Terrorist (Attack) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Terrorist Dream Symbol – Dreaming about terrorists represents the fear that there is something untraceable and unstoppable that is working against you to undermine all of your hopes and dreams. This terrorist could be a friend or coworker and often the terrorist is not aware of what he is doing to throw you under the bus. Take a few minutes to try to explain to the terrorist what you feel about his actions.

In these situations putting the label of terrorist onto someone in your dream is simply a way for your mind to sort out the way it feels about the situation. Do not over react and, above all, try to see things from the other person’s point of view.

Alternatively, seeing a terrorist attack in your dream may indicate that there is an intrusion of your personal space or a major clash of opinions in your waking life. Perhaps you need to free yourself from a particular situation that is draining the life from you.

To dream about a previous terrorist attack like the attack on the world trade center, the Paris attacks, or the Benghazi attacks, it may be symbolic of tragedy, a reflection of a bad situation in your life or a relationship that you once had that is no more.

If you have been watching a lot of news lately, dreaming about a terrorist attack may also be a reflection of an underlying fear about a real terrorist attack occurring. If this is the case it is important to realize that the chances of you being attacked by terrorists is less than crashing in an airplane, so you should not panic.

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  1. Vera Fischbach on

    I just woke up from a dream, and the very scary thing was that it was 1st person POV. I was walking on the streets of New York City. It was a nice and clear day. Then BANG! A plane hit one of the twin towers. BANG! The same thing happened with the other. I was walking into the city, so I tried to run away from the city as far as I could. I know this actually didn’t happen in 9/11, but the terrorists dropped a nuke and I watched myself die. At the end it was one of those commercials for life alert or something? I’m not sure what it meant exactly. Then the same dream happened right after, but instead it was the recent Paris attack. I’m still not really sure what these dreams mean because I looked back on everything and I can’t remember someone trying to take control of me, like when you said the person in the plane might be controlling you. No one was in the plane that i knew. I couldn’t even see the people in there.
    If someone has had a dream similar to that and know what it means please let me know

  2. In my dream, it was dark and we were in the bleachers in a large building, I was surrounded by my friends, my family, and my peers, all of a sudden men covered in black came in and started shooting at us, they shot all of the people except me and a couple of other people, i saw that they each had a bullet left, and there was 3 men. They all shot the people left except me. Somehow i befriended them and I joined them…..can anyone explain what this dream means?

  3. I just woke up after having a dream. I was at this little cafe with my mum in my home town, it was strange because my tattoo artist was my waiter. So we heard a lot of screaming coming from outside and instantly I knew there was trouble. I went to the door and from down the street all I could hear were gun shots. I grabbed my mum and ran down the street but by this point they had already circled the area and were in front of us, they hadn’t spotted us yet so I dragged my mum into an old tinkers shop that I used to go visit as a child. The next thing I know I’m staring through the blinds out the window and there are three men running around shooting up towards the other end of the street and up to the sky. What was weird was I know where the area was in my home town but it was completely different looking in the dream. It wasn’t until I (was like a scene from a movie) I saw one of the gunmen look at me that got a fright, heard foot steps running towards me that I got a fright and woke up! Felt like thee worst thing on the planet! Wish I don’t get that again!!

  4. I just woke up from a nightmare this morning about terrorists in my home city. I was standing outside of a restaurant I was working at and a pick up truck of men were sitting there in front of me, waiting for someone. Then out of nowhere a man with a machine gun came walking around the truck, but we were invisible to him. I crept around the truck as he was going by so he wouldn’t see me until I was standing at the driver side door. I pleaded for them to let me in and they did. Next two passengers in the truck got out and went inside the restaurant where the terrorist went, and all I heard were rapid gunshots. The two men ran out and jumped into the truck and the terrorist came out and started shooting at us as we were backing up. He missed us all. As we were heading to the road I could see the city’s electricity going out all over. I looked to my left and saw a green 70’s style sedan driving all over the road with no lights on (it was at night this was happening). We drove off and I woke up with my heart pounding out of my chest.

