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Treasure Chest – Dreaming of a treasure chest is a symbol of something that you want to hold close to your heart and keep safe, either something with sentimental value or something that you want to keep secret. If you dream of putting something in a treasure chest, this indicates a possession, a person, or even an idea which you want to keep safe and keep close to you.

Taking an item or a photo out of a treasure chest signifies the opposite: you are emotionally letting go of that person and no longer wish to keep them near your heart. Letters are another thing that are common dream subjects to put in a treasure chest, and these letters represent communications you have with someone in particular.

Of course, the language centers of the brain are shut down during sleep, which means that any letter you dream of putting in a treasure chest will likely not have writing that is intelligible or stays the same over multiple readings. If you dream of finding a treasure chest, on the other hand, this is an auspicious dream symbol of good fortune and unexpected benefits to come.

You should pay attention to the treasure you find in the treasure chest, as this indicates the area of your life in which you can expect good luck, as well as the opportunities you need to remain open to in order to ensure that you can receive this treasure.

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  1. Charles Noel sacabin on

    There was many dreams connecting that night between 12am to 2am started when i calling a spaceship up ahead just an UFO then it landed and i get into it inside travelling into the military base and it landed and were fighting the soldiers with guns then after i saw many kinds of animals running from the forest fire together with my family also i was running afraid to be burned and it changes it becames so cool and get cold the ground i was running became ice together with my family when we get to a nearest cave but it ended when we find treasures gold coins jewelries crystal and diamonds inside the chest.

  2. Chonleedonya Odum on

    I had just fallen asleep and immediately there was a chest with a lock on it and this chest was alive, like a monster. It had teeth and it was coming after me. I jumped when I woke from it, but the last thing I thought of in this dreams is this is a chest of sacred information. Very important information. I have no idea what that meant and I RARELY ever remember my dreams. It’s like maybe once a year I remember. Very strange. I wish I knew what it meant!

  3. i dont remember the dream properly…what i do remember though is that i was riding a rainbow and at the end there was a treasure chest full of gold coins.i was so happy the gold was beaming.

  4. I have a dream ware I’m going into a maze and I find a shrine and on the shrine is a treasure box but when I open it it’s empty but I know somethin is in it so I jump into the box and I get to the second or third or forth part of the maze and some treasure boxes I thought were traps but they would have teeth and even have games in them I also feel asleep in the last treasure box only to wake up from my dream

  5. Keep having same dream of finding a treasure chest with massive locks on it, for some strange reason a loved one or friend will be trying to break locks and open the chest to my greatest fears, once the chest is finally opened the room I’m in starts slowly filling with water and the overwhelming feeling of fear and evil takes over, I can clearly see inside the treasure chest multiple old books, Red and brown old dusty books and all I want to do is shut the chest and run from the slowly flooding room, but I can’t, it feels like the evil from the books or the chest has control over me. Which the I can’t escape the room, I couple of time the books have been picked up by the friend or loved one and as much I argue with them to put it back as seal the chest, they won’t as if the evil has consumed them. Any ideas much welcomed, I’m not a very spiritual person if I was honest, nightmares can occur to all of us however this one keeps reoccurring and is rather graphic and somewhat uncomfortable.

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