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Toy Dream Symbol – Toys in a dream can mean many things. Seeing beautiful toys can bring positive news to your work or business life. You may soon meet someone who will assist you with your business plans. This has the potential to be a great success.

Seeing toys all over the house is a sign of a happy family home. It may be your home is full love and understanding, with the freedom to grow. If you are too rigid in the home, it can mean to loosen up a little and you will see huge positive changes within your family. Seeing broken toys brings bad news and trouble to your life. Something you believe in unquestionably may turn out to be a major disappointment. This may bring deep-seated grief or guilt to your heart for a long time.

Buying or taking toys apart can mean you have lost your way. Have you lost sight of your dreams? Do you focus too much on the minor or unimportant things? Giving a toy as a gift is a sign of relationships growing with those you work and rely on. Maybe work colleagues will become lifelong friends. When you dream of giving toys to a stranger it can mean you will be ignored and not heard by the new people you meet.

Seeing children playing with toys is good news about strong family ties. There is much love and happiness among you. There will always be someone in the family you can rely on. Playing with an inflatable toy with children warns you need to take time out for rest and relaxation. You may be putting your work and personal life at risk by insisting on trying to work at a time where you face exhaustion. It is time to take a break.

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  1. Makayla McBride on

    I dreamt of small toys to my self in high school so 11th and tenth grade were in stadium I didn’t want anyone seeing me with toys thinking I’m childish and my friend in dream not reality left and I stayed outside the stadium then woke up.

  2. Susana Rodriguez on

    I had dream that my living room was full of black toys and my children were playing with all of them. They toys were not scary just strange toys. What does that mean ??

  3. Brooke Ebenhoeh on

    I had a dream that I was young and going back to a program in school where we all went to a different building. It was kind of like we were going to watch a play. During what I think was a play I left my seat and went to our cubbies that were outside and I opened the one that used to be mine. I think I switched to an adult and upon opening the cubby saw toys that were mine as a child that were forgotten. (None of the toys were actually anything that I recognized). I took them all out and decided to bring them home with me.

  4. Hi , my dream involved toys specifically Cars Toys , Lightning McQueen. But they weren’t random . They are my nephew’s favorites . I’m always with him. In this dream I was in class and we were discussing whales and at that moment a whale came out and we’re watching from a train really close . The classroom was in the train . And as the teacher panicked and told us to get out before we got crush by the whale shark or whatever. I had his toys and reach to grab them , even getting them before I got my glasses that I actually needed but almost left behind even though I’m totally blind .it’s like I wanted them in this moment because it seemed I almost died but if I did I wanted to have something of him . Everything happened so fast honestly . Can someone please explain .

    • Danielle Trujillo on

      I had a dream where I saw old horse toys from when I was a girl in my basement. Lot’s of them were in perfect condition, there were some that had their legs broken off (I did that a lot when I was a kid.) Most of them were My Little Pony and Breyer. I also saw a big pink (stuffed) unicorn that looked similar to one I had as a girl. Does that mean that I have a rocky road ahead of me?

  5. Just last night, I had a dream involving toys but… they wanted me to stay with them? (Not entirely sure though)
    They all looked degraded and old, like they were trying to fall apart and hey talked to me, I don’t remember what they said, but I woke up confused and disoriented afterwards… so I am curious to find out what this dream could mean

  6. I had a dream about small people being turned into toys. Thevpeople we’re adults though not children.
    If anyone can shine some light on this I would be delighted.

  7. Maria Toronto on

    I woke up and buzz light year was standing by my bedside in a human size form. I looked again and it was gone. I was freaked out and went back to sleep.

  8. I had a dream about a toy who is alive. We talk and he was already very sleepy and I always interrupt his sleep.

    • Sharon hines on

      Had a dream about cleaning and sweeping what seemed like an old office job with toys all around..

  9. I dreamed of someone that i don’t get along in real life brought me boxes full of very good toys to dispatch them with me while traveling in a special trip with my husband and i was so furious in my dream but didn’t say anything

  10. I had a dream that i was on a bus with my 2 of my friends and then the bus driver wich was a lady gave a stuffed toy which was pink had a head of a toy pig but body of toy bear and i was hugging it tight. xan you please tell me what it means

  11. Hi,

    I don’t remember last night’s dream outside of seeing myself taking back a childhood toy, Pokey (as in Gumby and Pokey). I loved Pokey and have him and other childhood items in a glass cabinet, so, I see Pokey every day. In my dream, I saw Pokey with other items that someone else had. When I saw Pokey, I picked him up as I knew it was mine. That’s all I remember…
    About me:childhood was difficult, especially relationship with mom (and still is). Maybe I was taking back the childhood I believe I missed? Thank you! I love interpreting dreams too! 😉

  12. I had a dream my dogs got a hold of my sons favorite toy n were tearing it up and when I finally got it away from them Mickey Mouse was so torn his clothes were falling off and I was thinking how can I fix this then I realize the clothes were actually my husbands old work uniform. And Mickey was a yellowish dirty color.

