Tree Dream Symbols and Interpretations – A Complete Guide


Dreaming of trees is symbolic of your life and how you grow through different phases of your true self and how you face reality. You grow from an infant, into a child, into a teenager and an adult, for example. Through all those phases your life and perceptions change. So do the relationships and connections with friends and family. Everyone grows.

Tree dreamsTree roots are the foundations and the trunk, branches, and leaves represent different parts of your life, your experiences, and emotions. Dreaming of trees can mean you have grown due to positive energy. You may have opened up to allow new people into your life which inspired your growth.

A dead tree in your dream can mean that something you were passionate about or someone you loved is now dead. This can be an idea, belief, relationships, even a friend or a relative. This is a warning of loss. Seeing a burnt tree can mean you are carrying a deep hurt from the past. It can be stunting your growth. This is a time to face it and let it go.

Tree Anatomy

Trees represent the whole of you. They represent your growth and paths through life. Trees represent the very life source that brings us into existence.

Appearance of Tree

How a tree looks in your dream can influence the meaning. Trees that are healthy, and full of life may indicate new growth and ideas. You may even come from a family with an interesting family history. Dreams of a fallen tree can mean you are currently out of balance and may need to hug a tree to reconnect with all that matters to you.

Planting a tree in your dreams can mean you are sowing the seeds of the future. Cultivating what you wish to bring into your life. You know that it is not usual for success to occur overnight.
Beautiful trees in a dream can mean abundance is on its way. And trees with the colors of autumn can be symbolic of finding out a truth that upsets you.

Cutting down a tree can be a warning there are quarrels around you that you need to avoid. You may even be spending your money and time on fruitless endeavors. Is this you?

Dreams of climbing a tree can mean you will reach your goals whatever they may be. Nothing is impossible at this time. You may achieve impossible goals in your career and be invited to join the top social circles. How hard it is to climb tree will indicate how quickly you achieve your goals.

If the tree has a beautiful perfume, this can mean you meet the man of dreams who will have integrity and treat you with respect. A foul smelling tree can mean an evil person will cross your path. Be wary.

A tree that talks to you in your dream is you subconscious sending you messages you need to hear in relation to your current situation. It is a reminder to trust your instincts. Be wary of listening to others’ negativity.


tree branchesBranches of a tree in your dreams can signify the different aspects of your personality and the close relationships in your life. They may even represent the different paths and parts of your life; past, present, and future including your relationships, goals, and dreams.

Dreaming of a tree with wide branches can symbolize an open, loving personality where you welcome all who cross your path. A tree with closed branches and dense foliage can mean you are an anxious uptight sort of person. It may be time to chill out. Dead branches indicate the death of someone, or an idea or something you believed in. Seeing only the tips of branches can signify your goals and personal growth. This can mean you are growing slowing towards your dreams.

Flowering Tree

tree floweringFlowering trees in your dream symbolizes happiness and love, and the new growth of spring. These are symbolic of your creative uniqueness. These are the fruits and essence of who you truly are.

Leaves represent your emotions. The living, growing, evolving part of you. When leaves feature in your dreams they can represent your feelings about others. When your dream focuses on the leaves this can represent your feminine side. Oak leaves represent growth and nurturing in the future, and there may be a new addition to your life.

Depending on the color of the leaves, they can symbolize a part of you that you may have outgrown. Green leaves can signify abundance and growth. The plusher the greenery, the more likely you are to have a baby or a new addition to the family. This can also mean someone close to you is pregnant and expecting a baby.

Dried, shriveled leaves can mean you feel low on energy. You may even be ill. Leaves falling can mean there is negativity around you. It can be the end of something. The end of an idea, a way of life, a relationship, even the death of someone you hold in your heart.

You may be at war with someone or something, and you may just need to walk away if you are walking through falling leaves in your dream. Remember, pick your battles. Some are just not worth your time and energy. You may be better off just moving on without wasting any more time. Being blown like a leaf may mean you are unbalanced and have separated from your core purpose. Your roots. Do you feel out of sorts in general?

Dreaming of relaxing under the canopy of a large shade tree means you are protected. It is a place of refuge and safety.

Tree of Life

Dreaming of the tree of life is symbolic of a perfect life in a perfect world. It represents the connection between the earth, air, and water and how we need to coexist. For without even one, we cannot exist at all.
Dreams of the tree of life can symbolize something that constantly worries you. This can be something that relates to integrity. The message can be about wisdom. We are all free to make choices. Good or bad. We all go through difficult times in life and temptation is always there. It is the choices you make that can define your success or failure.


