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Testicles – Testicles are a symbol of virility in a man. If you dream about testicles it represents that you might be sexually frustrated or especially virile and attractive at this moment. If you dream of having your testicles cut off, it is usually a symbol of impotence.

See Impotence or Vasectomy. Vasectomy is no longer carried out by castration, however, the ideas are still highly linked in the human mind. If you dream about eating testicles it represents that you desire to consume the bestial virility of animals and partake in rough sexual behavior. 

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  1. I had a dream i was running in a race with 2 people, they seemed to be my friend, so I would talk to them in between running. At the end of the race one of the girls took me into the back room and started kicking me in the crotch until I started crying and pleading for her to stop. After I recovered from that I found there was at least 4 looking at me expressed less, so I looked down and I seem to have, cum leaving a splotch on my pants ???? Idk it worried me

  2. I’m a woman, and I had a dream that somehow I was holding testicles in my hand and I smacked a big black man upside the back of his head with them and told him I was sorry – I didn’t mean to hit him so hard. Then he made me lie down – head down, and show him my throat. He was going to hurt me I think when I work up

  3. Darryl Dean on

    I had a vasectomy done and that very night i had a dream that a very attractive young woman that was crazy in the head and very aggressive lured me out of a church service to tell me some kinda story and then she lurched out at me with a knife trying to cut off my penis. I remember that while she was telling me her story she had a plastic plate for food in her hand and part of it was shaped as to fit a penis on it and in my dream I was wondering why she had that plate. However she didn’t succeed in cutting off my penis but I remember being very embarrassed because I thought everyone in the church was going to come outside and laugh at me after I let out a girly scream. I generally don’t attend church so it seems weird that it took place in a church. After that I was walking home and I ran into a group of teenagers that knew this woman and they were telling me about how crazy she was and how lucky I was she didn’t hurt me. Also my boss from work in my waking life was playing the church organs in my dream, I’m not sure if that has any significance or not. Any help interpreting this dream would be much appreciated its had me shook up all day long.

  4. I had a dream many men are bathing in river naked and without penis and having huge testis what does that mean… such a weird dream please somebody explain me this dream

  5. Had a dream my husband cut off his balls he ate one and shared the other with me. We then held hands and walked through my dream world together. Then I woke up and was extremely weirded out lol.

  6. My boyfriend dreamed about fighting with a tiger and killing it then ripping his testacles and eating them?

  7. I have had a dream where I dreamt that my parents were killed. And the killer cut of his testicals, and put them in my bag XD

  8. I had a dream I was on vacation where cut off my privates tried to eat my balls thought it was nasty and threw them in the trash then thought it would grow back but it didn’t do I told my mom. Then I thought I woke up but I was still dreaming and looked at my testicles and it was just a scab. Then I really woke up and feeling back asleep holding on to it.

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