Telephone Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Telephone Dream Symbol – The telephone is an amazing device that presents itself to our subconscious as something that should not be possible. While you have probably used a phone for your entire life and understand that it is, in fact, possible, the instinctual side of you cannot seem to grasp that you can talk to people from a distance.

To the animal side of you, it just doesn’t seem possible. For that reason, if you dream about a telephone it usually represents a magical artifact. Magical artifacts are used in your dreams as tools that allow you to perform feats of strength and cunning.

Believe it or not, a simple conversation on the phone in your dreams is not as simple as the words you use or the emotions that it confers upon you (i.e. talking on the phone with a long dead relative). It is a way for your subconscious to send you the message that you will soon need to tap into that magical power of yours to perform a deed in your near future.

Additional Interpretations

A telephone in your dream apparently represents communication. This is a complex type of dream. You may soon be trusted with something or by someone. Make sure you understand the full consequences before you accept. Having problems with a telephone can refer to the issues with the person on the other end in your waking life. Talking on the phone is a sign you are an open communicator in your waking life. Avoiding the telephone in a dream is a sign there is someone around that has a hidden agenda. Is there someone trying to control some aspect of your life? You may need to deal with this.

Seeing a telephone box indicates trouble communicating with others. Dreaming of being naked in a telephone box can mean others are using you to their advantage. Do you keep saying yes to keep the peace without really understanding what you commit to? Seeing more than one phone can mean major changes are coming to your waking life. Hearing the phone ring warns to keep your lines of communication open for someone may be trying to contact you. There is someone in your waking life or on another plane that has something to say. You need to listen.

A dream highlighting a phone can symbolize romance. Dreaming of hearing it ring warns there will soon be bad news. If this dream wakes you up and the phone is ringing in your waking reality, there may be some financial concerns. Ultimately, though, if you openly communicate there will be future success.

Mobile/Cell Phone Dreams

Seeing a mobile phone in a dream is a sign you need to talk more. To get a deeper understanding of this sort of dream, look at the other things happening in the dream. A mobile phone is a tool of modern society. It is a sign you like to be in touch with the world wherever you go. It can also mean that you may need to be more disconnected from modern technology. Leave you mobile phone at home.

Using a mobile phone to call for help in an emergency can mean you will have success in something in real life. Hearing a cell phone ring indicates people will get in contact with you in your waking life.

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  1. I had a dream that I was calling my boyfriend and father of my child
    I dont remember exactly what I said but I think it was along the lines of “are you home or are you alone” and a female voice came in and said “no he’s not”
    But she said it in a way like she didnt want to be kept a secret.

    He has cheated on me in the past and talks to other woman frequently.
    Is there any significance to thos dream or is it simply just insecurity?

  2. I am curious on others’ take on my dream. It starts with me being on my family property and driving toward a group of people who are fighting, so decide to put the car in reverse and go back the way I came. I am not sure how I got out of the car, but about six feet from me there is a rattle snake coiled up, brownish in color, but I also see another snake slithering away of all things talking on a cell phone. Anyway, a woman picks up this snake and gives me a close up view of it’s head, it is green, red and white colored, patterned like triangle shapes and the woman says it is not poisonous and tries to get that snake to eat the rattle snake. I thought it strange and wanted someone else’s take on it because there is several elements to it so it is hard to make sense of. However, I believe the people fighting and backing up has to do with this political nonsense going on lately and I just trying to stay out of it.

  3. I recently had a drram where me and group of buddies were turing off a rural road into a two lane highway when a ford ranger pick up drove past us heading north as we turned after it, the truck seemed to be from the power company as it had the logo on the side door where the driver sits, as we were behind it for some mile I looked at my phone and checked my voice mail and the caller id on it matched the phone number plastered on said truck, as I listened to my voice mail a gentalman answered in a raspy deep slow voice, hello, I didn’t know what to say or do, I know it was a dream, but within a matter of a mile this guy whom was driving the truck called my phone. Shorty after I awoke.

  4. I had an awful dream just recently. In short, I ended up in my room in front of my window watching time pass incredibly quickly, I could see time go from sunrise to sunset in seemingly a second and by the end of the dream the outside of my house was a desert with a cliff and a cougar, two blonde cats, and about a dozen seagulls. I was told by a disembodied voice to call someone. I felt panicked as my phone was burning from bottom eventually to the top. I called my mother for help and she answered in a voice that sounded like her but wasn’t her. She said, “Buying candy. Cotton candy.” I have no idea what any of this means.

  5. I wake up about 3 am by my landline ringing. But I wake up, and it has never rang. Any thoughts? I lost my 18 yr old son to suicide 2 years ago. So I grieve, maybe this is grief?

    • I’m constantly dreaming if mobile phones.that don’t particular Sony Experia sliver and black .also tight throat . I ve been been trying to meditate more but when I concentrate on pictures they go . I’ve had lots of signs from my daughter lately.i wonder if she is trying to tell me something.may b it’s nit her .I don’t know

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