Thanksgiving Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Thanksgiving Dream Symbol – When you dream of Thanksgiving this is a sign you dream of improving your life. It can also mean you need to show or receive more love to the people and things you are passionate about. This is a time of celebrating with family and friends. Dreaming of enjoying a meal at the table with your family indicates your family is happy spending time together. Your family care and support each other. They are people you can count on. This type of dream mirrors your real life. You are happy with how your life currently is.

Preparing for Thanksgiving may mean you feel used by your family. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the extra responsibilities you committed yourself to. You may have to delegate and involve the family s you can share the preparations together. It can also mean there are things on your mind and you are trying to find a way to share this with those close to you.

Feeling sad that someone is missing from Thanksgiving dinner can mean that in your waking life you are in love with someone, but they either do not feel the same or have no idea of how you feel. If you are not sad a person is missing from dinner, then you did not realize someone was in love with you until now. This may be a time where you like to show your gratitude to the universe and those who supported you no matter what has happened in the past.

Dreaming of an unexpected guest arriving for Thanksgiving predicts that someone new will enter your life. If you are married or in a relationship, this is a sign there are things the two of you need to discuss and sort out. If you are single, this can mean you may meet your true love. Or, this person will lead you to them.

Nightmares about a ruined Thanksgiving dinner represents feelings of confusion about the tough challenges you have to face. Do you feel as if others look down on you? Do you think you are not good enough? Have you achieved something you dreamed of achieving but felt let down by the outcome? This could be a warning you need to relax. Chill out. Let things take their course. Everything happens in their own time.

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