Throat Dream Symbol


Throat – The throat is both a beautiful part of the body and a symbol for sensuality. As with all things beautiful, however, it is also fragile. Not only can the neck be a symbol for sensuality and desire, but it can also be a symbol of death and a gory ending to a beautiful creature. By harboring one of the largest arteries in the human body, the neck can offer a quick death to the unwary.

If you dream of a throat it is important to take everything about it in context. If the throat is long and pale it is probably a woman’s. If it has an Adam’s apple it is almost certainly a man’s. If there are hands around the throat choking the throat it is a symbol that someone or something is choking you symbolically in your waking life and you need to release yourself from the death grip. 

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  1. I had a dream i coughed up a big chunk of meat that was sectioned into four parts bit still all attached to eachother. In my dream i was aware of the fact that it was my throat.. I could still talk bit was scared and unsure in my dream.. Although i still seemed healthy.

  2. I dreamt that I pulled a large feather out of my throat… What would that mean… I remember blood too.

  3. Last night i had a dream that a sack filled with blood was pulled out my mouth. It didn’t hurt or anything, i actually felt ok . But i know what the dream meant. Can someone please help me

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