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Theater Dream Symbol – The theater is a place of acting in front of an audience. Life is, as Shakespeare so poignantly asserted simply a stage for each and every one of us to act on. If you dream about the stage it may represent that you or someone else in your life is lying or making a part of their life seem better or worse than it really is in order to gain something from the pity or praise of others. This is the human condition.

Dreaming of a thereat can be in relation to your social and personal life. Are there people around you that turn everything into a major drama? A movie theater can mean that life will play out in front of you. Playing a main role in a play can mean you are overwhelmed with emotions. You need to spend time looking after your own well being.

A theater can indicate the importance you place on you social standing. Do you sometimes feel you are just acting out the what is required of you to get through the day? Watch the actors performing with you in stage for clues about how to improve your quality of life. Being applauded while on sage is a sign you are on the right path. You are following your heart. Red curtains can mean you work hard to achieve success.

Watching a ballet performed in a theater is a sign your dream of escaping some of your daily responsibilities. Getting close to a fellow actor can mean you have a relationship that needs your attention. You need to spend quality time with those you care about.

Seeing a theater on fire you are going to find yourself in trouble if you keep doing things you do not want to do. Do you need to learn to say no? An old-style theater indicates there are new people about to cross your path. An open-air theater is a sign you sit by as life passes by you. You need to take action.

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  1. Jodie Pierce on

    Always playing an adult game with others inside the theater. Similar to hide & see. I’m a helper of those hiding. By the end, I’m packing up things & trying to run from a fictional person.

  2. Why Kabuki theatre though? Then sitting in a black and white movie about a no name boxer. At a time that Jack Dempsey was on top. Why a 7 foot Darth Vader helps me find my car after I leave…… it was weird but somehow was real……

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