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Transplant – If you dream that you are getting a transplant it means that you are undergoing some serious changes in your life that are going to save you from almost certain doom. Transplants are life-saving ordeals, but they are only needed in the direst situations in life. Dreaming about getting a transplant can be a very bittersweet thing, especially if you were not aware that you were in any sort of trouble. 

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  1. Well I had a dream that I had gotten heart transplants in the past with pretty nice looking hearts. This time, though, my new heart looked exhausted and dead. It looked like it had been beaten up a bit. So I thought it was strange that I was having what looked to be an old heart transplanted into my body. This “new” heart was in a paper box and I was carrying it through all these rooms and crowds in order to get to the nurse’s office/place of surgery. It was wet and seeming like it would come through the bottom of the box, so I held to bottom to prevent it from breaking through and falling. It looked so sad and “done”, I thought in the dream. But then I felt it beat-a strong beat once. I wonder what this means.

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