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Throat – The throat is both a beautiful part of the body and a symbol for sensuality. As with all things beautiful, however, it is also fragile. Not only can the neck be a symbol for sensuality and desire, but it can also be a symbol of death and a gory ending to a beautiful creature. By harboring one of the largest arteries in the human body, the neck can offer a quick death to the unwary.

If you dream of a throat it is important to take everything about it in context. If the throat is long and pale it is probably a woman’s. If it has an Adam’s apple it is almost certainly a man’s. If there are hands around the throat choking the throat it is a symbol that someone or something is choking you symbolically in your waking life and you need to release yourself from the death grip. 

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  1. I had a Dream about ripping out my throat,my throat didn’t look like MY throat it had an Adams apple,i didn’t shed 1 drop of blood,and there was a dvice in my throat.
    What does this all mean if it even means anything??

  2. I had a dream last night that I looked in the mirror at my notion teeth and noticed they were straighter except for 1 that was completely behindthe others. As I opened my mouth wider to get a better look, I saw my throat had about 12 full molar teeth lined up in rows of 3 and 4 completely converting the inside of my throat all the way down, I could feel teeth from the outside in my neck. I was able to talk and eat but I was freaking out! I was riding to get into dentist to have them pulled out and to figure out how over night I could grow teeth in my throat. 1 tooth waa dangling from the throat, probably from over I pulled it out. No other teeth fell out. In real life I am pregnant so I know my dreams are extra crazy already, but this was scary.

  3. Ramona Thomas on

    I had a dream last night that my two top front teeth fell out. The right one left some tooth in the gum shaped like a rotting circle, the left tooth had completely fallen out. In my dream I looked in a bathroom mirror , looked in my mouth and I could see two throats and two sets of tonsils in the back of my mouth. In the back of my throats was two small t.v. screens playing some kind of show were I saw a couple happy about getting something right, they were jumping up and down. As soon as I saw this scary site of two throats and two sets of tonsils with a t.v. screen I closed my mouth and was scared. What might this mean?

  4. I dreamt – nightmare – someone hand their hands around my throat choking me.. My son actually woke me up by shouting on me outside my bedroom door, checking to see if I was ok… Eventually woke up after what he described as lots of me shouting out in my sleep…
    Very confused…..

  5. I had a dream i coughed up a big chunk of meat that was sectioned into four parts bit still all attached to eachother. In my dream i was aware of the fact that it was my throat.. I could still talk bit was scared and unsure in my dream.. Although i still seemed healthy.

  6. I dreamt that I pulled a large feather out of my throat… What would that mean… I remember blood too.

  7. Last night i had a dream that a sack filled with blood was pulled out my mouth. It didn’t hurt or anything, i actually felt ok . But i know what the dream meant. Can someone please help me

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