Trophy or Awards Dream Symbol


Trophy РSimilar to receiving a medal or an award, getting a trophy in a dream can indicate a desire to be recognized for something in your waking life. The type of reward you receive can indicate what particular aspect of your life you are looking to be rewarded for.  If you received a Nobel peace prize in your dream it could recognize your ability to solve conflicts with others.

Badge – If you receive a badge in a dream it can indicate the need to be recognized within a group that you are in. The group could be work related or social, but it shows a desire to have praise from people around you.

Receiving a Trophy Cup – If you received a trophy in a dream that was in the shape of a Chalice or cup in a dream, it can indicate that you are receptive to receiving encouragement and development in your waking life. This could be encouraging you to be open to new ideas or thoughts that you might have been closed minded to before.

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  1. hi i think if not mistaken have posted this dream before please interprete for me i dreamed my husband(shadrack) putting two big gold trophies on our bed in our bedroom,in the dream i was in bed and i asked him what are trophies for but i woke up before he could answer one of the trophies the biggest one had 301 written in black

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