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Text Message – Text messages have a similar meaning to Telephone. Be careful, however, to read the text message as you would the written word. The written word can carry with it certain connotations that the spoken word might not and vice versa.

Texting in a dream is another symbol of communication. It can mean there is someone you want to stay in contact with in your waking life. This may be someone you love or that you have a deep connection with. Texting someone in a dream means you are trying to get your point of view across to someone. Take notice of how you feel in the dream. Feeling frustration that the text will not send can indicate your frustration in your waking life at not being able to talk with that person.

Seeing your message inbox full represents that you actively communicate with others in your real life. When you ignore a text message, this can mean you do not enjoy the simple things in life. What is it that makes you so unhappy? Texting backward and forwards with someone is a sign you a well-connected socially. It is also a sign there is a special someone taking up time in your waking life.

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  1. I had dream after me and my ex officially went our separate ways after a heartfelt conversation, I texted her back and kept asking her to go on a date with and while i did this i can see her ignoring me and i was in pain because i was the one who pushed her away.

  2. Priortomedreaming on

    Actually, I had this dream the other night. I opened my messenger and I saw a bunch of text from a friend of mine that’s special to me and vice versa.prior to that deeam, I’ve already cut communication with him. Back in the dream, he flooded me messages such as, “can we talk as often like we used to?”, “can we add each other on facebook again?”, etc. And I suddenly felt joy and contentment when I read those text messages somehow.

    • I dreamed when someone I love sent me a message on twitter and I was excited and happy. Cz I didn’t expect it. We are not dating though, but he likes me

    • AS SAME AS ME DAMN. We talked on the messenger saying good things or somewhat but when i’m back to the real world again,
      I checked on my messenger if i really did get the message, and suddenly no i didn’t chat her it was just a dream.

  3. Last night I had a dream I texted this specific someone who I used to be INLOVE with and had a deep connection. Something went down between us and we haven’t talked since it’s been a year now and so last night I had a dream I texted that person a “hey” or a im sorry about everything that happened and they left me on read. But what caught my attention more was I actually texted thag person but why? It felt real as if it was happening for real.

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