck further back and thought it was mine. A lot of the times I would lose sight of it and would be blindly controlling it. Finally it ended up crashing and I recall stepping out of a truck and the police being there. They told my whole family who was in the car with me(instead of going to jail) we would step backwards in life and take some kind of class. What didn’t make sense to me was I was driving the truck but got confused cause I couldn’t see my truck it wasn’t until a few minutes of waking up in realized of course I couldn’t see myou truck I was driving it, but then how come I automatically assumed that other truck was the one I was driving….

  5. Keandra Sturdivant on

    Hi, i juske woke up from a dream that i had that was kinda weird to me… But i’ll just get to the point! The dream was basically about i got upset with my boyfriend because he let his friend borrowing my truck without asking. I came outside to leave because i believe i was at a family memeber house and my truck was gone. I called his friend very angrily asking him why did he take my truck without asking me and him and his girlfriend apologized and said they were on there way to bring it back! And then i woke up!

  6. i just woke up from dreaming i was driving a moving truck …i didnt move far before the back of the truck tipped back and over the top my head…i felt the movement but was not scared…i saw it happened in slow motion like in a movie but the feeling were real…after it stopped, i saw a big mess with all my furniture every where. then my soon to be exhusband came to see what happened, my exboyfriend and some friends too. I was still stuck inside the truck but nothing happened to me…I woke up a bit shaken even though in my dream i was ok…There are so many things happening in my life at the moment i am not sure how to apply this dream to make sence out of it. please help. thank you for reading.

  7. Nell Gardner on

    What is peculiar is I have had many dreams about driving semi trucks on highways and old town roads. They have been so reoccurring I was hypnotised to have them stop a year ago but they are back again. Sometimes I accidentally run them off a cliff and land them miraculously. Or i get distracted, move to another seat, look up and the truck is about to hit something so I have to jump into the drivers seat and stop the truck. I’ve dreamed of loading them with all my stuff before driving off. I am always happy to wake up!

  8. I had a very vivid dream I was talking to a girl and guy outside . I saw a truck coming Icrossed the street. Then I was yelling waving my hands in the air for them both to get out of the way. They didn’t hear me. The truck didn’t stop it ran them over the girl died right away. Miraculously the guy had minor injuries but he was ok.

  9. Hi I had a dream last night about a red pickup truck being pulled into the air by helicopter it started with me standing in my driveway and around the corner I heard a pickup truck struggling like it was pulling something too heavy for it in my driveway I notice a big chain and a helicopter was in the air that was attached to the chain and a helicopter pulled the truck past me in my driveway and into the sky were disappeared it was a red Dodge pickup truck what could that mean?

  10. I Had A Short Dream That I Have Been Somewhere In The Maize Field/farm, There Was A House Inside The Farm, Assap I Saw The Two Giant Elephants, In One End, Pulling Down/destroying The Maize, I Then Saw Them forcefull Destroying The Whole Farm in very short time Until they reached The House, I Was Inside Fraightened, I Saw Them Going Arround The House But Didn’t Touched It!

  11. Apostle Kangwa on

    I had a dream in which I was driving a truck loaded with copper and got stolen. what could be the meaning?

  12. Samantha Specht on

    I drive semi trucks for a living, and I actually have semi truck accident dreams quite frequently and I am having such a hard time finding out why. I had one where I dropped a trailer, and weeks later I did. So, I’m sharing this one because this is one that I can’t have happen.
    I drive a team truck (2 drivers) and my teammate and I were going home. For some reason, I was working on dropping him off at a gas station so I could drop the trailer off somewhere, keep the truck with me, and deliver the freight the next morning. (For some reason this was the best plan we came up with)
    So the plan was I would drop him off at a gas station, and come right back and pick him back up. Wrong.
    I took the very wrong turn in a tiny tiny town. I was so very tired, and driving at night. I found this parking lot with other trucks parked in there already and some traffic. I’m in line waiting for a couple other trucks to do their U turn in the parking lot. Again, remember, I was tired and it was about 3-4am.

