Tick Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Tick Dream Symbol – Ticks visit your dreams to bring warnings that you need to be careful at this time. You need to stay detached from all situations, especially ones that are brewing dramas. Beware of those close to you deliberately trying to provoke a reaction out of you. Do not let them get under your skin. Be clear with your boundaries and avoid getting involved.

They are quite capable of dealing with the drama in their lives. Most of it is of their own making. Getting involved will only be traumatic and there is nothing constructive you can do to help.

tick dreamsSomething may be draining your energy when tick turns up in your dreams. Is there someone or something like this in your life? It can be friends, family, relationships, or work. What sucks the energy from your life? Is someone annoying you? You need to reestablish your boundaries. Be firm. Let people know what they can expect from you. Their issues are not your responsibility. This can be a sign you need to clear your personal energy of all negativity.

A tick can also visit to remind you may expect too much from yourself. You do not have to do everything at once. Take a step back for a while and just work on what is absolutely necessary. Once this is completed, start working on your plans at your own pace.

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that burrow into your body. This can be a sign of health problems of some sort you are not currently aware of. You need to go to the doctor for a checkup if there are ticks crawling over your body in your dreams. This can also be a warning to be careful of your finances or you may lose the lot. It is not a time to be taking risks.

Killing these parasites in your dream can mean you have the ability to overcome any petty issues and challenges that cross your path. Ticks on an animal may mean your enemies are trying to trap you using legalities. They may even be trying to take all your financial resources and property illegally. You have the courage to face your enemies if you are killing ticks. And, you may well even triumph over those trying to destroy you.

When Tick crosses your Path

When tick crosses your path it is to remind that one of your strengths is your ability to stay still. Waiting long enough for just the right opportunity to come along. And, when it presents itself, you waste no time seizing the moment.

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  1. I had a dream last night that I was another person to this horrible mother that I developed a scabi /tick like rash I had red bumps all over me some were turning black from bugs that kinda resemble ticks crawling out of me and I would like to know what this means the women eventually took me to the hospital and then I just remember taking a shower and they all went away

  2. I had a dream there were hundreds of swollen ticks in my hair. I started to panic and pulling them out one by one and gushes of blood were flying everywhere. I was putting the ticks in a water bottle and got to 57 before I woke up in a panic

  3. Sandeep Hargupta on

    Had a dream ticks were inside my anus. There were hundreds of them. Most of them were removed easily by me digging them out. But some of them were burrowed into the walls of my anus. What does this mean

  4. I had a dream last night that ticks were crawling out of my skin. But before they started to come out… my skin looked fine/normal. I started to have a panic attack and that’s when the ticks started. At first all I could see was their legs… It wasn’t until they fully came out that I realised they were ticks. But these weren’t normal ticks… Yes, they were full and fat but they weren’t red with blood. They were white. No color at all actually. Just these fat all white ticks crawling out of my arms, torso, and legs. So, naturally, I freaked out. Now remember… I’m already having a panic attack. So it seemed that the more I freaked out… The more ticks there were. When I finally woke up… I had absolutely no energy, NONE. I even remember thinking “I can’t move.” Then I fell back asleep and woke back up running late to get my son to school.

  5. I had a dream a tick got attached to me and my ex boyfriend(daughters dad) had pulled it off and threw it on the ground and it instantly grew of blood. What does this mean?

  6. Ismael S Franco on

    I had a dream where I was trying to kill a tick on my balcony, every time I tried to press down on it it was too fast. It started jumping out of it’s own shell kind of like it was shedding an old skin, but it was still alive and I was not able to kill it

  7. I had a dream that my oldest daughter dog was covered with ticks and I was going to kill them. Her dog is a all white chihuahua

  8. Does the meaning change if you are taking ticks off someone else? So many that one or 2 may fall on you or your animal while you’re taking them off that person? Also none borrowed that you can see but remember saying to that person “you should go to the doctors in case I missed one?”

      • Anna Conigliaro on

        I had a dream where I had dead ticks with a chalky like substance coming out of my hair. It was a minor detail of the dream.

  9. I had taken a nap and in my dream I had awaken from my nap but but not reality. I had woken up to a bunch of bumps on my head. (Almost covering the whole head.) So as I was combing through my hair with my fingers, it felt like fat squishy bumps (which were a bunch of fat ticks.) I wasn’t at all freaked out or anything. I remained calm although I do admit I was a little worried about getting lime disease lol. So I scrunched down and at first I was using these tweezers to take them out but it was taking too long. So I used my hand instead and one by one I started pulling each teach tick off of my head. Some of them I would squish to death, or I would at times get up and step on them, but mostly I would throw them away from me. As soon as I was done, I combed through my hair a couple more times just to be sure I didn’t have any ticks left. I do remember my head feeling tender and swollen. It was this pinch of pain through out my hole head. After that, I woke up from my actual nap.

  10. i dreamed about tics nesting in my ear but they were a lot of small ones I tried scratching them out and felt that there is something bigger I took a tweezer and put it up my nose I removed this huge tic greyish white from my nose as i removed it there wasbbloid coming from my nose I showed my granma it and my granma is passed 3years ago but she was sitting in the lounge under her blanket like she use sit when she was alive she just looked at me saying nothing …I tried to press the tic and dark blood came from it but it kind grew a lill bigger I woke up worried …I deemed of tics nesting in the left ear I removed a bigger one from my nose and a dead relative and blood all in one dream what does it mean ?

  11. I had same dreams 4 times in 1 year, I picked ticks from dog, I don’t have dogs ( had before but last one was 6 years ago) in two dreams the ticks were big and fat. last night same dreams but the ticks were smaller.

