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Tongue – The tongue is a very special part of the body. It allows for communication, lovemaking, spitting, eating and many other essential activities. The tongue is perhaps the most personal part of the human body; more personal, even, than your genitals. If you dream about getting your tongue cut out it means that you have said too much to someone you know about something.

If you imagine your tongue being bitten off it means that someone is very mad at you for saying something about or to them that was inappropriate. If you dream about having your tongue pierced it means that you talk too much and need to put a stop to it. Other dreams regarding the tongue should be interpreted by the dreamer. 

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  1. What if you dream your tongue is swollen and infected and it rips off but you have a new tongue underneath it

  2. Kareen christie on

    I dreamt​ of a woman with three tongue they were long with sharp ends and it was like they had other mouths on them chanting something I couldn’t make out

  3. last night I had a dream I was arguing with someone and out of no where my tongue started to become numb and swollen. When I got into someone’s car so they take me to a hospital my tongue felt heavy and I opened my mouth and saw 3 large lumps. When I touched them they rolled to the tip of my tongue and then i was able to grab them. when I looked down they were magnets.

    • Haha magnets
      I dreamt I cut out my own tongue and shoved it in someone else’s mouth earlier that’s why I’m here

  4. I dreamed a cow tongue (black in color) hit me cross my face and the strangest thing i could smell it

  5. Last night I had the weirdest dream that I am starting to seek explanation for it.

    I was somewhere, it was public place is all I know with my sister. We talked when I started feeling lack of air, I couldn’t breathe and I recognized the feeling of some goey stuff in the back of my throat (happens to me in reality and I always pull that out).

    I excused myself to go to bathroom. I was already at point of starting to choke. I opened my mouth and saw giant meat lump blocking it. I grabbed it and had feeling in my fingers as if I’m grabbing tongue. I pulled it and that meat lump detached from anything it was holding onto. When I took it out, I looked at it carefully. It was just like ordinary tongue except for hole in the back to which I could fit finger and move it.

    Any idea what that could mean?

  6. Felicia Garza on

    I dreamt last night that I was in some sort of accident, leaving a portion of my tounge completely removed. I sat in a small white room which was a doctors office, I held the tounge piece to my actual tounge in hopes of re connecting it, but my tounge was gray, therefore I stopped trying to re attach it. I then went into surgery where the surgeon was hoping to do a tounge transplant, when I awoke, the point of my tounge was gray, meaning no blood was going through. That’s when I demanded the tounge be removed, but that’s when the dream ended.

    • I feel that means that you feel like you have no voice or your voice and opinions have not been heard by others. It has been overridden by a more dominant person in your life. You sincerely want to be heard and look for those opportunities to exert yourself, maybe even adopting others ideas and opinions for yourself but you know that those aren’t true for you.

  7. Justine Green on

    So true .. my mother is very ill and my father is struggling to take care of her and I was telling my friend that my mum who has altsimers would rather be dead if she realised . Later in the day I thought about it and realised it was a selfish thing to say as my friend had lost her mum and would give anything to have her back. That night in my dream my friend touched my mouth and my tongue started bleeding . Spookily correct wish I could of taken the word back .

  8. Had a dream bits of my tongue kept getting spit out, like it was partially too soft breaking a little off. I was spitting little pieces of it out. Looming at some of them it looked like half my tongue had come out, I could still feel half my tongue, but everything was soft, and squeeshy at the tips, eeew.

    • Jacqueline C on

      I have had this dreams several times over the years
      I am 50 years old now and I just had it like 20 minutes ago and it woke me up and I reached for my phone and
      BAM!! Here I am
      So weird to me!!!

  9. Yesterday, I had a dream out me physically cutting off my tongue and lending it to a friend. During the dream, I was trying to communicate to my friend that he should take care of my tongue, but of course it was difficult for me to communicate since I couldn’t speak in my dream. During the dream, I physically saw my tongue laying on a bucket of ice and it was elongated in size. If you have any questions please reply to this comment. Thanks.

  10. I dreamed that my tongue was annoying me. And I kept pulling it out as it was getting longer, and knew that with my theeth i could cut it off, but i kept pulling it out because it was bothering me, never ending. What does this mean?

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