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Train Dream Symbol – Dreaming that you are on a train signifies that you are not in control of your life. Just as a train’s route is set by a predetermined rail system, so also was your life predetermined by someone else in your life. For many people, this person is a parent. Parents have a way of getting into their children’s lives and trying to set a course that they think will guarantee success. They are rarely correct.

Train Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of a train indicates your life is out of control. A train is a symbol of your personal power. Dreams of trains represent your attitude and perspective on life. Remember to take notice of the details in the dream for the influence the meaning. Seeing passengers on the train is reminding you to take care of financial matters.

Seeing a train out of control indicates your personal power is blocked or being manipulated. Missing a fast train can mean you have set goals to achieve in life. Consider whether these goals are possible to achieve. Missing a fast train warns you can never achieve these dreams the way you are currently going. You may expect everything to happen instantaneously. An old-fashioned train warns there are people who will ask for your help very soon. Missing a train waiting at the station platform can mean you will hear about an opportunity and fail to recognize its importance to you.

Driving a train symbolizes matters of the heart. You may need more control over your love life. Traveling on a train that is going too fast indicates you may have to go against your principles to achieve your goals. This may involve forgiving someone from their past mistakes or finding the extra time to complete a project.

Dreaming of a speeding train not traveling on its tracks indicates that people see you in a different light rather than who you really are. A train going through a tunnel can indicate that while everything looks negative, things may not be as bad as they seem. Seeing a train with sleeping compartments indicates there will be a long struggle with the authorities. Being on a foreign train suggests you need to rein in your spending.

Being in control of a train is a sign you like to interfere in others’ lives too much. Are you a control freak? Seeing a station from the train indicates you will soon have to take an important trip of some kind. Dreaming of a freight train symbolizes business. It is a sign things will soon improve and you will achieve success. A freight train crossing water indicates international business dealings will go well. Dreaming of a train going through a tunnel signifies that someone will tell you a secret.

Seeing a train crash can be a nightmare. This is a sign you feel like your life is out of control. You need to take action. Seeing other vehicles such as a car or a bus involved in the train crash can symbolize your total confusion and loss of control of your life. This can also warn you should not travel for a while. Being unhurt in the accident is a sign you will meet an old friend or meet someone new.

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  1. Enajedu Benjamin on

    Had dream in a flying boat but suddenly saw a track train passing in front us and a second pass and our fly boat pass otherwise it would have head collision then almost At the anchor the boat stop and we have to look for a person to work on the engine which was trying by luck and the person flying the boat is a person already died

  2. I dreamt that I just managed to catch a train. It was already moving when I try ird to get on because my brother was on it but in an other carriage so I wanted to catch that particular train. I managed to open the door and pull myself halfway in, legs first but somehow my head was still out. There was a man there who was looking somewhere else and couldn’t see me but I called out asking for help and he pulled me in.

  3. I dreamt that I jumped out of a running train at my desired station along with my luggage which I lost on the station.
    What does this dream indicate?

  4. i have had the same dream multiple times. there is a huge white space. its just all white, its not even first person. there are two trains headed towards me and i cant move. i am being held down and my chest is heavy. i can feel it, and i cant wake up until the trains hit me. sometimes i remember it and sometimes i just wake up and i jump like something scared me. i dont know if those are the same dreams or not but i get the train dream a lot and the blank dream i get a lot as well. what does this mean?

    • I have had a few train dreams where the train is going incredibly fast. My last one was a long dream of nonsense with old friends from school then we all got on a train that travelled through forest and when I looked at the driver that’s when I knew it was going to be scary, he was a demon laughing and I thought to myself to think happy and stop it going bad but I couldn’t. The train was going so fast it’s was terrifying, once it hit top speed the demon would hit the brakes, laughing and every one had to hold on tight to anything you could grab otherwise you would die. It felt so real I was holding on for my life every time and watching my old friends screaming for their lives warning each other to hold on every time he slammed the brakes.

  5. I dreamt someone touch me in traveling train after I woke up and realise it was a dream. Can anyone reply for this dream reason

  6. Dreamed of a fast moving train without really a carraige. It felt like just an open, bare train going fast and it was dark, in a tunnel. Sensation was I keep on checking my passport on my pocket and another belonging so that they won’t fall. I was sitting almost lying.

