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Torture РTorture is a symbol of pain and heartache in the face of something or someone you fear. Dreaming about being tortured is a sign that there is something in your life that you fear above all things and it is approaching. If you dream about being tortured, you need to take a look at your life from a different angle and allow yourself time to see any problems that you might have missed in previous times of self-reflection. 

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  1. Can anyone help me I keep having a dream that I am being brutly tortured last night I had the dream 3 times and each time I woke up compleat soaked with sweat and every, and I mean every single hair stood on end and I was fighting for my breath I have been having this drr for a few years now and it still doesn’t want to fade away or get any easter to have

  2. I took several meditation classes years ago. Once we furthered along to the more advanced ones we were taught how to begin to control our dreams by asking yourself questions throughout the day and again at bedtime. I was inquiring with myself on how someone really felt about me and I dreamt of being in another country (Germany)watching someone completely different that I also know being tortured. He was down on his knees with his hands zip tied in front of him. The tools were on the table to my right where I was sitting. Some girl that I was apparently there with rushed me out of the room as they started to do something to one of his fingers

  3. Well I had a dream that a horse was getting tortured to do lots of work like Cinderella and at the end it ran away it seems that I wasn’t in the story the story was showing me and the dream ended.

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