Train Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Train Dream Symbol – Dreaming that you are on a train signifies that you are not in control of your life. Just as a train’s route is set by a predetermined rail system, so also was your life predetermined by someone else in your life. For many people this person is a parent. Parents have a way of getting into their children’s lives and trying to set a course that they think will guarantee success. They are rarely correct.

Train Dreams

Dreaming of a train indicates your life is out of control. A train is a symbol of your personal power. Dreams of trains represent your attitude and perspective on life. Remember to take notice of the details in the dream for the influence the meaning. Seeing passengers on the train is reminding you to take care of financial matters.

Seeing a train out of control indicates your personal power is blocked or being manipulated. Missing a fast train can mean you have set goals to achieve in life. Consider whether these goals are possible to achieve. Missing a fast train warns you can never achieve these dreams the way you are currently going. You may expect everything to happen instantaneously. An old-fashioned train warns there are people who will ask for your help very soon. Missing a train waiting at the station platform can mean you will hear about an opportunity and fail to recognize its importance to you.

Driving a train symbolizes matters of the heart. You may need more control of your love life. Travelling on a train that is going too fast indicates you may have to go against your principles to achieve your goals. This may involve forgiving someone their past mistakes or finding the extra time to complete a project.

Dreaming of a speeding train not travelling on its tracks indicates that people see you in a different light rather than who you really are. A train going through a tunnel can indicate that while everything looks negative, things may not be as bad as they seem. Seeing a train with sleeping compartments indicates there will be a long struggle with the authorities. Being on a foreign train suggests you need to rein in your spending.

Being in control of a train is a sign you like to interfere in others’ lives too much. Are you a control freak? Seeing a station from the train indicates you will soon have to take an important trip of some kind. Dreaming of a freight train symbolizes business. It is a sign things will soon improve and you will achieve success. A freight train crossing water indicates international business dealings will go well. Dreaming of a train going through a tunnel signifies that someone will tell you a secret.

Seeing a train crash can be a nightmare. This is a sign you feel like your life is out of control. You need to take action. Seeing other vehicles such as a car or a bus involved in the train crash can symbolize your total confusion and loss of control of your life. This can also warn you should not travel for a while. Being unhurt in the accident is a sign you will meet an old friend or meet someone new.

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  1. I had a dream of my cousin Missing her train while I’m on the same train. Can you tell me what does this mean

  2. I constantly have a dream that I am on a high speed train traveling on a long bridge over water. Sometimes the water is just choppy other times their are large ominous waves. I used to want to get off the train but recently I have been trying to make it go faster to escape the sea.

  3. I had to share this dream “clip” with you, especially since your symbolism interpretation was so accurate. I have been worrying about some old tax and legal issues I need to clear up to move on after some heavy transitions in my life (which, as your post states, does entail my folks). I have moved and the agencies have not yet located me and my sincere plan is to iron things out before they do. The other night I had a dream where in one part I had taped a credit card to a public wall (a shopping mall elevator – once again you were spot on in interpretation) that said “be patient people, I am on the train”. Ha!

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