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Truck – A truck is a dream symbol of transportation, which almost always represents the journey toward your aims, goals, and aspirations. A truck is a fairly optimistic symbol, as it encompasses overtones such as stability and toughness, as well as the ability to drive over obstacles or haul them out of the way, and four-wheel drive to keep you going even if the driving surface is slick or slippery.

Obviously, the chances that you actually dreamed about four-wheel drive are somewhat slim, unless you have been shopping for vehicles recently, but all of these factors of trustworthiness and durability are nevertheless part of the aura and image of the truck. What happens with the truck in your dream is also significant with regards to your feelings about your ability to accomplish your goals.

That is, if you drive fast in the truck, this is a beneficial sign that you are able to pick your direction and go where you want to go in life. If you dream that someone else drives you in a truck, this is an indication of a feeling of dependence on someone else to help you meet your goals or to accomplish your ambitions for you.

If you dream of a truck crashing or breaking down, this is an indication that you do not feel in control of your ability to make your ambitions a reality, and that you do not trust the tools you have at hand, or even your own ability and motivation, to see you through.

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  1. I had a dream that i was driving a big truck and i could not manouvre the truck well and i hit a car at my back .pls interpret

  2. I had a dream last night, that a heavy truck was following me so closely that if I stopped for a second. The truck would hit me. I ran for a long time. And at last I find a safe way where I go through it and stopped myself from accident. Kindly, interpret my dream.

  3. Kayleigh Bradley on

    I had a very vivid dream a few nights ago and can stil remember it quite well. I was living in a small house on the same property as my ex, who was living in a large, sleek modern house right next to me with his fiance. On the the night before their wedding i threw a party at the pool and it was mad. All of a sudden, a huge, long, light twinkling truck fell from the night sky and crashed back first into the neighbours garden. A party guest euphorically shouted “it worked it worked” next to me, as if he did it.
    Then it transpired that my exs fiancĂ© had cheated but she didn’t care to have been found out. In the next moment it was the next day and my ex was stood in his bedroom in his wedding suit but the bride never showed. He still wanted to marry her.
    I got the sense throughout the dream that it would never be me anyway.

    As the dream was so vivid and bizzare id like to know what it could mean?

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