Termite Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Termite Dream Symbol – Dreaming of termites can represent change, sabotage, secrets, and destruction. They can carry out their destructive operations in relative secret. Operating in the background so the surface remains the same. They erode away the inner core until it all suddenly crashes when any pressure is applied.

termite-dreamsThis is a sign there are those around you that attack your core beliefs, faith, and integrity. Beware. For, if this continues, your character will erode away until you are only an empty shell. It is time to get rid of those who attack who you truly are.

Seeing termites can mean your luck will change for the better soon. This may only be temporary and herald a big fall coming soon after a windfall. It is a reminder the universe provides and then takes it away. Consider whether your sudden financial increase is enough to cover the crash.

Termites can also represent a relationship or friendship you have tried to end for some time. Now is the time to end it once and for all. It no longer serves a positive purpose in your life.

Alternative Termite Dream Meanings

Termites represent the one time that you not only can, but should make a mountain out of a molehill. Termites are the ant-like creatures that eat wood by boring holes into it. Termites can literally destroy an entire house in a matter of weeks. If you dream about termites it means that a similar danger is being presented to you. Something that you care for deeply is being attacked and destroyed under your nose by tiny and seemingly insignificant problems.

This can be a frightening thing to happen. Luckily there is something that you can do to prevent this problem. By paying attention to the small things in your relationships, you can prevent the eventual degradation of what could be a beautiful and lifelong affair. Do not let the small things get to you and destroy what could be a wonderful friendship.

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  1. I had a dream I saw a lot of termites and collected them and put in a trash plastic to clear the mess. I am puzzled and would to know the meaning. Thanks

  2. Rachel Rosell on

    I dreams that I was walking through a marss and termites where swarming me underneath but I couldn’t see them then I got to the other side and a termit was eating the inside of my pinky. Only the nine and skin remained when I finally got it out . It was an extremely vivid and lucid dream I haven’t had one like that is quite some time …..oh and I was completely not afraid like I was watching it happen to myself like I was my soul and I was watching my body

    • I had a dream -I follow my friend to his house at the entrance I saw termite and asked him about he said maybe it’s cause of the dirt in the house so we started cleaning n I was abt packing it before I woke up

  3. I had a dream that I came in my house and seen termites all in my drywall boring tunnels so I slammed the door and left. After that I scratched my leg and the skin peeled off and termites had build their tunnels in my legs and then I awoken Thank God…What does that mean never had a dream about termites ????

  4. I dreamed that I went outside and saw my guava tree rotten and when I went closer the tree fell apart and termites poured out and the same time the other tree’s planted around started to rot. What does this mean?

  5. I also had a dream about this. I dreamed that my cousin stayed over at my house and we were in my room and I looked up to the wall and by the window. The termite had already eaten part of the wall on the top, next to the window. And I was trying to pack my clothes and I didn’t want the termites getting on my clothes in the closet. It was really scary! I worked in a nursing home where the termites came out only when a patient was dying. I’m weirded out by that!

  6. I had a dream about termites infesting my room. But when I first noticed it ,came from a Corkboard that I have full of pictures of me and friends. From there they started coming from everywhere. In my dream I tried killing them but couldn’t, my sister tried helping but it was useless. The termites were getting mad and became a giant snake shape (but full of termites) . I yelled for my mom she came and her and my sister tried killing them . Long story short right before I woke up ,in my dream both mom and sister were inside my room and I was closing the door on them and woke up.

    I’m a bit weirded out by this dream never have had it before.
    What does it mean

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