Toy Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Toy Dream Symbol – Toys in a dream can mean many things. Seeing beautiful toys can bring positive news to your work or business life. You may soon meet someone who will assist you with your business plans. This has the potential to be a great success.

Seeing toys all over the house is a sign of a happy family home. It may be your home is full love and understanding, with the freedom to grow. If you are too rigid in the home, it can mean to loosen up a little and you will see huge positive changes within your family. Seeing broken toys brings bad news and trouble to your life. Something you believe in unquestionably may turn out to be a major disappointment. This may bring deep-seated grief or guilt to your heart for a long time.

Buying or taking toys apart can mean you have lost your way. Have you lost sight of your dreams? Do you focus too much on the minor or unimportant things? Giving a toy as a gift is a sign of relationships growing with those you work and rely on. Maybe work colleagues will become lifelong friends. When you dream of giving toys to a stranger it can mean you will be ignored and not heard by the new people you meet.

Seeing children playing with toys is good news about strong family ties. There is much love and happiness among you. There will always be someone in the family you can rely on. Playing with an inflatable toy with children warns you need to take time out for rest and relaxation. You may be putting your work and personal life at risk by insisting on trying to work at a time where you face exhaustion. It is time to take a break.

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  1. My first nightmare, it was evil distorted toys trying to attack me, the second time, I was surrounded by toys and in the nightmare it made me feel uncomfortable and quite frankly creeped out. I hope someone is able to give me some insight on what it could mean.

    • I had the same kind of dream just now. Evil toys that looked medieval like stuffed dragons and small knights with swords were attacking me and as I fought back, more and more appeared. I am trying to figure out what this means as well.

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