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Touching Dream Symbols

Dreaming of touching something or someone can mean you are trying to let them know how you feel. You need to be in contact with other people. You may want to personalize some part of your life. Do you want to try new things? Do you want to change your lifestyle, behavior, or ideas? This may be a time where you are trying to get a deeper understanding of something or someone to help you make a decision.

When you dream of being touched it reflects the relationship and feelings between you and that person. You have reached out for personal contact and someone has had a positive response. You may feel as though you are developing a deep bond with someone you care about. This also represents the possibilities you open yourself up to. It can also symbolize a part of yourself you are in tune to. Listen to your intuition.

Negatively, dreaming of being touched can remind you of how you do not want to get that close to someone. This type of dream can mean you are overly sensitive and emotional. You may be sensitive to their need to be close to you. But, you may feel that the attention someone wants to give you is not appropriate.

Touching an object represents a desire to experience new things. You may be wishing for new opportunities in your waking life. It can also mean you have a connection with someone you feel in tune with. This may warn not to be tempted to commit a crime, or do something wrong. Avoid dangerous risk taking.

When you void touching something it can represent your aloofness. You may prefer to keep your distance from others and situations. You may not want to form close relationships and want to avoid intimacy. This could be a time where you are happy to sit on the sidelines without getting too personally involved.

Touching someone that sexually excites you may mean you feel you are getting too close to someone or you cannot contain your excitement about something positive. It can also represent underhanded behavior and doing things you know are not good for you. You may be tempted to experiment with drugs or by sexual encounters.

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  1. I dreamt about being inappropriately touched by someone whom I never saw before. And seriously I felt really disgusted when I woke up. I just wanted to know what does that mean because I feel like maybe something bad will happen. What does that mean..?

  2. I had a dream that I was washing some plates at the backyard of our compound and a woman wanted to touch me and I shouted and ‘I said; God please take me away from here.’ In the dream, the woman appears like a deceitful person who was trying to pretend that she likes me but I already know she was evil…that was why I shouted. She was with another woman that I know in my waking life. I don’t know if I should stay away from the other woman I know in my waking life but the thing is I am far away from home now. Am currently in another state away from all of them but my mum stays there.

  3. I dream that my best friend with his wife came to my church , he sat to close to my pastor. later he called me to touch my pastor index finger with my index finger that I should say amen when he start praying. after the prayer the pastor said my friend deserved an applause

  4. Rupsa Karmakar on

    Today i dreamt a guy whom i though that he didn’t like me. But in dream he was sitting next to me,touching me and i was quite enjoying the whole thing and i said to him that i thought he didn’t like me and he said no and keep touching me and giving me an uncertain pleasure .what should this suppose to mean..?? He is not going to talk to me in real life

  5. I had a dream the other night where I was in a class room with my marching band and when I walked in I was ushered to sit between my co-leader(my ex) and another section leader(his gf). They thought nothing of it but they both smiled when he laid his arm across my lap, it wasn’t anything sexual thank God. He wasn’t trying to hold his gfs hand either he was just resting it on me. Anyways after a few minutes of this, the band kids got up and started dancing and singing. He move his arm(the one on my lap) around my shoulder and hugged me to him, as we both stood up he grabbed my hand, squeezed it and then let go. I stepped back from everyone not wanting to be touch as usual, I flinch when I’m touched, he looked atme, said “they won’t judge you”, and then I woke up. Having felt every action. I remember feeling like I was standing up. It’s really confusing to me.

  6. I been having this kinds of dreams frequently where I feel some sort of emotion when the person touches me such as happiness like hardcore happiness but its only when they touch me its not sexually its like when we hold hands is this normal?

  7. Wednesday night, my very best friend left me because I got too close. This morning (3/15/19) I woke up from a dream in which I was leaning against them, but I physically felt it. Though I have no idea what it specifically means for me.

  8. Olivia Belanger on

    I keep waking up at different times in the night and feeling something touch my leg and then when im fully aware and awake I feel tingling in my leg or last night as I was about to fall asleep something poked my back aggressively And it scared the crap out of me. Also I’m having dreams about me and my boyfriend and I’m feeling I’m trying to tell myself that I’m ready for anything serious you know..

  9. So my dream might be wary. It started out at my school, I felt quite bummed that my friend wasn’t around because they moved away a year ago. But they showed up in my dream. I admit I like them as more than “just a friend”. So I flirted with them in my dream, they flirted back, I don’t remember what I said but I knew I flirting and I also knew they were flirting with me back. Anyway me and my friend talked about our grades at school and they mentioned how their classes were different but then they noticed my hair and proceeded to touch it, feeling amazed that I trimmed my hair. I got a bit nervous and I left to go get a drink. As I got close to the water fountain, I turn around and my friend followed me. I wasn’t mad but I couldn’t help but smile. I walked up to them and playfully hugged them and also flirted with them. After the whole hugging, I and my friend went to our old science class, where I flirted and had fun times with them. There was a whole class, but we didn’t mind. My friend sat down and I followed to sit beside them. It proceeded to become a cat and mouse game, my friend got up and moved seats and copied and followed them. But every time I sat close I grinned and noticed that they’d smile but cover it up by hiding their face. We both settled in the corner of the science class and quietly flirted with each other. Dream me fell asleep, and my friend was watching tv in class watching an ad, it was a summer carnival and it felt like they wanted to ask me out. Dream me woke up because everyone in the science was staring at us. I and my friend felt embarrassed because we both felt like people knew that we liked each other and then the class said something about like “Oh, we monitored both of your heart rates this whole time” and then they show on this big tv our heart rates and the numbers where close.. I think a 60ish – 70.