    I went up to do my U turn, and everything from there went wrong. I ended up getting stuck and had to get out and look to see if I can back up at all so I can clear my nose from another truck. While this was happening, I was on the phone with my teammate, asking me where I was, and how long I was going to be.
    “Just a few minutes,” I said. “Took a wrong turn just trying to turn around.”
    Thats when people around me were staring at me and yelling at me to stop. So I did just that.
    “What’s going on?”
    “Nothing. Just try to find a place to lay your head down or something, this will be a minute.”

    He ended up falling asleep on me while on the phone.

    I asked a couple other drivers what’s going on.

    “You clipped that trailer back there. Now he has to wait to get repairs before he gets unloaded.”
    My heart drops into my stomach. It has been about 10 minutes and I went back to my trailer and sure enough, I had some serious damage to my trailer. It was a roll top trailer, and the roll top just wouldn’t stay held down.

    It feels like I spent about, 2-3 hours trying to fix my trailer before I left the parking lot.

    The sun was coming up. My teammate is snoring on the phone. He’s supposed to be home before 6am. It was about 4am before this crap happened, and when I looked at the clock next, it was pushing 5:30am.

    The driver who I clipped his trailer has still yet to come up to me to report the situation.

    I had 2 choices. Either leave, resulting in a hit and run, and possibly taking my license away for good, or find the driver and begin the accident process.

    I started walking back to my truck, and I finally saw the driver. He looked incredibly pissed off and disgruntled on the phone. I asked another fellow driver, “is that him?”

    “Yeah, that’s the one you hit. If I were you I’d go talk to him, his company is begging for a report.”

    I therefore walked right toward his truck and I started hearing him on the phone, angrily and clearly projecting his feelings from 60ft away. I hear this:

    “Yeah her tailgate clipped my trailer. No my trailer is still in decent shape, but her lift gate is messed up…..she most likely is going to have to replace that… I asked her how long it will take to get whatever she’s doing fixed and she goes ‘the other town is messed up as well I have no clue’ and I’m thinking to myself, ‘what on earth is going through this woman’s mind?! The other town is messed up?? Who gave her a license?!’……no I haven’t done a report yet….I don’t know if she is coming here to do a report…..absolutely! OK, I’ll get you your report”

    This is when he saw me as I walked up to his window.

    Then the security guard of the lot and came up to me and asked if I was ready for a report. I said sure, even though I was so upset from what I just heard from the other driver and how he thought of me. I NEVER said those things!

    I gave her all my information and then I asked if I were able to roll out of here. She said most likely yeah because it’s Sunday and this report won’t go in until Monday.

    It is now 7am. The sun is out. My teammate is still sleeping. He hasn’t called me asking where I was. He’s passed out. I scramble to get my truck and trailer back together but as I turned around, my truck wasn’t parked there anymore.

    One of the employees got into my truck, drove and parked it in the back of the warecourse that I didn’t even know existed!

    I asked the security guard to help me find my truck. She already knew I was going to ask that and she called for a golf cart to come pick me up and bring me to my truck.
    As I was waiting I asked her one more question.
    “Is this accident going to cause conflict, or is it going to ban me from delivering here ever again?” (This place ended up being the consignee, where I was scheduled to drop off the load in the morning)
    She said I wouldn’t be banned, but it will cause conflict because she doesn’t accept damaged trailers and if the load is late, they refuse the load.
    She also said that she would have to think twice about letting me back on the property due to the chain reaction of events that went down today.
    If my heart could fall through my feet and leave my body, it wold have at this point.

    So the golf cart shows up, I get on.
    The driver told me to not worry about Sharon (the security guard) for apparently she is grumpy all the time. He pulls up to my truck, and starts laughing. I said thank you and hopped off.
    Why was he laughing?!
    Come to find out, my truck is parked in this garage, where it looked like a car wash garage, except it had red skull and bones on each side (something representing poison)
    I went into the garage and tried to finish any remaining repairs before I headed out.
    Finally my teammate calls me and he’s slightly upset.
    He asked where I was and I needed to get there right now.
    “Just keep calm, I’m leaving in 5 minutes. I’m only a couple blocks away it won’t be much longer. I’m sorry you’re late, but traffic was bad.”