  12. I’m shown the front entrance of a number of buildings. I know I’m dreaming and lucid for the entirety of this dream.

    The central one is a church.  The entrance is concave.
    Double height brick walls with floor to ceiling glass doors 8 ft high.

    I realise that it’s all one massive building.

    I enter the church and its empty there is nobody else there.  I feel something pinching my side.  I look down and see a caterpillar tick / leech creature biting on me so I rip it off and throw it away.

    I continue to the back rooms of the church. 

    The whole time these creatures are continually attacking me trying to suck my blood and I’m ripping them off and squashing them.  Then I enter a corridor in the back room with cages of these creatures being fed animals. 
    I feel disgusted and sick.  I look down at my hand and a tick has its head burrowed into my wrist.  I pull it out its really painful .  Then I’m telephoned to the base of a cliff and I can see the church at the top.

    The creatures are all around me and I start stamping on them as i climb the cliff.  Eventually I reach a cave near the top of the cliff and go inside.  This is where I woke up inside the dream and found you to tell you about the dream and take you back there.

    So we have a quick chat and then are telleported to the very bottom of the cliff which is in front of a beach.

    The creatures are everywhere and you say “oh i think I’ve seen them before”

    And im like ” it gets worse from here”

    We start climbing a winding path up the cliff and as the creatures attack me and im stomping them. You see the entrance to the cave and you’re like “oh… Oh no.  I’ve definitely been here before  you better to prepared Co’s im going to have to use my magick!”

    Then I woke up.

    I was able to read enter the dream twice afyer waking with you in it.

    And I was also able to shift into and out of the dreamscape while awake and conscious for a few  minutes.  It was very odd.

  13. I had a dream where my abdomen peeled off, like the ext fatty layer, and it was filled with worms and a single tick crawled out of my skin

  14. Denise Fenimore on

    I dreamt of this old man trying to get this… steampunk borer (makes giant holes in the earth) through this doorway. I either said or just thought “that’s never gonna fit through.” Frustrated, he took off his wig/toupee and handed it to me. It was FULL of ticks. Big bloated gray ones, regular sized, and tiny seed ticks too. They started falling off by the hundreds! I was holding it by only two fingers away from me, and thought I needed to get it in a Ziplock bag. I wasn’t worried the ticks would get on me, but that they would infest my livingroom. We weren’t at my house though. It was a barn semi converted into a house. As I walked around more and more ticks were falling off. Note: In real life we had an attic fire 2 mos. ago and are living in a motel while I try to find help fixing it. At first no one wanted to do the work at a fair price until about a week ago I found a floor guy willing to repair the extensive water damage (from firemen) to the bedroom subfloor I slept in. The last electrician wouldn’t rewire the attic until the floor was fixed.

  15. satoshis_secret_1 on

    I had a dream of trying to kill a tick by stepping it with my feet after many attempts I finally killed it.I have a fiance who leeches on me with money.I have business on crypto bitcoins which the value drop an all time high or crashed 2018.Im still following up my skin infection wih my doctor.Im a cigarette smoker and my manager is an asshole he treats all of us like slaves and animals.Im always depressed and overworked in my life! Now Trump and The IRS is taxing cryptocurrencys ,wtf more hell In my life,Taxes Taxes Taxes!

    • I was dreaming that there’s a lot of ticks sucking on me and see all the bloody when i pulled them off of my body but i did kill them all and some of the people killed by a lot pz zombies

  16. I had a dream last night that my belly was full of ticks!! I started squeezing them out. Then, realized that there were more so I started squeezing my belly hard to pop them. My only reaction was, “I’m probably anemic because of these ticks sucking all my blood. I need to see the doctor to get medicated and and get these suckers killed”. Gross!

    • Wierd, i just had the exact dream last night. But in my dream some of the ticks crawled under my skin and I couldn’t catch them.

  17. I’ve had dreams about ticks twice now. As a kid wandering in the woods i’m used to ticks. The first one was a tick in the base of my head I pulled it out before I woke up wondering if the head was still in. The second one just now was about ticks trying to kill these tiny animals. One was trapped in a very old cardboard and plastic toy container. The weird animal was tied down like a toy would be, and no one would open the package except me. I feel like this article reflected on my life, but I just noticed that a few other comments have a few things in common. There’s no one to help kill the ticks except yourself. Sweet Dreams!

  18. I had a dream that there were three big gray ticks lined up side by side stuck to my husbands side of the bed attached to the duvet, he wasn’t on the bed.

    • It means that there is a lot of people/enemy’s of your husband talking bad about him behind his back.
      If it’s family-friends-coworkers or even an enemy that he knows.
      They’re talking bad about him.

  19. Bizzare dream, there was a tick on my hand woth its head burrowed; it was large and fat. I pulled it off, but the head remained and caused pain… tried to find a way to dig it out, asking random people for a razor. I woke up before finding one. :/

  20. In my dream i had a gray fat tick stuck on my left upper breast. As i removed it i killed it and was full of blood.

  21. In my dream i had a gray fat tick stuck on my left upper breast. As i removed it i killed it and was full of blood.

  22. i had a dream that ticks were crawling on someone else not me….we got them off tho what is the meaning

  23. violet downes on

    I had a dream last night that there were ticks in my hair and I took them all out. They were fat. Some were young ones There were hundreds but I got them all out.

    So scared of what this means.

    • I had the same dream just last night. Hundreds of tiny black ticks in my hair. It started with a single tick biting on my leg, and then I realized there were hundreds in my hair. I was just pulling them out one by one.

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