Tiger Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Tiger Dream Symbol – The tiger is a symbol of ferocity and fearsomeness. It is also a spirit animal that represents the feeling of raw emotions and power. The tiger is a very primal animal that represents our primal nature of uncertainty and unpredictability. A tiger can also indicate that your future plans will change unexpectedly.

The tiger also represents feelings of sexuality and uncertain elements that are present in your life. If the tiger is acting unpredictable in your dream, it can indicate a lack of control over certain areas of your life. Maybe you have been struggling financially or you have suffered a recent emotion heart break.

A tiger dream can also represent good health and vitality. If you are at peace with the tiger, it can indicate that you are in a good place in your life.

Tiger Dreams

On the other hand, tigers can also represent aggressive behavior and uncontrollable urges. You might have certain vices in your life that you are unable to control. The tiger could represent this vice staring you in the face.

To be chased by a tiger can indicate you are running away from an aspect of yourself that you don’t want to confront. The distance between you and the tiger can determine if the problem is getting better or if it is getting worse.

If you manage to kill a tiger in a dream it can represent conquering an aspect of yourself that you previously had no control over. You might have learned how to control your anger or deal  with people you don’t like in more favorable terms.

Alternative Interpretations

Tiger brings reminders of persistence to your dreams. He reminds to use patience. He also brings reminders to do things the way you always have done them. This is not a time to change the way you do things. You will only achieve your goals if you have patience.

This big cat can also mean you need to carefully plan your maneuvers. Tiger lets you know you have the strength and fortitude to achieve anything, even when you do not like what you need to do. No more guilty procrastinating. Get off your butt and get it done.

Seeing tiger can also mean danger is imminent. You are over anxious about something you think will happen. What do you fear will happen? There is no point worrying about what has not happened yet. This is your imagination running away with you.

tiger dreamsYour worry may come from past lessons and experiences. Relax a bit. Let your fears go. Let things happen in their own time. There is no reason to worry about what may never happen. Tiger can also symbolize your fear that something bad will happen to you because of your own actions. Maybe you made some bad decisions in the past and they are coming back to haunt you.

Dreaming of tigress protecting her cubs symbolizes you and your protectiveness towards your family. You will do anything to ensure your children and those close to you are protected and kept safe. This dream may come because you are anxious your children cannot protect themselves in such a harsh, tough world. You need to let go. They have to learn to stand on they own feet and cope with the challenges that come along. You need to support them in finding their own truths.

Dreams of killing tiger can mean you are feeling all powerful You feel there is nothing you cannot achieve and you are not shy letting the world know it. This can bring bad blood from others, jealous of your confidence and success. Or, people who find your attitude grates on them because they may not be doing well themselves. Be wary there are no power plays or bullying on either side.

Tiger may bring messages to take on more responsibility. You are capable of being a leader and tiger is pushing you to exert more authority. Is this you? Do you see yourself as a leader in some way? Do others naturally turn to you for the answers?

When Tiger crosses your Path

Tiger crosses your path to remind you are strong willed and persistent. He reminds there is nothing you do not have the courage to achieve. So get out there and keep achieving your dreams.

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  1. Divine grace flores on

    I dream about baby tigers… At first..there were people chasing me. I forgot the main reason.. But there is something (principle) that i am fighting for.(i forgot what exactly it is). Then i saw my exbf (who is the brother of my current bf) and awkwardly,i told him, i love him. Then i ran… After that, i saw my boyfriend and I asked permission that i have to go (in my mind i have a plan to go back). I run and i saw a gate, i saw a tiger, at first the tiger growls.. Then when i enter the gate, i saw two baby tigers came to me and they are friendly and i pet them.

    Can you please tell me what could be the meaning of this?


  3. I dreamed about a tiger ..coming in my house trying to attack me and my friends…we tried to block him off room by room,but every time he would break through..what made it super weird is I went to sleep dreamed this..slipped back to sleep same dream only this time the tiger was getting closer..scared the shit out of me

    • I just woke up from the same dream. It was in my grandparents’s house and there were many tigers on all sides of the house. We were confined in two rooms and the main entrance is a really old door that cannot be locked. At some point I even killed one of the tigers, which I find really awful.
      It might have to do with the fact that I have an imminent deadline at work and I still have things to finish before it expires.