    I don’t remember the details but this is the best that I can remember.

  10. I had a dream last night were I was in some sort of school, sitting down somewhere. Someone was talking to me when one of the teachers came up from behind me. This man started stroking the back of my neck and my lower back (in which are both very sensitive), while talking to the person in front of me. I remember hearing myself let out little whimpers and moans from him doing this. Why did I have this dream?

  11. My dream felt so realistic that I wasn’t even sure I was asleep. The top mattress of my bed was pulled to the floor. Then hands grabbed my ankles and dragged me off the bed. I was scared because I couldn’t see the owner of the person’s hand on my neck below my jaw. My eyes were closed. My head felt heavy but I forced my head to shake and eventually had enough strength to force my eyes open. I woke up in my bed unharmed. I could still feel the lingering feeling of the hand on my neck. So I slept in another room.

    • I had a dream my former crush (who actually liked me now) was touching me in the wrong places. He grabbed me and put me on his lap. He began touching me around the hips and eventually down to my v*****a. I was telling to to stop. Although in the dream I had quite enjoyed it .

      Can you interpret my dream?!?

    • I was sitting for an elderly lady she was asleep and I was watching T. V. I guess I dozed off but it felt like I was awake the room and atmosphere the same I had my head propped up with my hand and all of a sudden a hand the prettiest hand I have ever seen patted my hand three times the hand was unique it was illuminate and I remembered a crisp white sleeve and the hand was cold but not in a bad way it made me feel good idk what it was but I have never forgotten that hand

  12. I saw a dream where I know a manager of some shop he is married, in dreams he is touching my thighs and rubbing it saying you need a message isn’t it, you beautiful.. and the fact that my father and brother was sitting there at the opposite side.. BT they didn’t see what he was doing and I got excited the way he rubbed me..

  13. I have 3 dreams about my employee. The first dream he held my hand. The second dream he got in the bed with me naked and we spooned. The third dream he started touching me sexually and took off his shirt. we were at the job but after hours and the lights were off but as soon as I started to get into what we were doing another co worker started coming our way and we stopped and he put his clothes on before the other guy could see what was going on

  14. Hey, I recently had a dream where part of it, I saw a guy that I liked but he was robbing a pharmacy store. he was sitting on the ground when I saw him, hiding from me. I surprised him by picking up his gun and snapping it (lol?) and patted him on the head and left to stop other people.

    Can you interpret this?

  15. I had a dream where my ex and an enemy of mine starting touching one another and I was just an on looker. This upset me more than I think it should have and I woke up immediately. I don’t know what this means

  16. i frequently dream of a boy who i had feelings for, with no reciprocation on his end. We were friends in real life with a back and forth sexual tension. I have since been hurt by the rejection of love on his end which has left me to make the decision i no longer need him in my life after all the ups and downs and emotional connections i have to him. Through all of this i dream of him most night, some are of us touching and caressing each other in the most loving ways and i can feel the touch in such a vivid way it begins to hurt my heart. I am trying to release him from my life but these dreams seem to be holding me back. Any advice ?

  17. I had this dream that my ex-boyfriend was there with me at a social gathering and when he got close to me he touched my hand and when I felt his touche, I felt shy and left with my heart pounding, I didn’t know what to do then, and kept thinking how to react, what does that suppose to mean?

  18. I woke up in a terror thinking someone was pushing something up my ass I could feel it and could t move for a few seconds and yelled out in terror but couldn’t yell very loud was very strange and frightening I have never had this before and is a bit embarrassing what does this mean ??

  19. Two nights ago I dreamt I was caressing the neck and shoulders of a man – that I’m sexually bewitched by; but never met – with my feet! He was totally oblivious to it all. Now that’s rejection!

  20. Amanda shaver on

    I had a dream a million fingers were touching face and head.and it scared me so that i woke up immediately.

  21. I dreampt that several women were breast bearing and risque dancers. They srattled me holding me and excited me. One expecially catching my eye. Im not a cheater, i love my wife and family. What does this mean??

    • Hi Rainman,

      You’re just having a sexual fantasy. Why not use it as a tool for foreplay with the wife you love?

  22. I dream almost nightly (if I’m lucky! ) about this guy I used to have feelings for. We were really good friends in real life but both with partners who we were unhappy with. We never did anything but since, we had to move away. So I never see him. But every night I dream about him. No sex (I wish! ) just holding each other, running my hands through his hair or along his leg. The feeling of love is amazing. But not every dream goes like this because his girlfriend who for some reason is represented my best friends from childhood till now. But upon waking, even after we’ve been holding each other I wake up crying because it’ll never be and my partner in real life (11yrs) is not affectionate nor sexual with me. I love these dreams but they hurt because it’ll never happen… Please Help?

  23. I dreamt my cousin just touched my hand and I couldn’t feel it I could see him touching me and knew I should be feeling it but couldn’t and started panicking which woke me up.

  24. I was dreaming that one begger try to touch ing me and i shouted to for helping to me my frends ,after my frnds helping but that begger touch ing me to right hand .ples tell me what happened in life .

  25. I was dreaming that two strangers are trying to touch me sexually…I started shouting for help..One of them ran away..But I defended other by pushing him…Beating and scolding….What it is mean???

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