Tomb Dream Symbol


Tomb – The tomb is a place of rest and contemplation. It is also a place of miracles and shades of the past. Jesus had to be placed into a tomb after he died. This was an intermediary place for his body to rest before he was raised from the dead. As such, the tomb should be looked at not as a final resting place, but as a middle stage in the life of our souls.

If you do not believe in Jesus and are an atheist, the tomb might represent your final resting place or that of someone else you know or admire. If you are an adherent of another religion, the tomb might mean something else. As such, you should take the symbolism that feels most comfortable to you. 

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  1. Mita Banerjee on

    I dreamed that I roaming inside the tomb where multiple tombs are inside the said tomb , not understand what i am trying to inside that tomb and find one mughal royal men with me but i am in present day of 2019, please note I saw that royal mughal man very frequently in my dreams.please help.

  2. In 2015 I dreamed of being laying on top of a tomb under ground with a demonic creature walking with a staff in his hand, he took the staff and broke them into 3 wands as they were floating in the air my body started levitating. This dream was the most intense I’ve ever experienced in my existanse. I screamed and woke myself to saying Jesus be with me and I instantly fell back to sleep. I never can let this dream go. For some reason I must have answers.

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