Dreaming of tree roots symbolizes your connection to the earth. How you eat, breathe, and rely on the water of the planet to survive. They represent how you see the world. They represent different aspects of your character and how you connect with others. Dreaming of roots can mean there are many things you need to do or see differently to achieve your dreams. If the roots are shriveled and dying, then there is much hard work to do to turn things around. But, if they are healthy and spreading through the earth, you relate well to the physical world.


When your dream focuses on the trunk or bark of a tree, it can be a reflection of something or someone that is on your mind constantly. It can be a time to look within and find the truth to put an end to the constant worry.
Seeing a tree stump can represent stability in your life or something you have overcome. You put the effort to address the issues with good outcomes.

Species of Tree

Plants and Trees

The species of tree or plant in your dream can give you more insight to the meaning of the dream.


Dreaming of ivy growing in your dream can signify ageing. This can be physical or psychological ageing. It can be showing you there is beauty and wisdom in the old and the aged. Do not discard what has gone before, for it holds much wisdom. If the ivy is growing among flowers, this is a sign of a blending of the old and the new. This is how the young have something to teach the old, and the young should listen to the wisdom of older generations.

Poison ivy is a clear warning there is something or someone you need to avoid. Take a closer look and what or who you place your trust in.


Dreaming of mistletoe symbolizes kissing someone you love under the mistletoe at Christmas. It is a magical time when mistletoe is found in the mighty oak tree. It is a time when everyone puts down their grievances to celebrate love and kindness. But, traditionally, kissing under the mistletoe seals the deal with a promise of love forever.

Mistletoe symbolizes a celebration of family and friends, and community celebrations.
Mistletoes can signify life and rebirth. Even when a deciduous tree loses its leaves and appears to be dead, this is a sign of death, rest, and dormancy. Mistletoe is a bright green plant that thrives at this time as it clings to the trees. This symbolizes there is hope in life no matter how tough life gets, or what negativity surrounds you.

This is the cycle of life. As birds take the mistletoe berries away to devour, they drop them and the seeds regenerate where they land. They spread the seeds across the land. You can regenerate too. Put the old and the negative behind you. There is hope you can move forward if you face up to what holds you back.

Mistletoe growing in an oak tree is unusual and is considered a strong sign of fertility. These are a perfect pair with the male energy of oak, and female energy of mistletoe. Expressing your love under the mistletoe is a blessing of protection for your love for eternity.

Ash Tree

An ash tree in your dreams can mean unity, stability, and solidarity. Someone in your life may be offering protection and stability at this time and you may be hesitant to accept. What holds you back? With its towering height and huge trunk, ash trees have incredibly complex root systems. This can mean personal growth and a change of perspective. But it is can also be a warning you need to stay grounded.

Fire and air are the elements of ash, for its wood burns well to warm you even when it is green. This can signify new ideas and creativity, and new projects, or even new relationships and people coming in your life. It can also indicate that what was once old has now become new. Old relationships based on hurt may somehow become renewed. An old boss may offer you a new position.

Bay Tree

Seeing a bay tree in your dreams can bring success, joy, and fulfillment. It symbolizes life’s changes and your love for those close to you. They can mean you need advice about something close to your heart. You may even be willing to obey such an authoritative advice if that advice can give you a different perspective. A bay tree can represent respect. A respect for yourself and a respect for the differences in all around you.

Dreaming of bay leaves in cooking indicates there is victory on the way. And flowers in a bay tree can mean you need to be careful for what you wish for. If you are so busy worrying about the negative outcomes, then that may just be what the universe delivers. A flowering tree generally indicates how you care for those you love.

Birch Tree

A birch tree in your dreams brings whispers of transformation and growth to you soul and to your life. The birch tree can adapt to tough conditions and may bring messages you can do the same. It can courageously regrow in areas that have been decimated. When you see a birch in your dreams, it may be time for you to regenerate the barren parts of your life. Explore new ideas. Open yourself to new people and situations. Take paths where others dare to go and open them up for others to follow while honoring past traditions.

Elm Tree

Seeing an elm tree in your dreams signifies perseverance and a sense of responsibility, as well as wisdom and strength. Elm tree signifies long life and success. You have the ability to live a nice life as long as you persevere with what matters to you. Do not let others derail you onto the wrong path.

Oak Tree

oak treeThe oak tree is one of the strongest and long enduring trees on our earth. Its fruit, the acorns, symbolize hope that starts from small ideas. She is symbolic of your own perseverance and strength throughout life and the wisdom that grows over the years. It may be a message to remind you that if you do not stand tall in your truth you will be shaken to the core. You have the strength to change your perception to reach new heights of understanding. This will ensure your roots remain steadfastly deeply rooted in what matters to you.

