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Town Dream Symbol – A town featured in a dream relates to how you fit into your local environment and circle of friends. Dreaming of being downtown refers to worries about material things. It can also indicate how busy you are in your everyday life. Being in a busy town symbolizes how you interact with others around you. It can represent the compassionate side of your nature. Your sense of community. How you like to help out where you can.

Being in a town with no people, and it makes you feel uneasy in some way, symbolizes your feelings of rejection. You need to face these feelings to find out why you feel this way. Until you do, you will not be able to make progress on something important to you.

Dreaming of a ghost town suggests you feel like you do not fit into mainstream society. Do you feel you do not fit in? Do you feel society rejects you? It can also mean you need to let go of the past. It is great to remember the good times every now and then, but dwelling on past memories will never allow you to move forward. Let them go for now.

Dreaming of being in your hometown can indicate repressed feelings rising to the surface. Have you felt afraid of expressing your true self? This may be a time where you can no longer hold back. Stand tall in your truth. It can also represent who you were when living at home at the time of the dream. It is a reminder that you may have lost your way. Have your ideals remained the same? Have you compromised your integrity in some way? You may need to reassess what is truly important to your future to move forward.

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  1. Jerry Clesca on

    I used to have this dream about me getting in a car and traveling down the highway to get to this near by town about 30 to 45 minutes away. I remember taking exits and turning down different roads and I pull into a road with plenty of stores and restaurants almost like a rest stop area. When I pull up to the restaurant or store and open the car door the dream always stops there. The dream feels so real like I’ve actually been to this place in real life but I cant remember the name of the town or the streets I turn on, and I realize that this place that I continuously go to only exists in my dream.

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