Toilet Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Toilet Dream Symbol – a toilet is a place not only of defecation and urination but also of thinking and pondering the great questions in life. It is an actual truth that people who use their time on the toilet to be productive actually tend to be wealthier and more successful that those that focus on the task at hand. Don’t flush your chances for success down the toilet.

If you dream about a toilet it means that there is something smelly in your life that you need to clean out. It could be a friendship that is not productive to you or those around you. On the other hand, it could be that you are simply full of it.

Additional Toilet Dream Meanings

Toilet dreams are lucky and are all about your wellbeing. They can also mean you need to be more careful when it comes to being lucky in life. Dreams featuring a toilet are important and you should take notice of the messages that they bring you. These are important messages that teach you many things about what will occur in your future.

Dreaming of being in a toilet brings news of an important positive change about to take place in your immediate future. This will be something like an unexpected win from a lottery ticket or a windfall from afar. Being in a toilet pit covered in toilet waste brings great news you will have all the success you ever dreamed about.

An outhouse by the house indicates you will attain the wealth you desire. This can be in relation to the property you will eventually acquire. An unused toilet can mean you are not using your resources fully. This is a message to check hidden places for you may find financially profitable surprises.

A toilet still waiting for a connection to the water supply can mean you have large amounts of money tied up that you cannot directly access. This can mean you have investments that work towards a financially stable future, but you cannot use them just at a whim.

Dirty toilet

Dreams of a dirty toilet are about toxic thoughts, emotions, and relationships. Seeing a flooded filthy toilet warns that you have major problems that need sorting out immediately. A dirty toilet can also signify the problem you have communicating with others. This type of a dream is trying to shock you into waking up to yourself.

Dirty toilets can appear in dreams when you are too busy or uninterested in healing the problems within yourself. Seeing an overflowing toilet, you cannot flush, is a warning you have trouble getting rid of people who are toxic to your life. You hang on to all the old negativity and take it into the future. Do you have trouble getting rid of the negative people, thoughts, and things from your life?

Seeing something valuable flush down a dirty toilet is a sign you are letting something go but you are not sure you have done the right thing. Have you lost something important in your waking life? A flooded toilet can mean you repress your emotions and feelings. What are you holding back? You need to express yourself honestly to help you move forward in life.

When you dream of a toilet that is totally unusable then you need to listen to your inner child. There is something your subconscious wants you to know at this time. Dreaming of a full, dirty toilet bowl it indicates you need to address outdated thoughts and attitudes if you want a positive future. It all comes down to your choices.

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  1. I had a dream in which I was in a house I used to live in and my godchild who wasn’t born at the time this house existed was there with me, we went downstairs and she climbed into the toilet and flushed and got sucked down too quickly for me to grab her, I ran and told my parents who weren’t concerned and just kept saying “she’ll come back” time ticked on in my dream and anxiety took over I was standing beside my garage calling her mother trying to determine where my God child would even be, I kept thinking “she’s under the house drowning” when I woke up. I really called her mother when I woke up just to see if my God child was okay, but still can’t figure out the meaning of my dream.

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