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was in an accident and had to go through the accident process.
    So, I’m in my trailer, fixing the lift gate, and some maintenance guy comes in and told me I needed to leave the garage now. I naturally asked him why and he says this is a fumigation site, you will be gassed if you don’t get out now.

    Apparently my truck is considered “contaminated” since I didn’t have complete control of my truck and nonetheless, resulting in an accident.

    Then I woke up.

  13. I had a dream where I was in a trailer (like a motor home) that was mostly empty (someone had just moved out so dirty and had some trash, empty boxes). My husband and I were in it and I noticed we were moving. I looked and a woman I know who tends to be very controlling was driving. Then I was driving and I couldn’t control it. We were careening down a hill and I crashed into the back of parked SUV’s. But I was alone at that point. The woman and my husband weren’t there. In real life my daughter has recently been in tow accidents, so in my dream I remember thinking my husband was going to be angry that another accident would be added to our insurance and I had better call him.

  14. My son and I have had the same dream at around the same age, at age 5, my son told me today that he had a dream that I put him in his car seat and closed the door and as I was going around the truck it started to roll away. When I was around the same age I remember having almost the same dream reacurring, my mom gets out to talk to someone and the truck rolls away with me in it, what significance is this dream

  15. The significance of the FedEx trucks being trucks in mine did not seem so important. What was most important was the FedEx trucks were speeding on a road I was about to cross. Next came a lot of cars speeding and about to crash. I was told to back away from curb and did. Then, some people kept up the near accidents by pretending some more until they confesed.

  16. In my dream the truck was running. I looked down at it from a birds eye view. I got distracted in the dream and when I went outside to use the truck it was fine. I was in the woods and didn’t feel it was stolen I searched the path to see if it rolled no sign of it. In my dream I said to myself ok I don’t have time for this I will find it later?

    • Dreamed the truck was running fine got out went into store came back out and the truck wouldn’t turn over. Battery acting up. Try again she would stay crank over as long as you held the gas patil. After, reading a few dreams tye owner of this site never responded so I probable wasted my time on this one.

  17. I had a dream that my boyfriend truck started taking off on its own and crashed into a tree and other cats in the parking lot and later into the side of my neighbors apartment building. The whole time I was standing there watching. What does this mean?

  18. Carlos rosas on

    What does it mean when you dream you dream a trailer truck hitting your car and crash into you and die ?

  19. I need your thoughts on a dream I had last night. I was some where I think a Gas Station it was night time a really dark night. A big hugh truck was backing up around a gas pump I think, I was trying to move out of the way, but, I moved in the wrong direction. I woke up screaming right before it ran into me. Let me know what you think.

  20. Steven Stevenson on

    Thank you. About the truck being in a dream, however is there any meaning about Trucks that are flying in dreams? Because my dream was of a truck(a nice Clean Bright Yellow old like 60s or 70s type of vehicle). Thank you.

  21. Margie cabrera on

    I’m always dreaming of backing up my truck or car and I can’t control it and I crash the back of it and try to blame it on someone else.

  22. I had a dream that i was driving a big truck and i could not manouvre the truck well and i hit a car at my back .pls interpret

  23. I had a dream last night, that a heavy truck was following me so closely that if I stopped for a second. The truck would hit me. I ran for a long time. And at last I find a safe way where I go through it and stopped myself from accident. Kindly, interpret my dream.

  24. Kayleigh Bradley on

    I had a very vivid dream a few nights ago and can stil remember it quite well. I was living in a small house on the same property as my ex, who was living in a large, sleek modern house right next to me with his fiance. On the the night before their wedding i threw a party at the pool and it was mad. All of a sudden, a huge, long, light twinkling truck fell from the night sky and crashed back first into the neighbours garden. A party guest euphorically shouted “it worked it worked” next to me, as if he did it.
    Then it transpired that my exs fiancé had cheated but she didn’t care to have been found out. In the next moment it was the next day and my ex was stood in his bedroom in his wedding suit but the bride never showed. He still wanted to marry her.
    I got the sense throughout the dream that it would never be me anyway.

    As the dream was so vivid and bizzare id like to know what it could mean?

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