Toad Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Toad Dream Symbol – The toad has been a symbol of evil, hidden secrets, and various other things since the beginning of the human race. It is no wonder. Toads and frogs are capable of some amazing feats and they are mysterious at the best of times.

If you dream about a toad it means that you are about to either come into contact with a very lethal poison, metaphorically speaking, or there is a frog prince that is just yearning to kiss you and prove himself a good and decent person that will love you despite all your faults. Toads are very important symbols, but like so many dreams, the interpretation is up to the dreamers themselves.

Additional Toad Dream Meanings

toad-dreamsToads usually visit men in their dreams. Dreaming of toads often represents the side of you that is difficult to express. It is a reminder that you need to grow. Put some work into the things you have trouble expressing. It could be that new skills need more practice to perfect them. It is a time of learning and self-development.

Dreaming of toads is a reminder of your ability to transform yourself and your life. Accept new opportunities to expand your horizons. While you may try to hide the truth about yourself, it does you no favors. Let the true you shine for the world to see. If tough things happen, treat them as lessons and keep moving. Do not fear others’ criticisms for they may hide their hidden agendas.

Killing a toad is a warning that others gossip about you and your life decisions. They may be right in some instances. It is a warning to take better care when making tough decisions. Others are watching and waiting for you to slip up.

A toad jumping in a dream is a sign there is unfinished business that needs urgent attention. Have you been moving on to new things while leaving other things incomplete? This will not make your life easy. Touching a toad means there is soon good news about something you have long waited on. This will help you finish a project you are working on.

Dreaming of a toad’s transformation from a tadpole through to adult symbolizes your own potential transformation. There are new beginnings on the way. While you may have fears of failure, if you come from a place of love and integrity, you can achieve success and prosperity. Persevere. Work through any fears.

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  1. I had a dream that I was in some type of room of a different house that I lived in. Then, out of nowhere, a very brilliant colored road (bright pink, yellow green, and hints of a bright blue) started leaping all over the room and scared everyone to death! I especially was horrified. Then, I managed to get a child sized hanger and put it around the roads neck ( I have no idea why), and suddenly had the courage to bring it outside to safety. I guess I felt more comfortable with it confined, and I let it go into a green lush garden. It was really strange..

  2. Ever since I was young i have had this reoccurring nightmare where a huge rod is chasing me and when I cross the road he follows me and then gets hit by a truck. I’m standing there staring at it and it inflates itself, comes back to life and start coming at me full on. I don’t know what happens afterwards though bc I always wake up as it jumps close to me as I’m running away.

  3. I dream that I was walking in a watery land then suddenly tadpoles are squirming out one by one going after me with a fast pace of their evolution to toads, I kept running in fear and got stuck in a corner with all those wave of toads. And on top of it all I have a ranidaphobia.

  4. I had a dream about a toad going into my pants i want to know the dreams meaning.I had a similar dreams before it was of a rat going into my can u plz tell me the meaning of both the dreams.

  5. I had a dream me and my girlfriend were at a house that I asumed was ours by what was happening a window cleaner was there doing the windows that I knew. Then all of a sudden I walked outside and there was a swimming pool that looked neglected with dirty clear water with hundreds of toads at the bottom the window cleaner and I were talking and my girlfriend run past and cannon balled straight into the pool with all here clothes on. I think I mentioned the toads before she said I dont care and jumped but I knew in the dream she detests them. She then started walking over them squashing them on purpose waiding through the water lol.

  6. I dreamt I was vomiting very small green frogs, dozens of them… Can’t take it off my mind. Wish I knew what it means…

    • Antoinette on

      I don’t know if you are a Christian, but this is what I found you might want to read it. If you are a Christian, please pray to god because I the devil might be deceiving you. “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” (Rev. 16:13, 14)

      I’m rather particular about what goes into my mouth, and I expect you are, too. Would you like to hold a frog in your mouth and then open up to let the creature leap out? It might be that you are lying to someone, or maybe there might be something wrong that comes out of your mouth. Pay attention to what you say to people.

  7. I dream I was drinking porridge and in the en of it was green frog and through the contenair on the floor and was really upset.

  8. I had a dream of a big angry toad who ate his female companion and then was coming after me but I kept fighting him of with a white bed sheet.

  9. I had a dream that there were a lot of frogs in the water and I could not go in. I went to an adjacent room where the toad jumped and body slammed me. I was trying to screem but no sound was coming out. Toad backed away and jumped om me again and again. I was not hurt or in pain but scared and discusted

  10. I was day dreaming that I was trying to protect someone from a human size toad. I told him that I wouldn’t let him take the person I was protecting, and that I would rather “break light” (not sure what that means either). I then ripped off my face and my head was now the shape of like a cobra or some kind of reptile , but wasn’t like solid matter, it was like a propane torch flame . we then squared off he shot like a green energy beam at me and I shot a blue energy beam at him. which when both beams connected it became all bright white, then i came out of the daydream really confused. Don’t know what it all meant but it really stuck in my head and I feel like it should mean something important.