    At one point, we had to quickly move, like 3 seconds to move, almost like jump to another seat. I just did without really being sure but I have to risk it otherwise I’ll be stuck or be in the wrong route. It turned out correct. But this time I’m no longer seated with my friend but we were still together. When this transition happened, I could see the gears and pinions sort of locking in and changing direction towards our goal destination which was Los Angeles. Why LA, I dont know. There was no announcement, nothing like normal trains or stations. I could remember feeling nervous and anxious and just waiting to get off. I was now seated in between two people I dont know who were equally anxious. I could feel like we were holding hands.

    Train stopped, we got off, there were people. But almost felt like a parking lot than a station. It was dark and gray. Dream ended.

    Sensation while on the ride I could feel the speed, the air/wind of moving in a “bare” train with the tunnel you can almost touch. I felt really nervous almost like an anxiety attack sensation but I had to keep calm, trying to make sure my passport in my wallet is still there.

    Can someone help explain? It felt really real.

  7. i had a dream where I was on a train, but what was weird is that this train was accelerating super fast beyond my control. but not only that, the passenger who was sitting next to me appeared that she could take the big g forces. and as I was holding on to the top of my chair with my dear life I slipped and I was one the verge of falling off. I was holding onto a gray piece of metal and below me were the track. only that grey piece of metal was the only thing keeping me from falling off. then this lady who was sitting right next to held out her hand to me for me to grab on. I did accept this gesture and it got me back into my chair. only to be dangling from the top of the chair again because the train was going extremely fast. then we finally ended up to the first destination. we ended up in California, then when the people got out. we headed off to Tijuana, then again we left those people off. and for it being hot down there I took off my shirt to cool off. I work out a lot and when I took off my shirt the women passengers were just staring at my chest not even looking at my face. then we all got back on and then the conductor said that if you don’t have a piece of paper verifying that you were supposed to be on the train. the conductor was going to leave you where we stop. I was worried that it fell from my pocket because I was near dangling from my seat so I was certain that it fell out. but no, all the times it was still in my pocket. then something extremely strange happen, I looked at my hands and I said “this is a dream fragment” and just like that the dream changed in a instant. I didn’t have full control because the scene changed to me being in the Vietnam war. then when I started to charge into the jungle head on into the dark night. It changed back into the train dream again, the last things that happen where the woman conductor peeing her pants for whatever reason and the last thing I said to myself was “huh maybe I should find a seat with a seatbelt” but no. I didn’t, I ended up with the another seat without a seatbelt. then I was able to control the g forces like it was nothing then I woke up.

  8. Mitali jangid on

    I had a dream that i was nt able to find right platform on station.i am asking to many peoples about thr platform but noone knws about it.after some time i heard some peoples voice they were saying train is going but i was not able to know who were the peoples .i see the train that is going from the bridge and i am unable to find the right platform .At the end i missed the train and then many peoples come in my way they were looking at me weirdly .i ran from their and come at the reception on station.

  9. I dreamt that i was travelling with my son on a train, and i alight the train at a given destination and waiting on the platform for my son to alight, but to my shock the train is leaving with no sight of my son alighting… the dream ended.. What could it mean …. ???!!!!

  10. last year, i had this dream where my father and i rode the subway. when the train arrived at the train station, we both got off. however, my father walked back into the train, leaving me to stand alone. the train didn’t leave yet. i just saw myself standing there, staring. at the moment when the train doors were about to close, the dream ended. i had another dream where i was going somewhere in the city along with someone. we took the train and once we both stepped out, i look sight of that person. i looked around the crowded train station but all i saw was a black and white blur of people. perhaps you know what these dreams were trying to indicate?

  11. I had a dream that I traveled back in time to a old-fashioned train which was broke down and stationary not on any track. I walked onto the train which was full of antique valuables, I gathered the valuables and got back into my time machine then I woke up.

    it is saying duplicate comment but I put the wrong email so I’m trying again

  12. I had a dream that I traveled back in time to a old-fashioned train which was broke down and stationary not on any track. I walked onto the train which was full of antique valuables, I gathered the valuables and got back into my time machine then I woke up.

  13. Today is my bday. Today i saw train dream two times. Train passing from my home and i saw train brok my home wall. Also i saw train stopped in my home and some person’s blood is there under train in my home as it met with an accident.. i saw this dream two time in one night.. i am really upset.. plz tell me the meaning of this…

  14. I dreamed I had been on a “party train”- an old steam train from my hometown- and I got off to look at something and than I could never catch back up to the train…. it seemed slow while I was on the train, but too fast to catch running behind it.

  15. Hello,
    Can anyone please let me know what a mans reoccurring dream about a passenger train travelling on the sea represents ? Skimming on the surface of the ocean. No horror just normally at speed.

