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Toothbrush – The toothbrush is the most personal artifact of personal hygiene known to mankind. If someone borrows your brush or comb, it is likely a little appalling. However if they take and use your toothbrush, it must be thrown away. This is because of its close connection with the tongue. See Tongue.

If you dream about brushing your teeth it means that you have said something that has left a bad taste in your mouth. If you dream about gagging while brushing your teeth it means that something incredibly foul has left the bowels of your heart that is really going to be difficult to take back. 

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  1. I had a dream the guy i am sleeping with (we’re just friends though) asked to use my toothbrush and i was very hesitant as i dont share my toothbrush. I offered him a new one but he wanted to use mine. What does that mean? I feel like that means something as i actually remembered it when i woke up and i usually dont remember my dreams that clearly.

  2. I dreamt my toothbrush went nuclear and started spouting propaganda dialogue and music while it counted down to 0. I woke up before it reached 0. Tried drying out the plastic case and realigning the battery as this fixed it before but nothing worked this time. Just an intense dread and inevitable doom……think I need to see a head doctor lol.

  3. What I remember about my dream is that I was trying to brush my teeth with red toothbrush, but it was broken, and I can leaking the toothpaste/spit from my mouth because of it. Can you add anything more specific to the meaning?

    • Sorry, I hit send accidentally before I was finished, I was brushing with a red toothbrush, and was leaking spit/toothpaste b/c the brush was broken and I was trying to speak with someone at the same time as brushing. Again, I apologize for hitting send before it was ready, I hadn’t proof read yet either, lol..

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