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Terrorist Dream Symbol

Terrorist – Dreaming about terrorists represents the fear that there is something untraceable and unstoppable that is working against you to undermine all of your hopes and dreams. This terrorist could be a friend or coworker and often the terrorist is not aware of what he is doing to throw you under the bus. Take a few minutes to try to explain to the terrorist what you feel about his actions.

In these situations putting the label of terrorist onto someone in your dream is simply a way for your mind to sort out the way it feels about the situation. Do not over react and, above all, try to see things from the other person’s point of view.

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  1. I had a dream in which my husband was a terrorist. I can so relate to your above interpretation yet fear being wrong. I’m studying to become a minister this is my first year, yet I keep falling in to ungodly patterns, his main focus is against God’s will. ..I feel as though I keep being thrown under a bus.

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