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Thorns – Thorns are representative of hardships and trials. While there are many symbols that share this meaning with the thorns, the thorn is especially powerful in conveying the danger and obstacles that lie on your path to a happy and harmonious future.

The thorns do have the positive connotation that they are not the thing that will kill you, or more symbolically, your hope and dreams. On the other side of the thorns is almost always the very thing that you have worked so hard to achieve. Many people turn back when they see the thorns. Persevere and you will gain something that so few have: peace. 

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  1. Mathew Daniel on

    Dreamed that I was we with my older cousin and two friends and I was in the midst of thorn dry sticks picking them for fire where we were preparing foods. Was bare feet but not got hurts by these thorns or whatsoever

    • Kindra Petersen on

      I dreamt that I was at my house and I was trapped in all areas of getting out. There was one way to face the green snakes which I did but turned away as one tried to bite me I wasn’t afraid of them, just didn’t want to get bit. I went down my stairs of my apartment complex and through the hall where I saw massive plants and vines with thorns, I decided to face it and it went inside my body but disappeared on the outside. I told my friend it was alright to pass by because it was all clear.

  2. In my nightmare I was asked by a guy for my number and I proceeded to say no and walk away as I was walking away I ran into a thorn bush and got stuck there was a friend with me also I could see us getting pricked but no blood came for either of us and we had to pull ourselves over a gate and I I managed to pull myself but I couldn’t use my feet as I felt they were covered in thorns on my heals and earlier on in this dream my friend was with a guy and I found out he was hurting her and banging her head of stuff but she wanted it and she came to me and showed me her head … the top of it from her mid forehead was completely split off and I could see her brain .. I have a head cold does this have anything to do with it someone please help 🙁

  3. had a dream that thorns started to grow infront of me and i heard a voice that ,only the birds in the air will escape it… can anyone help me with the meaning?

  4. Tia Deutschmann on

    I dreamed my boyfriend and I fell into a rose bush and he only had 2 throns stuck in him while i was coveres head to toe and bleeding.

  5. Emmanuel Rombe on

    I had a dream that my wife and I were planting some flowers plants but these flowers got no leaves only thorns, suddenly I stepped on one of the plants it was all thorns the I my wife came and remove it from my feet.
    What could this dream mean?

  6. Had a dream years ago.
    A vision of a large circle of thorns in the sky, off in the distance.
    I flew with only my body towards the opening in the thorns in the sky.
    As I approached the thorns started closing the opening.
    I kept flying towards it and just made it through the thorns before they closed on my body.
    On the other side was a beautiful, lush and green valley.
    The rest of the dream was me soaring with no effort through the green valley.
    I had a rough child hood and early teenage years.
    I have a great life and family now and really no worries.
    Not sure if this dream was a view of my life in advance?
    Went through hell to get to heaven.

  7. Jyoti priyadarshini on

    I had a dream about a strange plant with flowers like a fuzzy tennis ball. When i went to touch them they were full of thorns and i was hurt real bad. My brother was there and he also wanted to touch the flowers but i shouted to warn him and then i woke up….

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