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Toes – Toes are often feared and hated in dreams for some reason. Toes are absolutely harmless in their own right, even if they tend to be unpleasant. However, despite these things, toes are very often very nasty or dirty things in dreams. This might be linked by our social consciousness to other cultures where the foot is considered the lowest part of the body not only physically but spiritually.

If the foot is the lowest, then the toes are the lowest part of the foot. The toes are a very difficult dream symbol to interpret. For some they represent torture and rape and for others they represent love and affection. Because of this it is impossible to say what the toes in your dream mean. 

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  1. JennCrockett on

    Hello, in my dream I was rubbing my foot and the last digit of one of my toes popped off, I was alarmed and was tying to salvage my toe -LOL ? What a weird dream -11/22/17

  2. I need help an interpretation of a dream. I dreamt that I was sitting and having a conversation. I don’t know with who, all I could hear were voices. the thing that I find interesting is that it was like I had tunnel vision everything around was blacked out, and the focus was my left big toe. I ran my finger nail along the (right) outside edge like I would clean it . I happened to pull up, as I did this, I heard a sound as if I unlocked something. taking a closer look at it, it looked as though it was a latch (like one you would find on a brief case). I studied this for a minute and felt curious as to what I had unlocked.

  3. I had two layers of toes on one foot, the second set of toes were curled under my normal toes and it scared the hell out of me…

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