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Toad Dream Symbol – The toad has been a symbol of evil, hidden secrets and various other things since the beginning of the human race. It is no wonder. Toads and frogs are capable of some amazing feats and they are mysterious at the best of times.

If you dream about a toad it means that you are about to either come into contact with a very lethal poison, metaphorically speaking, or there is a frog prince that is just yearning to kiss you and prove himself a good and decent person that will love you despite all your faults. Toads are very important symbols, but like so many dreams, the interpretation is up to the dreamers themselves.

toad-dreamsToads usually visit men in their dreams. Dreaming of toads often represents the side of you that is difficult to express. It is a reminder that you need to grow. Put some work into the things you have trouble expressing. It could be that new skills need more practice to perfect them. It is a time of learning and self-development.

Dreaming of toads is a reminder of your ability to transform yourself and your life. Accept new opportunities to expand your horizons. While you may try to hide the truth about yourself, it does you no favors. Let the true you shine for the world to see. If tough things happen, treat them as lessons and keep moving. Do not fear others’ criticisms for they may hide their hidden agendas.

Killing a toad is a warning that others gossip about you and your life decisions. They may be right in some instances. It is a warning to take better care when making tough decisions. Others are watching and waiting for you to slip up.

A toad jumping in a dream is a sign there is unfinished business that needs urgent attention. Have you been moving on to new things while leaving other things incomplete? This will not make your life easy. Touching a toad means there is soon good news about something you have long waited on. This will help you finish a project you are working on.

Dreaming of a toad’s transformation from a tadpole through to adult symbolizes your own potential transformation. There are new beginnings on the way. While you may have fears of failure, if you come from a place of love and integrity, you can achieve success and prosperity. Persevere. Work through any fears.

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  1. Last night I dreamt two bullfrogs crawled out from under my blankets on to the wall behind me & sat there… one big & fat & the other a little smaller….
    They were’nt thteatening in any way.
    Later on that same evening… I dreamt someone told me there’s something on my head & this person then proceeded to take whatever it was off.
    Well… my hair’s pitch black
    & it ended up being two black spiders.
    Looked like widow spiders… one way bigger than the other & the big one had a hugh pearly green button… looked almost like an emerald.
    Once again… they did not come across as hostile.
    What interested me is that I almost never dream of animals, reptiles or insects of any kind…
    which I did in this case & both of them came in pairs… one big & the other small.
    Also at no stage of the dream did I feel scared nor threatened.

    Has anyone got any suggestions about what it might mean ?

    Appreciate your thoughts

    In love and light

  2. I dream that many relatives came to visit me when I was ready to have supper with my husband. I had full house. Some of them brought me different kinds of bread. I was stressed because I wasn’t prepared and had nothing to offered to them. Checked the fridge and found a green salsa and I thought to fill some crabs with it but when I injected it the crab was a green toad and he was alive. It jumped to the floor and defecated. That’s when I noticed it was a toad. I saw myself sitting on the flour and asked one of my cousins to help me to stand up. He was weak and couldn’t help me. My older son did but he lost the balance and he fell. Then I noticed that he smashed the toad with his knee.

  3. I was raising 2 toads from the eggs and they grew bigger and i accidentally rased more a d i touched one of them and my hand got stuck,i alomst couldnt take it off of me and they had to eat food so….they asked me for leaves and i gave them and they ate that and after a while they start to dance around and sing….it was so weird

  4. I saw a powerful frog just like a bodybuilders. That frog was trying to open the door of room and i was trying to keep it close. But i have much power and i closed the door. The try more and more but i won from frog

  5. I had a dream recently that among other things a toad. It was a happy toad. It was dancing and laughing and seemingly wanted me to follow it. The dream also had people I knew. One that I confronted and described how I felt about how I was ill-treated by that person and how it affected me over the years in my life. I have made significant changes in my life and with other parts of the dream the toad seemed significant.

  6. Mine, I was on Flathead lake and outside at the picnic table and there was a toad sitting on a rock. I saw a spider, a hobo to be exact, and it was going to attack me and then attacked and ate the toad in front me. It was kinda freaky. I can’t explain the rest.

  7. My dream of toads took place in a dark room, i could hear them swarming around me. They were at the window and in the dream i was terrified. One toad jumped in and i grab it and threw it to the ground, the 2nd toad had an orange mohawk on its head and sharp fangs in its mouth. It jumped over me and i reached out to catch it and threw that frog to the ground as well. I wasnt being attacked but as i caught the 2nd toad and threw it, i leaped up out of my sleep in heavy sweats.

  8. All my dreams have a toad in them he is always either watching me stealing trying to trick me or killing something he is a frog in a full brown suit he wants me to think he is human one of the most recent dreams was about a snake killing my dog and then it turned into a frog and smiled at me very sinisterly its almost every night

  9. My dream was about a toad about to be blended in my drink and I got it just in time. In my dream I was at my boyfriends place and we were both making the smoothie

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