  4. Hello there. I just woke up from what seemed like a very bad dream. Almost a nightmare. I even forgot most of the part. But I dreamt that I was in some sort of a group meeting, which was held in some desert? I guess. So out of nowhere, this tiger comes and chases everyone off. He doesn’t kill anyone but makes everyone run for their lives. Including me and my friend. I couldn’t save anyone so I run away with my friend. Not so later, the tiger chases us. We run for cover and out of nowhere this building appears, we get inside it and we abruptly stop. Because we see there are two ways of stairs. Which lead to two different places. We hesitated and took the stairs which I chose. It was a wrong choice. It was closed after going down a bit. We were sort of trapped. I got over anxious. Then my friend says “we have one more option, don’t worry, let’s go there.” And then we had to come up and take another stairs. That was the escape. But somehow the scene changes. The tiger that was once chasing and making us shit scared, somehow transformed itself into a person whom I met last night in a party. I don’t really like him. He’s an old fella and very extrovert-ish. He is witty and makes speeches and everyone seems to like him. But sometimes he crosses the line and so I don’t like him. Btw, I do know him it’s just that it was his party last night. Anyway, I have depression and stuff so nightmares are bound to come for me. Plus I’m a night owl and a female. Which makes it even more likely for me to have them. So yeah, he then became serene and was talking peacefully with us. In the dream, I did not believe him. Like I was surprised, shocked and didn’t believe what he was saying. Like suspecting something. It was quite an adventure I tell you. And btw, I cried last night. After quite sometime. So.. thank you for reading folks. Hope you have a nice day. Cheers!!

    • I am Father of 2 Kids (16 & 10 (M,F) and 44 years now. I have worked top companies with great reputations, but I ruined myself on Gambling. Right now, some what I managed and working in better position. But, still have so much credit which will take another 5,6 years to complete. So, I am in heavy pressure every day. I am very strong person and I believe I can overcome this problem sooner than later.
      Today morning around 7am I wake up, because I have seen a Tiger chase me and I escaped. It is a dark night and I am walking with a torch light and Suddenly I have seen a Tiger in front of me. That angrily tried to attacked me and I escaped. Again that come back and attacked me and escaped. Suddenly I felt that the torch light is the reason that shows me to the tiger. So, I through that far and start to run. I didn’t see that tiger again. I met my friend by the way. He told me around 20 tigers came to our place is the latest news. I ask him 20 tigers?…He said sorry not 20 tigers, it is around 20 Kgs Tiger…something like that, and then I wake up.

      My first job, i search for the reason of being escape from tiger in the dream.
      I had seen some encouraging words of this.
      Hope I will overcome all my problems.

      Imagine, at the age of 44, having 2 kids, having such debits in life, I fight for my redumption in life. Why? I don’t want to kill my self to be looser. Just because, don’t want to give up anything in life. Hope I will overcome my troubles.
      Thank you so much for you all.
      Regards …

  5. Last night I dreamt I was the giant tiger.
    I was watching people across a snowy field (maybe frozen lake.)
    I wasn’t hungry or scared. Just kinda proudly watching them from afar. They didn’t see me.
    I was content.
    Can you help interpret?
    Thank you

  6. I dreamt my sisters pit bull ran into the field behind our house… only to come running. Ack being chased at top speed by 3 tigers. They captured her and killed her. They just killed her and left while I ran screaming into the house to dual 911… I woke up sweating and upset it the middle of the night.

  7. Irma Varacalli on

    I dreamed that my friend and I were on a train traveling through Europe with a Majestic tiger as my pet. My friend was angry with me and distant. She went off ahead of me.People who were mean to me became suddenly cooperative when they saw the tiger.The tiger was huge, very affectionate and protective.

  8. Alex Nassar on

    Oi ✌
    I’ve seen 2 tigers in my dream and 1 dog
    They were all giants,i felt they were searching for me, the tiger is my favorite animal btw,anyway i also saw my ex with a guy i don’t know,and then they ran away from me, i had to choose between searching for my ex or running away,even tho i love Tigers i was afraid… then the choice was left or right,i choose right and as i come closer to the door the tigers came closer too…when i reached the door they reached ir as well… and then i woke up,they got so close but i don’t know what happened,can you try to help with this? Of course i have my own interpretation since it’s my dream/life/imagination and im aware for everything going on,but still an outter perspective can be enlightening <3 thank you very much ♡♡

  9. My dream was i was in the kitchen and a tiger cub came up to me and was at my feet rubbing its head on my legs then i picked it up and was stroking it and it fell asleep on my shoulder . Any help in what this means

  10. Debbie Coleman on

    Dreamt of a beautiful tiger massive and strong. He confronted me and I just smiled and told the tiger I wanted to pet him. The tiger kinda laughed then let me stroke his face. He then helped me with my quest of locating something. I felt safe with the tiger.

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