  5. I keep dreaming of terrorists attack in my home town , despite all the attacks i have not been shoot in the dream , what does it means , i have had this dream its almost the 6 time


  6. Last night I had a dream where I was at a water park in Melbourne Australia. Where, there is no waterpark but that’s for another answer. I was at the water park then I looked at the Melbourne skyline and saw a building smoking like something large had crashed into it. Then moments later I saw Anakins ship from Star Wars: The Clone Wars crashing into one of the skyscrapers in the Melbourne CBD. I have no idea why it was Anakins ship but I had watched the first two seasons on Netflix in the last two weeks. After the attacks there was a large mirage of dust and smoke coming towards the waterpark but before the dust arrived a tsunami came towards the waterpark but I climbed up a palm tree because it was a lucid dream I believe. I avoided multiple waves of the tsunami but then my dream ended. Also, my mate who had booked Star Wars: The Force Awakens earlier that night was throughout the dream with me.

  7. I had a dream just then it was so crazy , I was with my little brother who’s about 5 ️️an he was holding my hand ️️an I was very aware of everyone ️an I seen some gang of men walking past, some who i thought they was very curious like I felt like something was going to happen… Suddenly they took a gun out and tried shooting everyone so my instinct straight away was to run so I did ️an I hide with my little brother but I felt like I was actually there it was so realistic, I was worried if they caught us , they was everywere terrorists do I just went to some ally way ️️an tried to take cover it was so weird… Does anyone know what this could mean?

  8. I’m my dream I was with my boyfriends grandfather and there were a lot of people I’m the car. The grandfather was trying to be funny and dropped one of the people in the car off on the side if the road. There was a jeep far behind us and the grandfather backed up and got who was on the side of the road but the jeep caught up and shot who was on the side of the road, came to the car and pulled out someone sitting next to me, I jumped out and laid on the ground and pretended to be dead and they shot everyone else but maybe one or two people in the car. They threw a thing that looked like a grenade next to me and I waiting until they left before I moved. By the time I was moving the police were there and arrested one of the shooters. When I moved the thing that was sitting next to me went off and something pierced me in my side. They took me to the hospital, and when I was released me and some girls walked out of the hospital. One of the girls had a gun, we were walking outside to go to my car and we were shot at by one person and the girl shot and killed him. We ran back into the hospital, then it shifted to me being at a school performance and I had to sit in a crowd of people so I wasn’t seen and I had to change my appearance. My hair cut and color. I don’t remember anything after this point…. What does this dream mean?!

  9. i have just woken from a dream. it was multiple ones. one of them was how i went over to mexico for vacation and we accidentaly broke the law over there but we didnt mean to. he shot us all the way until we got into the airport and somehow when we walked through the airport, we were in america again. i was in philly at the airport i needed to be at. but the guy had followed us and he was ready to continue killing me in america where he had no control over anything anymore and he was no being a criminal. then i had another dream tht i had jsut gotten off an airplane and was going through security and the one guy started shooting everything. the people who worked ahead of us had force fields and were turning them on, before the one directly in front of me turned on i ran through it to make sure i had an easy way out. i took off and warned everyone i ran past, screaming tht someone was ready to kill them. i ran into my friend owen and told him too. he didnt believe me at first but we continued to take off full speed. i woke up after we got around a corner and we hid. all i know is tht we were both alive when i woke up… but most likely not for long

  10. I had a dream taking place at my school. Everybody heard a loud boom and all the teachers were screaming to get down. I looked out the window, thinking it was just thunder. I saw big clouds, but planes started to fly out of them. The planes were dropping bombs. Everyone thought one would hit the school, but none did. Everybody was trying to hide from the attackers. I ended up running out of the school and being chased. One of the men shot at me but I was able to jump really high and float for a second so he couldnt catch me. That’s all I can remember. I don’t really understand how your interpretation relates to my dream.

  11. I had a dream in which my husband was a terrorist. I can so relate to your above interpretation yet fear being wrong. I’m studying to become a minister this is my first year, yet I keep falling in to ungodly patterns, his main focus is against God’s will. ..I feel as though I keep being thrown under a bus.

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