  13. I just had dream about being told to press different points on a cabinet or on the wall to open it. Even in my dream the voice telling me to do so said “Even though you’re gonna get jumpscared, it’s worth it” So i did, and a plush toy of the character foxy jumped out, except it didn’t look like it, It was missing a nose and had scratches and cuts and blood and mucus. Than it started attacking me. I punted it and was trying to figure out how to keep it at bay before it woke back up. Just then the voice told me to open the cabinet again, but reverse order. This time a plush toy of chica came out! She looked sort of like nightmare chica but with less teeth and a very long neck. so i did the logical thing and ran into the kitchen to grab scissors, after all it was fabric! before i could cut off the head i woke up.

  14. I dreamed that my uncle came over for a vacation with us but i don’t know who he is but I feel that we have a connection. At first he was cool to be an uncle but then after 2 to 3 days he becomes grumpy and he is turning to a control freak uncle, like dude I just met you don’t boss me around you’re not my father. And then one night I got home late and I bought a lego, I dont know why but every other day I was buying the same lego again and again. When he saw it he started to yell at me like he is disappointed with me because according to him I such a kid, that I am ruining my life by buying those toys and he also said that I am a disappointment to my father, that I am not gonna make it through college because I am not reviewing for the entrance exans and then I found myself crying at our balcony and my siblings are trying to calm me because I was crying real hard and my mother looks worried but did not bother to check me if Im ok. Inside me that time, I feel like answering back to him but then I remembered what my father said to respect the elders so i just curse him in my mind then I wake up with no tears in my eyes but feel very hurt in my shoulder.

  15. I’m 64 yrs old (female) I dreamed my husband gave me a motorcycle and I loved it. Was riding all over town, having great fun. Then I noticed the tires going soft. Turned out it was an inflatable pool-toy motorcycle that got a hole. I carried it home. (end of dream) Not sure what that meant, I don’t even know how to ride a bike. But it was a fun dream while it lasted.
    Meanwhile I often dream of finding a secret room in my home filled with antique toys that I love. So thanks for the input.

  16. Teresa Vega on

    I’ve had a dream about being chased by toys (a baby cookie monster electronic toy similar to those fur real friends toys) around what seems to look like an big indoor kids play area. I’ve have this dream about 3 times in my life once when I was very little and twice when I was a teenager.

  17. I had a dream about going to school snd bringing toys for dress up and then we traded toys so we could eat them. We did it everyday but the toys got progressively harder to eat. What could that mean?

  18. I had a dream of toys falling from the sky out of nowhere. No one was hit. When I examined closely these were small squeeze balls or stuffed cubes in a clear box. I took some home for souvenir. What could it mean?

  19. The last two nights I’ve dreamt of a deep pothole in my backyard filled with old broken toys, particularly dolls missing limbs. The first night I tried looking at the toys to make sure my kids didn’t drop any of their favorites in the hole, but the second night I couldn’t even get close enough to look into the hole because there were flies around and a weird smell coming from the hole. It made me feel uneasy so I walked away still trying to glance in and check that nothing special was in there. Weird?

  20. my dream was a bit different because , I dreamed of many beautiful toys in a house that I do not know and there was a white guy also telling me he wants to show me the other toy he bought, then I looked around that house full of toys, looking for an Elephant teddy for my son, but there wasn’t one . even in the previous week I had a dream , dreaming beautiful toys, what can that mean to my life?

  21. I just had a dream where a small doll kept attacking me and no matter what I did to get rid of it, it came back. It was like handheld size. It would distort its face and bite my fingers. At one point I put it down and it quickly wrapped a phone cord(ancient I know) around its neck and hung itself. I couldn’t let it do that for some reason so I picked it up again. I think every time I tried to get rid of it was in some type of water like the toilet or a bay. I’d throw it into the water then a few seconds later it would be on the back of my shoulder again. Left shoulder if it matters.

  22. My first nightmare, it was evil distorted toys trying to attack me, the second time, I was surrounded by toys and in the nightmare it made me feel uncomfortable and quite frankly creeped out. I hope someone is able to give me some insight on what it could mean.

    • I had the same kind of dream just now. Evil toys that looked medieval like stuffed dragons and small knights with swords were attacking me and as I fought back, more and more appeared. I am trying to figure out what this means as well.

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