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Travel Dream Symbols

Dreaming of traveling indicates your progress towards achieving your dreams. You know what you want and how to get it. You have laid your plans and you steadily follow them working towards a positive outcome. This signifies working for a long-term goal. That you are on the right path for your destiny. It can also represent how you feel about the difficulties you encounter as you work towards your goals. Take notice of the countryside you travel through in the dream to get a better idea of what obstacles you may face.

Negatively, dreams of traveling can represent that your life is boring and you need to do something new. There is no point waiting for something to happen. You have to get out there to make changes yourself. It can also mean you feel that something you wish to achieve is dangerous or has is high risk. Get out there and seek new adventures.

Dreaming of traveling to foreign countries can symbolize your desire to understand different cultures and ways of thinking. It can also represent your decision to reach for you dreams and you may feel distracted or as if you have been sidetracked.


Dreaming of taking a journey symbolizes your own path. This type of dream can indicate there are positive changes coming. They can visit when you feel lost in real life to show you the way. Pay close attention to every detail of the dream to get a deeper understanding of the messages. These are usually dreams to show you the way and the options you have to make a choice from for your future.

When you dream of taking a journey it means you feel as if your life has meaning. Having a good time is a sign of positive changes. This type of dream means you are already on your path and you may have to make changes to better prepare for the journey ahead.

Planning a journey is a big step. It indicates wanting to move forward. Wanting to allow new opportunities in. Taking journeys in a dream means that you are open to new possibilities in your real life. You are ready to move forward to reach for your dreams.

When dreaming you need to take a journey, there may be parts of your life that needs changing or improving. Do you feel trapped by someone or something? Do you feel obliged to say yes when you want to say no? Are you currently faced with difficult choices? Take notice of why you take the journey in your dream for this is what you need to do in your real life. This can be a prophetic dream. Journeys can represent major life changes, but show you the obstacles you can face along the way. This can remind that you have control over how easy or hard your life is. Your attitude and perspective to life dictates how difficult your life can be.

Dreaming of coming to the end of a journey means there is a stage of your life coming to an end. You have worked hard to achieve success. Positive rewards will come into your life in recognition of all you have done on the way to success.


When you dream of departing this can signify breaking away from the structure of your life. You may fear having too many responsibilities. You may be leaving home, moving house, or staring a new job. You may even be changing your whole perspective in life. You are departing from the old into the new and unknown. Do you need a complete change?

Dreaming of departure is about the constant change in your life. What direction are you headed in? Do you know where you are going? Are you still considering your options? Sometimes you need to make fast decisions before opportunities pass you by. Departing quickly, without any warning, is a sign you want to escape your responsibilities or commitments. Do you have a fear of commitment?

Departing by rail, road, or air can mean you will not be involved in an accident as you travel through life. You need to analyze the rest of what is happening the dream to get a deeper understanding of its meaning. Preparing to depart is a sign you need to be prepared for major changes coming into your life. You may need to prepare to make important decisions that affect your future. Being ready to leave can bring messages your life is about to improve. Be ready for what that brings with it.

Packing your bags hastily for a sudden departure signifies someone pushing you to make commitments. Are you avoiding responsibility? Do you have enough responsibilities? Have you already said no so now you just want to escape? Expecting to have a fun journey signifies your worries will soon be sorted out. When you dream of missing your transport, this symbolizes a fear of missing opportunities. You need to relax a little to create a positive energy flow.


Depending on what else is happening in your dream, dreaming of direction represents your own path, your perception of the world, personal integrity. Direction also represent curiosity, openness and acceptance. We may often change direction in search of fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Are you searching for direction? Do you recognize your path? No matter what path you travel it takes hard work and perseverance. It is challenging and you need to make choices and decisions. This is a time where you should follow your intuition and the signs the universe sends you.

Dreaming of following directions to find an address, can mean you are open to judgement and the opinions of friends as well as strangers. This can open you up to new opportunities that help your grow. It can also build new friendships with like-minded people.

Giving directions to another person is a sign you are goal oriented and prioritize your life in order to achieve better outcomes. This is affirmation you make good decisions. That you weigh up your choices based on your abilities and future goals. It can mean that you need to understand yourself better to help you move forward to the next level.


Dreaming of luggage is a sign you are going on a journey or travelling somewhere. If you have a lot of luggage this can symbolize being overburdened. Do the pressures of everyday life stress you out? Do you have a diminished sense of self-worth? Are you feeling insecure? Do you carry your life around with you wherever you go? You may have to leave some of your baggage behind so you can move on to the next stage of your life. Learn to travel light.

Luggage can also symbolize repressed emotions that follow you around. You need to deal with these so they stop haunting you wherever you go. Until you do, these will hold you back. Losing your luggage is a sign there are issues you want to remove from your life. Buying luggage can mean you will soon understand something that has eluded you. It will be like discovering a secret that was there all along. Opening your luggage warns to be alert to thieves.


Dreaming of paths indicates you need to be more open with others in your life. Do you struggle with communicating with others? Do you have trust issues that hold you back? An open, serene path can represent clarity. You may feel reassured. Seeing a straight path can represent how you progress through life. A winding path full of obstacles can mean you have chosen the wrong path and may need to reconsider your direction. This is important if you are considering changing your life or career. It may be time for some rest and relaxation to help you think about what direction to go in next. Walking down a dark path can mean you will miss out on an opportunity

A path through a rugged environment represents a happy relationship with your partner. Walking down a street full of people warns you need to take more care with your communication with others. You sometimes offend. Do you just say what is on your mind without thought of consequences? Trying to find a path is a sign you may be trying to achieve something that is not possible. Do you set unrealistic goals? Walking a twisting, narrow, rocky path symbolizes you have begun to set goals but there will be obstacles on the way to achieving them.

Seeing stop signs on a path can warn there is something important you need to do in your waking life. There may be choice you need to urgently make. Cycling or driving down a path can mean you are searching for answers. Or you may have a new idea that take on a life of their own to be successful.

Being followed along a path can mean you need to show more compassion to the world. Are there friends or family who need your support? Animals that cross your path indicate you may soon feel proud of yourself.

Transition Point

Different dreams come at different stages or transition points in your life. For example, while growing up, changing jobs, changing your perception. You have many transition points in your life.

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