In some cultures, the oak tree signifies wisdom and prophecy as well as your health. Oak shows you how to stand deeply rooted into the ground to balance and protect yourself. You may need protection at this time. Be wary of what goes on around you.

Seeing acorns in your dream can bring messages of prosperity or you can find yourself in arguments with your neighbors. Wreaths of oak leaves in a dream can signify victory and financial gain.


Conifers are always green, and stand tall and strong throughout all nature’s cycles. Evergreens are harmonious and signify loyalty and open integrity.


A cedar tree in your dreams symbolizes strength. And, by burning its bark as an incense, it can cleanse and purify the air around you and your mind. The wood of the cedar tree is popular in constructing houses and crafting canoes. Cedar represents the practical side of your nature. You are usually realistic and may need to take a practical view at this time. You may even need to take time to rebalance yourself.


Seeing a cypress tree in your dreams can bring messages of disappointment, particularly with oneself. But, there could be good news coming soon. Cypress also symbolizes indulgence. Her tall, slender trunk grows slowly with hew wide spreading branches. This a clear sign that you need to takes things slowly for them to mature into success. There may be a setback in some area of your life, but use patience to keep moving forward.
Sometimes the cypress tree can mean there is worry, grief, or loss in your life which will see joyful tears follow.


Seeing a fir tree in your dreams is a sexual symbol that represents your needs. It can also mean you have reached a state of harmony and the joy it brings. If the fir tree is tall and strong, it can indicate your life will be long and healthy. She also symbolizes family and friends gathering to celebrate harmony and peace together. You can depend on your family and friends to give you good advice throughout your life.

Seeing only one fir tree can mean there is someone around you who is direct, blunt, and has no trouble getting straight to the point. This could even be you. A fir tree being cut down to the ground can signify there may be many challenges along your current path. And firewood, in your dreams, can mean a solid start for new enterprises. Seeing a wood of fir trees can mean your health is good in general and there is stability around you.

Fir Cones

Fir cones in dreams can be a symbol to help you connect with childhood memories. It can also mean you may have unexpected good luck in love. Hanging fir cones can mean you are in for a great surprise that will make you happy. Seeing them on the ground may mean an opportunity will soon come along for you to be who you have always dreamed of being.

Fir needles

A dream focused on fir needles symbolize a long life with good health and you should reach old age in good health.


Holly rules the wintery months with style and honor. It manages to survive throughout many wintery challenges. When all else appears to have lost all life, her living beauty is a stark reminder of life in a barren landscape. This is a reminder to you that no matter how difficult your challenges are, there is always hope. Let your beauty shine naturally through. You just need to find the right solutions with an open heart.

Holly is symbolic of protection with its spikey leaves that are well known for repelling lightening. This can be a warning to be vigilant. There is no need to be defensive as holly protects you from failure. Take a closer look at the issues and see with a new perspective.


When you see a leylandii hedge in your dreams it can mean you are at risk of everything growing out of control. You may need to stop and take considered action to rein things in. Just like the leylandii hedge, which grows out of control if left unchecked, your life may be in that state. Maybe there are so many challenges in your life you simply feel overwhelmed. With your life out of control you may not be able to see the light. Take some time to clear out what you no longer need in your life to let the light back in.


Dreaming of pine tree brings peace and reassurance. Your perception of things in your natural world are changing and you are slowly losing your feelings of guilt. Pine trees bring messages to let you know you are on the right path. The pine tree reassures you that things will turn out all right. But, be wary. Do not take people or things at face value. Take the time to look deeper.

A pine tree can mean you have success in all you try to do because you are realistic about how to reach your goals. A young person seeing pine trees in a dream can be a health warning.

Olive Tree

Dreaming of olive trees symbolizes purity, success, and peace. Olive trees have many uses and every part of it can sustain life in some way. Olive trees in your dreams generally mean that you have reached a state of peace through your success. It is time to enjoy your prosperity.

Cutting down olive trees in your dreams can mean you may miss out on an opportunity you really wanted. This may have been an opportunity that would take you to the next step to your success. Olive oil in your dreams can be a sign of prosperity and wealth in your future.

Dreaming of an olive branch is a symbol of making peace. Maybe it is time to make peace with someone or a situation that has been a constant challenge.

Palm Tree

Palm trees in your dreams represent rest and relaxation. The palm fronds are a sign of peace. This can mean you are dreaming of a holiday. You may have been focused on work too much lately, and it is a sign you need to take time out to rejuvenate. It can also mean there is someone constantly annoying you, who will just not go away, and you are trying to avoid them.

