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Therapist – The therapist is a figure of wisdom that is supposed to represent someone who not only cares deeply for your health and well-being, but has the ability to help you achieve some sort of normalcy in your life despite any problems that you may be having. The therapist is also someone that you can tell anything about your life; even things that you wouldn’t tell your spouse or closest friend.

Many times in your life you keep hidden secret fears or desires. That is where the therapist comes in and helps you. The therapist is there to help you understand you own motivations for the actions that you take. Dreaming about the therapist is a way for your mind to let you know that you need to get something out.

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  1. Gina Barekzay on

    Last night I had a dream that we went to war and a form of planes made a peace symbol in the sky then broke then I blacked out during the duration on the war. But I was a therapist for girls who experienced the war.

  2. Geethanjali on

    I’m confused between two guys. For both guys I didn’t propose. But with one guy i was so close and I’m in love with him. But with another guy I hardly speak but by seeing him i feel some special connection

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