  11. I dream there was a toad in my house it was hiding first when I started stairing it down it began to run from me and jump all over the house eventually it started to attack me

  12. I dreamt that I was carrying a toad into safety in some forest with a lot of grassy ground. As i put the toad down it spotted a smaller toad which it seemed interested of eating.. so i picked the smaller toad up to relocate it into safety and ended up having to save another even smaller toad… relocated that one too wich also ended up with me needing to save yet another smaller toad and when i were doing that i dropped it and it landed on my shoe where it found something that it started licking at and it tickled like crazy.. meanwhile my sister just wandered about looking at the toads.. (im not the slightest disgusted by toads, i love all animals. In this dream i felt like whatever i did there were new consequences that i needed to deal with in order for no one to get hurt, letting others get hurt is a horrible scenario for me.)

  13. I dreamed that I saw a toad in a tunnel and we just kept staring at each other. Then I heard a voice over an intercom and went to leave and was kidnapped. In the same dream I saw the same toad in a forest like museum right before I met the man who’s voice was over the intercom. My dream got worse form there, but no more signs of toads after that.

  14. I dreamt I was sitting in the back room to my house watching TV and passing the time on my phone. It was dark and creepy and I got up to get a snack; out of the corner of the room a toad with an apple phone in his mouth started chasing me. This toad was the size of a soccer ball and freaked me out so much that I tripped on the rail that closes the double door of the back room. I got up and headed towards the kitchen, grasping my phone, feeling scared for my life. Before the frog got to me, I woke up.

  15. I was trying to save a toad and 2 baby turtles. I tried to fit them all in a small plastic container but only the toad remained inside. I proceeded to take the toad to the river but it hopped out and a dog bit the toads legs off. The toad was still alive and seemed in bothered that it’s legs were gone. I picked the toad back up and walked it to the river, through it in the river but then it turned upside down on it’s back and seemed to be dead. I was saddened and my dream ended

  16. I dreamt I saw a very lizardy looking toad on the ground so I picked it up at which point it clung tightly to me. I then placed it in a little basin thing with other toads and when I put it’s little chin in the water it hopped off promptly.

  17. My dream started off with a big green sneak, my brother was just chasing it around not letting it go into hiding.
    From what I recall it looks like we where in the house I grew up in. And as soon as my brother completely let the snake hide and lifted what seamed to be a couch the toad came out its looked to have spikes coming out of it back. It followed me where I went or
    Moved to and would just all of a sudden be there. Then I just suddenly woke from the dream

  18. Nsini Akpan on

    in my dream, there was a fire burning my Uncle ‘ s house i and my dad were praying to GOD for d fire to stop burning but it could not stoped untill after burning the whole House and cross to my father’s house house, at the point crossing to my father’s house that my father conect water which i used to quench the fire. it was after quenching the fire that i opened the window and i saw a big toad on d wall through the window

  19. I dream of a big flying toad:this toad in my dreams is the biggest toad in the desert land…he’s owned by a lady and the lady sent the flying toad and he keeps follwing me wherever i the biggening i was happy with this toad but soon i was hated thia frog because he has that electric shock that absorb my i kill him in my dream.but he still existist.i told the girl on my back to kill thw toad but suddenly the place change into a dry land and i saw lots of them..i was running and i dont know i was i the study room where people are and students are””korean neggar and..the professor is a white man..i still run because in my mind i need to stay away from the frog place..but the place is somewhere i have not been ever since…but it seem familiar to me.

  20. In my dream therest was a green toad with orange spots and it was still. Until I walked past it started croaking like crazy and jumping a lot. I tried to run away from it but then it caught up to me and next you know I had flies attacking my head, especially where your brain would be located. Afterwards I started killing the flies with my hands and finally I was able to run on the otherside of the street. It was weird because it was by my school and when I ran to the otherside a group of my friends were there. When I looked back my little sister was on the other side and I tried to save her from the toad. When she ran to me, I got her and we crossed the street to go back to school. We saw the toad again, I tried to walk stealthily past it and I did. Once my sister passed the toad my sister made fun of the toad and the toad got angry. Then I woke up.

  21. What does a bunch of toads standing still mean idk if their dead or alive but none of them were moving……creeped me out!

  22. My dream was of a invisible thing in my room scarring me. I was trying to make phone call on my cell to a female friend that I could not hear or make sense of her words. When all of a sudden a frog with bright orange looking flames not fire but flames like on a car was on my floor eating and spitting out dead bugs. I was yelling for my son to come into the room to see the frog when very large toads appeared and one was very frisky and the other started spewing smaller toads with lots of water out of its mouth onto my bed.

  23. I dreamt that I saw a frog on top of a garden frog statue I have in my garden. They were partially masked by plants, but when moving them to look at the frog, I saw that it’s head was being eaten by a toad! I’d love to know what it might mean.

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