Palm trees growing outdoors are a good sign that can bring messages of wealth or a windfall. It can be that your future becomes all you wished for without you really doing anything about it. However, if the palm tree in your dreams is growing indoors, then it can mean that something will happen to upset you.

It can also be, that a palm tree represents male sexuality and strength if dreamt of by a woman. Palm trees also bring new ideas and creativity born from peace and harmony.


Plane trees bear no fruit and represent the practical side of you. Their wood is used for practical reasons to build houses and weapons. Seeing plane trees in your dreams can mean you need to get your house in order.


Willows love to dip their roots in water. Dreaming of willow trees can mean there is sadness coming into your life, but you will be supported to help you through your grief. A willow bent over the water can signify difficult times ahead. While branches falling from a weeping willow can mean there will be grief around your family. Someone close to you will may pass away.

Seeing someone cut willow branches can signify your own guilt towards someone you love. This is something you need to face to resolve, for your guilt is not imagined. You are guilty. Feelings of guilt will not go away until you deal with it. Until you make things right. Someone giving you a willow branch is a cry for help. You may need to look deeper before offering assistance.

Dreaming of a broken willow tree can mean you may separate from your partner. It is a warning there are things that need work in your relationship. However, dreams of willow branches in a church heralds a marriage of someone close to you. It may even be yours.

Holding a willow branch can mean you will be honored for your success. Willow trees can also bring messages that luck is with you at this time. No matter what you do, you will succeed. This is a time to enjoy your life without worrying about too much.


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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Had a dreamt of a tree growing with different types of branches and bearing coconut fruits.
    The tree has normal tree trunk with part of the branches that of coconut, cassava , another type of tree

  2. I keep having reoccurring dreams of being in a field surrounded by willow trees, their branches very low and swaying eerily. Theres always a wooden cabin/house, and I have a scared feeling in my dream, but the willow trees always stick out to me because of the feeling I get seeing them in my dream. Like something is off. I can never remember anyone being with me, but have the feeling in my dream that I’m not there alone. I never see them by water, just an opened field enclosed by them. Can you explain?

  3. OakTreeDream on

    Had a dream of a very large oak tree in a shared back yard of three homes. It had a thick trunk and big chunky branches. It was sunny outside and the houses were white. As I stood and looked up at the oak it began to drop its branches. One crashed down on the roof of a house. The others just just dropped off without warning or any sound. I even had to get out of the way when the fell, without injury. The size and perceived weight of the branches were at least three to five tons each; very heavy and dangerous.

  4. Leroy Dennis on

    Last night i had a dream about a flying tree coming down my road, with white glowing lights lifting it up, something like that and it was white lights on the branches but no leaves just a brown dead tree floating

  5. Josh Carberry on

    I just had a sleep paralysis dream where a tree was growing into my chest
    I had this feeling of being present in my room and in my backyard with the trees branches growing into my chest at the same time but couldn’t move
    Its better then aliens i guess lul

  6. Just dreamt about a beautiful native woman name Safere. There was two baby Buffalo calf playing and a big beautiful tree but only half was full of foliage up top. There was also a huge ironing board with a huge iron right before I saw the big beautiful half tree. What does this mean?

  7. I was meditation on: BE Love & FREE & LET ARCHANGEL METATRON HELP YOU RELEASE OLD BLOCKS & THEIR UNDERLYING PAIN. While meditation a saw a Green luscious tree with a baby in its birthing position in the middle of the tree where the branches are located. It was as if the tree is giving birth. Can you please tell me what it means.

  8. I dreamed of a great big tamarack, bigger than any real-life tamarack (like 5 ft. DBH), sitting alone atop a hill. The branches down low were wide and turned 90 degrees to grow straight with the trunk (tamarack often has multiple large branches growing vertical with the trunk). I cant remember if there was foliage; the enormity of the tree, and the amount of upturned branches was what stood out.

    The rest of the dream was an incoherent mess of hills and roads; gravel, paved, walking, driving, jumping, climbing, going up and down.

    Then I saw the tree, panning from the top to the ever-widening bottom until I woke up. There may have been a large branch cut off near the bottom, but that could be memory distorting the dream after I woke.

    What does the Tamarack (Larch) represent?
    What about its size and location?

  9. Can you please interprete this dream for.
    I dream a lot but this was very different.
    In the dream, I was carrying a very large tree on my head. I felt it was strange and decided to look up to see if the leaves were green and they were full and very green. Now the roots were on my face and water was coming out of the roots unto my face. The water water very clear without dirt nor sand. Just clean fresh water like rain water. I also thought this was strange.

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