  16. As a child, I very often had nightmares of a train coming to get me in different places such as my house, school, park, etc. I would always hide from the train but I would never ever see it in my dreams. And the chug chug sound would pulse in my ears. Later I learned that was actual terror of my own heart beating so fast it effected my hearing in my sleep. Just really curious what that might have meant.

  17. i had a dream that my dad and I were waiting on a train. My dad forgot something and went back for it. When the train arrived I told the driver to wait on my dad and she wouldn’t wait on him. My dad pay away 3 months ago.. what does that mean?? Plz help

  18. I dreamt about that me and my the girl I love were out on a date secretly. We go to a station to see this train( which was decorated for some occasion) my girl wanted to see the train from the inside. I remember that there were few people in the train. The train kept moving a little and then stopping again. So we get on the train to see the decorated things but the next thing we know was the the train started moving and left the station. So be a my girl jump out of the moving train.. Successfully.
    In fact we jump out of the train and we didn’t even realize when and how can we really jump out of the train successfully.
    Scared that we might get caught, we run towards the station… My car was parked there. While we were near the station I ask my girl for the time ( because I was scared that we got very very late and now we will get caught)and she tells me the time. And according to that time we are safe… We have alot going in our life right now and I’m confused about what this dreams means. Please help

  19. I have had train dreams 5 nights in a row. Always nightmares. In one dream I couldn’t understand any of the signage in the train stations, so I kept getting on the wrong train and then trying to get off when I realised but sometimes the door was jammed so by the time I got off I didn’t have enough time to cross the platform to get on the right train and I missed it by seconds. In another I was travelling with my cat in a carrier and my PhD thesis in a small suitcase. I got off the train and realised after I had come off the train and been walking for a while that I had left my thesis on the train, and it was the only copy. I completely panicked and the dream turned into this nightmare of trying to find out if my suitcase had been handed in at the final destination stop in a foreign country. I ended up having to bribe people and put up with physical abuse to know if the case had been retrieved. I tried to get to the final stop myself but I couldn’t understand the signage it was in a foreign language I didn’t speak. Meanwhile I lost my cat in the chaos – so I ran back to look for him. I searched the streets and was shouting for people to help me find him. Everyone was laughing at me. Eventually, I found him perched on the doorknob of my friends’ house, asleep. In another dream, I was with a person I know – not a special person – and I was trying to decide if I wanted to get in a train or not – we were sitting on the roof of the train. As I was deciding the train started to move, and I was just about to jump off because I decided I didn’t want to go – but by then the train was going too fast and all I could do was hold on. But the part of the train I was holding on to was giving in under my weight, the way plastic bag handles do when the contents are too heavy. I knew if they broke I would die. I managed to get in the window of the train as it speeded along, and took the food trolley and pretended to be a worker on the train so I wouldn’t be caught without a ticket. I always wake up from these dreams drenched in sweat.

  20. Tia Ferguson on

    I dreamt that my husband got a call for his dream job of coaching football. It paid very well and we’d have to move to the west coast… California. We pack our clothes to move and go to the train station. When we arrive, the station is brand new and is bright green with silver trim. We go inside with our bags, and step into a fast moving side walk that takes you to the different boarding stages. We see ours on the right side and proceed. We get to our train and it’s HUGE and shiny. The doors open and I see a bright white light. My husband goes inside and I remember that I’ve forgotten something. I tell him I’ll be right back and leave to go get it. On my way back I end up missing the California platform. I end up in a empty room. It’s well lit and bright white. I take my phone out to try and find my way back too where I should be. My phone turns on and I use three map. I find my way back to the right train. When I arrive, my husband is inside waiting. The doors open and again, I see a bright white light… then I wake up.

  21. I had a dream of my cousin Missing her train while I’m on the same train. Can you tell me what does this mean

  22. I constantly have a dream that I am on a high speed train traveling on a long bridge over water. Sometimes the water is just choppy other times their are large ominous waves. I used to want to get off the train but recently I have been trying to make it go faster to escape the sea.

  23. I had to share this dream “clip” with you, especially since your symbolism interpretation was so accurate. I have been worrying about some old tax and legal issues I need to clear up to move on after some heavy transitions in my life (which, as your post states, does entail my folks). I have moved and the agencies have not yet located me and my sincere plan is to iron things out before they do. The other night I had a dream where in one part I had taped a credit card to a public wall (a shopping mall elevator – once again you were spot on in interpretation) that said “be patient people, I am on the train”. Ha!

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