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Tires – Tires represent travel. They can also be repurposed into other very neat things. If you dream about tires being repurposed into things that are not used to go places it is likely that the tires in your dreams do not represent what the typical tire does for most dreams.

By being symbols of travel, you can learn a lot about the tires that appear in your dream. If the tire is flat, for example, it means that an obstacle is about to present itself that will make your journey become delayed. If you see tires that are especially bald it means that the journey is almost over or that a new leg of the journey is about to start. Similarly, new tires represent a new journey.

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  1. i had a dream i was driving and i got a warning light so i checked and on the left side, one tire was on 0, the left back on 10. i started slowing down to stop and then i woke up

  2. I had a dream where I went into a building that I must have drove to. Then when I came out all my tires were shredded like they popped. Then I panicked and called my step dad freaking out.

  3. I dreamed that 2 brand new tires were delivered to my house but I didn’t order them. My ex-husband called me saying he ordered 2 tires for his truck & he wanted to know if they came. I had forgotten about them & I said no. When I got back to my hotel room (i must’ve been on vacation) I called him back to tell him they were there & then I woke up.

  4. I was riding a bicycle with a flat front tire, on my way to class. I knew I had to inflate it, but I didn’t have a pump with me. Even so, I still decided to stop, and pull over to the side.

  5. I dreamed that my car was sitting in a driveway with 4 flat tires. Nothing appeared wrong with the tires they were just flat.

  6. My dream about tires was about one singular tire that was for me to throw in a competition. In short I was given this tire which was an above average tire, by my coach which he gave me because he felt I could handle the weight of it and succeed in winning. But in the process before my competition, the tire got take. From me. I left it in the place where I thought it would be ok until my turn but it was gone. I wasn’t really panicked about finding it to throw in my competition and woke up before I found it

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