Trout Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Trout Dream Symbol – Dreaming of trout brings abundance because of your outlook on life. You are really happy with where you are at in life right now. Dreaming of eating trout is a sign your life is happy and full love. Your life will be long lived, full of peace and contentment.

trout-dreamsCatching trout with a hook means you will have much success and happiness in your life. If you catch a trout and lose it back into the water, then this is a sign of disappointments in life. Any happiness you experience at this time will only be short-lived.

Seeing trout in murky water can mean that while you have success in catching the object of your affection, it will not be what you dreamed of. You may be disappointed when the person you thought you loved, is not what or who they seem. It maybe you put them on a pedestal they could not live up to.

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  1. My dream had ‘black’ trout that I caught with my bare hands in clear clean water. The skin was loose and I let them go. I was quite pleased about catching them with my hands.

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